Why is this so ugly but fast

why is this so ugly but fast

>5.7 0-60

Ugly things are fast

Also me

Fastest production car ever made by honda.


the dealer i work at got one and they're selling it for like 40 grand lmao

Type-R Confirmed awesome

Yet its still faster around the track than the mustang GT and pagani zonda


>only did like 8s faster burgerkingring than a hellcat

eh? nani?

>pagani zonda
no, it fucking isn't
>mustang GT
still, no, it fucking isn't

is that what honda fans do? lie about shit you can google?

Go ahead, look up the mustang GT lap time, its like 30 seconds slower kekekekek


>z06 vette
>zl1 camaro
>z28 camaro
>all faster than this honda


also this is the shittiest memeiest metric i've ever seen

>needing a v8 to be faster than this i4
holy shit lmao

I'd still take this any day, even if it is a lot slower.

>thinking this is actually a decent metric
>has ever been a decent metric

does your busriding broke brain really, ACTUALLY think this unreleased ricebox is faster than a 911 gt2, a 911 turbo and a slew of lamborghinis


>slower than a V6 Mustang
>Mustang is half the price

Honda fags are truly retarded.


The thing is that it actual is that fast, watch the onboard cam. This 4 cylinder fwd is faster than most sports cars and your basically fucking stupid, click here to find out how

>how to take screenshots

you sir are retarded

>honda shills think one of the most godawfully designed overly long tracks in history with times posted by a mishmash of random shmucks is a good metric

hmm...almost as retarded as thinking a FWD 300hp car is faster than literal supercarts

hello newfag

straight here from reddit?

Fast because it's a professional fucking driver. Your average Asian IT worker boiracer would understeer into a wall 2 minutes into a lap like that.

That's why comparing laptimes is fucking pointless and autistic.

lol butthurt civic babby

>literal supercarts
supercarts are made for numbers for richfags to jerk themselves off with, this honda was made to go fast

which it doesn't


You're the one who doesn't know how to take a screenshot, retard.

Summer comes earlier every year.

Do you think the other cars didn't use a professional driver?

>That's why comparing laptimes is fucking pointless and autistic.
and 0-60 times are better? fucking lol a 0-60 doesn't tell you shit about handling ability

you just proved yourself 100% to be a newfag, "how to take screenshot" is a fucking meme as old as posting screenshots here

watch the onboard, compare it to onboard of your "supercarts"

>watch the onboard
>watch the onboard

do you not get why this is a shit metric, or is the only thing weeb busriders on Veeky Forums understand

It's a type r. I'm pretty sure if you stiffened the shit out of any fwd econobox you'd end up with a hardcore track toy. Honda simply is the only one who does it , bar speed 3.

This is a prime example of your classic newfag shitposter. Calls others newfags as a defense mechanism after clearly demonstrating his own newfaggotry. Someone call BBC and document this shit, this is great educative material.

okay lets compare drag slips then

>you just proved yourself 100% to be a newfag, "how to take screenshot" is a fucking meme as old as posting screenshots here

>b-but I'm an o-oldfag!
>I k-know all the memes!
>pls no bully


>loses to multiple murican pigfat cars on burgerking
>these same cars have 600+ hp and half the 0-60 time of the Civic
>thinking they will lose on a strip

Crying because someone called you out for being a newfag is such a newfag move.

They all use different professional drivers which is why the average driver will never come close to those times. Which is why it's pointless comparing that shit. Even 0-60 times will vary by driver and conditions.

You're so right, I really am just a newfag. I should have known that there's really no way to convince other people on this board of anything, even with tangible proof, and that people on Veeky Forums will always try to reduce your argument to "keep crying" instead of actually refuting them. I guess that really does make me the newfag.

keep going this is getting even funnier

as said I take back drag slips, lets just compare displacement/HP to trunk storage space. Its a better metric

Thats cheap, i usually see 25k markup or closer to 60k sticker
Fucking jews

they marked it up to 55k for the white ones because "only 800 championship white ones made"

fucking jews, at least the Type R name is coming back I can't wait for the NSX Type R to beat the Nismo


>haha shitty ricebox is not fast
>"here's some proof that it's fast"
>waah muh stangs this doesnt count i dont like the results so im gonna call it a shitty metric and tell people it doesnt count

classic Veeky Forumstism


post literally any other proof you shitbox, do you REALLY think this japshit is faster than a 911 turbo? Because of this garbage track with nonsense times? L O L

its a good 30 seconds faster around the ring than the focus rs with 50 less ponies. the car is a beast

>check other times to see if it's a fluke
>it's slower than a fucking peugeot 308 on the Fert Gaucher
>slower than a Giulia QV, NSX-R, fucking RENAULT CLIO at Hockenheim Short

yeah, that's what I thought

>Certain equipment was removed from the vehicle, however, including the air conditioning, front passenger seat and audio equipment.

>Honda says this was done to offset the weight of a roll cage, which was, “installed specifically for safety reasons and not to add rigidity.”"

He said fast not quick.

>trying to be reasonable on Veeky Forums

Undeniable proof that you're a fucking newfag.

honda confirmed for rigging the results

It's not ugly. You're just retarded.

the back end is horrendous

It's really not. You need new eyes user.

>fake vents
>3 fucking exhaust tips

Its overdesigned ricer trash

Civic were always riced. Now it just saves you the effort.
>Fake vents
Every car has them nowadays. Get with the program
>3 exhaust tips
I see lots of cars with 4
>2 spoilers
Literally every liftback with that design has that brake light spoiler. It's meant for chassis rigidity with spoiler as an afterthought..

>>nice quads.
>>Kill yourself, there are so many fucking hondas made, with v-tec + T drive-trains that completely rape this turd.


civic fanbois everybody, Honda can take a hot shit on a plate and they will lap it up

I'm a Toyota fanboi mind you. I'm just not autistic and can think logically unlike most of Veeky Forums.

Who are you quoting?

woah woah woah, we're getting off topic

can we get off the "Car is ugly" thing and get back to Honda literally rigging their burgerking lap

or at least keep talking about how it's slower than a fucking Renault Clio R,S L O L

Is that Vista?

0.50 have been deposited in your Honda of America™ account, please drop by our offices in Torrance, CA to reclaim your monies.

Thank you for supporting Honda and Acura of Ohio.

>Ugly things are fast

I live close to the Ohio plant actually. So I will stop by there to pick up my shekels.

yeah but style is not logical, its based on taste which you obviously have none of

"Logical". Veeky Forums thinks that Twingo is fucking logical styling. They continue to live in the 80s and 90s. Let's just put you all in a time machine and keep you there forever.

It's a meme you dip.

Look at this fucking retard moving the goalposts