Florida Meet Thread

Florida Meet Thread

Orlando Kart Center on July 8th at 12pm

After the Kart Center the plan is to have Sapporo Ramen.

The focus of the thread is to find out how many people are willing to go.

Also want to find out if South Florida people want to meet up and drive up together. (Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, ect...)

We can discuss in the thread or make things easier in the Fl/o/rida Discord.


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disgusting fat fuck
guess she likes her cake

lifetime supply of cottage cheese right below her ass.

If only she was going to the meet. Still waiting for feed back. Come on Florida people.



Not interested in getting shot.

nor am i interested in seeing 50k tourists on vacation with their little kids and bad driving


That's the stupidest reason I've ever seen. You can get shot anywhere.

>You can get shot anywhere.
yeah but if I'm going to get shot and die i don't want that to be in fucking borlando

Unless you go to a gay club you'll be fine.

what? i wanted to kiss all you niggas when we got to orlando

I'm going. I'm actually in Orlando

I'm in Gainesville and can confirm Orlando is awful

What a dumb fucking idea, anyone who lives in florida knows that Orlando is a shithole. Not even the people who live in Orlando want to be there.
No one wants to see fucking tourists and Jews.
Create a good meet and I may come, but untill then fuck off you faggot namefag.


like any of the shitholes you pussies live in is much better. Orlando is fine.

Why Orlando? It's such a disgusting shithole. Choose Jax or St Augustine or someshit.

Hell, I hate the fact that I live in Gaynessville but anything but Whorelando.


italian cars and bikes are just okay desu

Hey, it's Rob Spaghetti. Where the Feretti?

i'd fucking love a meet near me (in kissimmee) but im a poorfag with a shit car worse than a 3k civic

There's a car meet in Orlando almost every night you twat

Well if anyone of you are interested in going join discord.


I've only lived here a month I don't know anything

You wish she would go to the Meet though.

>black man liking a fat white woman
this must be a joke

source??? my dick needs more

What even goes on at these meets?
I might want to go but I don't feel like going to Orlando. Kissimmee is much better.

Id go but I'm not white.


>mfw last time I went to orlando a crack head offered me a beege for $5 at a gas station on OBT.

If I can get the day off work, I might actually go. Hot damn. It's been a long fucking time since I did Go Karts tho.

>tfw an Veeky Forumsrlando meet finally comes up and I'm in the desert ;-;

Also everyone talking about getting shot in Orlando must not spend a lot of time around the city. As long as you're on the correct side of the tracks you're good.

>if Orlando doesn't work out we should do a west Florida meet in Tampa