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>[Anime Enthusiasts] Are People Too Guys Edition

Brevious Bread: >44 tonnes of Eurocentrism
>34 roundy roundy things
>Leaseu-desu? Yamate!!!
>Swift: Best In Class
>CDL How Do? Private driving school, community college, or be born with the requisite skills and certification needed
>Do or don't brush your teeth in public bathrooms
>Don't run over the abos

>Truckerfag has pieces of taco pizza in his beard and hasn't noticed it yet
>Pepsi on blast for blogposting again, but normies don't care
>Freon is literally sipping on a bourbon and lemonade on his porch as I write this
>Whiney is back to teaming with just Miku again
>Balam may have been crushed by one of those turbine blades
>PTL hates all bikers
>Gundam alive, still banned
>Oilfag continues to be opinionated normie straight truck faggot
>Primefag voluntarily got trashed in gay bar
>Primely run over by own trailer I assume
>Allyfags in hiding, desperately hoping their queen has to return to trucking

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First for anime

I certify this post.

Oh wait no I don't.

Oh no. However will I carry on without my tripcode? Please don't make me say things I wouldn't normally say, puppet-master.

Missed a great opportunity for a "pitter patter, let's get at 'er" in regards to changing your trip.

I am the oilcuck now.

Zozzle. Its a real Spartacus moment happening here fellas.

>>Allyfags in hiding, desperately hoping their queen has to return to trucking

Not in hiding. She just simply hasn't posted any new videos, never mind trucking or RV related vids. The few she has posted don't include any footage of herself so I have nothing to report on. Also I automatically discard anything with her boyfriend in it so there is that.


Is he in most of them now?

>Be me, possibly Oilfag
>Look up Ally Knight YouTube page
>Look at all these exotic destinations
>Traipsing all over Hawaii, Vancouver and the lower mainland, heading down the coast to Galifornia :DDD
How are they affording this? Does she have a Patreon page going on? Is it drugs?

>MFW I thought Northern Alberta was fairly flat
Where is that?

Is GrainGuy kill?

>Where is that?
Looks like I-80, standing out of SLC westbound

>Looks like I-80, standing out of SLC westboun

Here is the real cuck. Jusy ally doesnt know she is cucking him.

>How are they affording this
Youtube views from desperate neets

>cylindrical ufo

You have hard evidence. They are coming for you.

>allys face when beu t full gorthern galifornia goast

We are safe guys, its the burger flippers who have to worry.


Aw shit. Tight turn in a parking lot?

Nah, had a disagreement with some supertrucker faggot. So I cut his lines and kept souviner.

No talent skillless hacks

>pull forward to get reefer fuel
>start pumping
>knock handle with hose
>.378 gallons pumped

Last week of this shit.

Zoz. Do tell.

Who? The robot scabs taking our jobs?

Last week of hauling reefer or last week of trucking altogether?

Already paid the $1,500 for a basic CDL-A in California, any recommendations for a soon to be trucker? What should I look out for when it comes to employers?

You're a piece of shit.

Kinda both. Will be hauling cleaning pigs on straight trucks, maybe the occasional full-sized rig, to various pipelines, then sitting in a hotel while someone else does all the work.

>mfw the boss if the company told me it will be the easiest job I'll ever have

Can you guys not tell when I'm being imposted?

My trailer ripped these out for no reason while doing standard driving maneuvers. Waiting on a road mechanic now.

Wannabe trucker here working on getting my license and then CDL. I had a question. Are curtainsides actually useful? I know there's some loads you couldn't take because of height and width, but it just seems so much more efficient.

>Roll curtain
>Roll curtain again
>Leave everyone else tarping
>Repeat at receiver

IDK. Maybe I'm wrong because I've never seen that side of the industry (father pulled dry vans) but it seems like the easiest way to pull skateboards and make that money while having to do the least work.

I just figured you were joking and went with it.

I've never pulled one either, but I've heard they're expensive

I hear that the Lease Ops down at the ports have it pretty good

>road mechanic

You can't limp a trailer to a shop without lights and brakes? wtf

Curtainsides are shit. Connestogas are the shit.

Can't crane load them, so about 30% of steel loads are out. Can't realty haul anything over 7' tall or 96" wide. A Conestoga is a better choice, but one minor load shift, parking lot scrape, low hanging tree branch, heavy snow load, or forklift bump and you're out $500-$10,000 in repairs.

How do you tan the right half of your body?

retail industry uses them almost exclusively for ambient palletised loads here in the UK.

What boards does everyone go to on here?

>How do you tan the right half of your body?
Drive in the UK or australia.


Veeky Forums
And of course Veeky Forums

Veeky Forums
Veeky Forums

I am not a trucker, obviously.

nice bait

Veeky Forums
Veeky Forums

Fight me

Drive an aerocab Kenworth

Fuck off faggot.

Free shitty coffee, in case you didn't know.


cant wait to take home 16 cents a week

>implying you're allowed to go home

From what that article imblies about bort drivers, you're right.

Some dudes were talking about keeping their trucks clean but I didn't pay attention because who cares? But I just moved into a new cumknee truck and realized that the one I'd grown accustomed to was actually dirty as fuck and roses smell like shit.
So my question is what hardware do you use to clean? I can figure out lightweight stuff like ragging on the dash but what about like vacuums and stuff. Do you mop? I see those blow guns you hook up to the seat but I wonder if it would actually do anything other than just blow the dirt around

t. grub

this is what I do with the airgun
>vacuum floor to remove loose debris
>soak floor, dash, cup holders, vents etc with interior cleaner spray
>with airgun in right hand, I cover it with a microfiber in my left hand, blow against floor, dash, whatever and the microfiber catches all of the shit before it blows away

just make sure you work from the top down, don't forget about the headliner and visors because those are always overlooked and if you have a vinyl floor or dash you can use a small amount of tire shine to make it look nicer but be careful because it can make your shoes slippery.

I use the blow gun to clean the dirt off my shoes (or feet) before I get into the truck, it's pretty nice.

Dang buddy that's pretty optimistic. Just focus on getting the hang of things for a few months, then maybe we'll talk about take home pay

also if at all possible roll your windows up before driving in a gravel yard, you've got a lot of tires kicking up a lot of dirt and it will all blow into the cab when you come to a stop.

>tfw manual windows and no a/c
I struggle with this daily

Yeah boi, there is a bar down the road. I'm going hog hunting tonight.

I love when these shitty Tripacs break for every little thing. Plus this truck will not idle unless it's a minimum of 95° outside.

Looks like I'm taking a day off home tomorrow and throwing this shit shed in the shop.

I don't even post in other threads on Veeky Forums anymore. Sometimes I gotta funpost on /b/ too.


But I get free coffee anyway ;^).

Seriously tho, I need to stop. Also, got me some Zyban and within 2 days, I went from 3+ packs to

What are you faggots doing the week of 12-18 in August? I'm organizing a small meet of truckers to watch the land speed record cars and generally just hang out for a couple days on the salt flats

>Pilot coffee

Neck yourself fag

Fucking a swedish girl.

Photographs, else it shant have come to pass.

I'll be busy not participating in a small meet of losers in the desert

How long would a 58mph prime truck take to do the run? Couple hours?

>yfw when no one competes in the semi-truck class
>yfw a 65-mph Prime truck won bonneville speed week

What's this?

Separation of the tread from a poorly retreaded tire.

It was a steer tire, do they do steer retreads? They just put a brand new one on.

Fuck it.

Saw two of them today. Same hats, same fat guy/skinny guy combination, neckbeards, vape, stupid hats, all black in a heatwave, the lot.

Built in onahole. They feel nice and toasty after driving for a few hours

>bottom text
wut did eh mean?

Where in CA are u getting training for $1500. it's around $6000 in Santa Maria only place that does training on central coast.

Fresno, CA. Truck Nation School.

But that's just for the CDL-A, no log book teaching, no endorsements, just the entry level Class A. I hope to get endorsements on my license soon.

OK thanks I was wondering what the places in the valley charged. Still deciding if I want to go take the written at the DMV first then find a school. They used to have a class at Allan Hancock college but I don't want a associates in transportation technology.

The tests, if we are thinking of the same one, costs $73, and require: birth certificate, Social Security ID, Driver's License, and Proof Of Residency. They tend to show you and help you pass the written test. I still need to go take mine.

Ya I can go to the DMV and pay and take the written anytime to get a permit. if you want a hazmat you need to do a fingerprint background check also. Oh but you need to go get your medical physical card first before. Was the class you took the 48hr?

The real problem it seems is that no one will hire you without 1-2 years prior experience for insurance. So finding a company to apprentice with that isn't Swift or the others will be difficult it seems. No where local will hire me so I have to go to Iowa or something to drive.

Oh yeah, I've heard of that one. However, according to the books, if you pay for the "Advance" package, they help you get placed into a trucking job without you having to search. And every trucker I've talked to near me always says the first two years, they are gonna bend you over and rape you. But I already have a job thanks to family. Once I have my license, I'll be hauling material from Fresno, CA to Oakland, CA, at about $150/trip.

I honestly don't remember, I just signed up for "flexible hours".

So are you taking the driving test in your family's truck or the driving school?

Driving school, using their truck.

I don't know if there are refs that dictate that, but if it wasn't a retread then it was a manufacturer defect.

Then Goodyear tires confirmed for being fucking garbage. Every Goodyear tire I've had has been trash. Thank God they replaced it with a fresh Michelin to match the other steer tire.

Welcome to the consensus of 2002.

I paid $2500 for a 160hr course in Stockton. You get your permit first then go to the yard. 4 hours practicing skills, 4 hours driving. 4 students to a truck.

When you say no one do you mean local ltl? Lowe's hired me straight out of school and I've been them with a year and a half. While the rest of you califags are burning alive I'm shitposting 4 hrs of my 8hr day away from a nice 66F beach in Half Moon Bay.

I will show up.

Anyone interested in jacking off together in my sleeper? I would be up for swapping oral too. If it comes to it, I am purely a top...I am not some faggot bottom.

>tfw you forgot to anti-fog your gauges before going to Louisiana

There will be video. She just got out of the psych ward so it'll be a few weeks before she can get on a plane.

Why have you been driving all over lately?

The lesson is: Stay out of Louisiana.

Only if it's a condo sleeper.

You gotta be Putin me on.

>Why have you been driving all over lately?
Because he gets paid to haul loads to places?


The Midwest was a bit flat ratewise when I got my truck back. Normally I would have just cherrypicked loads and worked 2-3 days a week, but having been out of work for 8 weeks I was compelled to chase some shekels. Found a pipeline project in Wisconsin that had a decent rate bringing in line from New Orleans, but rates were shit on direct loads back, and they only ship Monday and Tuesday at 0700, so I've been taking indirect routes back down there.

I was thinking interstate but sounds like that's a good way to build up toward that or just a decent job in general. I kinda want to haul gravel local but seems like u gotta wait for someone to die of old age to get in here local. Of course most of the gravel guys are too busy picketing their Union jobs on the side of the road to drive.

I feel like before I started trucking, I thought truckers had a pretty bad reputation because of how they're usually portrayed in the media. But after having become a trucker, it seems like most people have a fairly favorable opinion of the industry. When someone finds out my profession, they usually seem genuinely interested in what I did and how I do it, and they want to hear stories and stuff. I wonder if it's just because I'm incredibly different from the stereotypical trucker. Do you feel peoples' opinion of you is influenced positively or negatively by what you do?

It's usually fine in person, assuming you're a decent storyteller, but online peoole tend to just ghost.

Does a DOT medical card physical involve a drug test or is it just a screening for diabeetus?

Weather is finally getting nice, taking a break in Vegas chatting it up with the new local driver.