Dirty Jersey 2/o/17

New thread, less than a left. It's time for the Mid-Atlantic Veeky Forums meet, all kinds of shitboxes are welcome

June 25th (Sunday) at 12pm

Menage a trois at the Sonic in Edison, NJ. From there we'll drive to Island Dragway and do some racing. Possibility of going somewhere for food afterwards

The route shown is not final, just a general idea of where we'll be going. Any cars are welcome as there's usually a wide variety that show up. So far we have about 25 people confirmed

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its kind of pathetic that the socal meets have tons of bumps. but the NJ meet doesn't. Why is it, anons?


Gross. PA meets when?

What time are we getting to Island? Schedule says eliminations start around 2.

don't know offhand, but even during eliminations they allow for test and tune, I believe.
We did a PA meet one August a few years ago. a French guy and an Italian guy showed up.
come for the cars, stay for the autism.
>pic related




t h i c c

okay what the fuck.

I'll be there with the shiny new Alfa. On the fence about racing though. Still have a South Carolina temporary plate too, which mostly melted in the rain today.

I'm coming from PA, you can do it too.

you should, anyway.

I might, not sure. Will decide at the gate I suppose. Car should be good for 12's if I do.

Also, bump.

I sure hope I can get the hardware required to put my rear bumper back together before Sunday.

>thread is dead
How many people are actually coming? I hope this isn't like that one NJ meet where we had 3 cars, including myself.

myself and TheBjornLegacy are coming from Michigan.
I believe Hakuna Miata will be there, along with RhonaCivek.

This is looking like a small(er) one this year. I don't know.

14 other Veeky Forums people not listed there are going, per the facebook event.

>pic possibly related

Do you have your Veeky Forums meet pictures published somewhere?

>mfw getting the E46 registered and tagged the day before the meet

How do we plan to identify each other on the road other than looking out for stanced Miatas and rusted shitboxes?

I saved all of the pictures from that thread (first Sonic meet) if you want them. Also have all of the pictures someone took and uploaded, not sure if that was DR30 or someone else.

You will hear me from very far away, because I have no muffler

Anime stickers and catless headers

Listen for eurobeat.

One of you fuckers is bound to be blasting it.

We're basically taking over a Sonic. You will know it's us.

>the NJ meet doesn't. Why is it, anons?
People should just watch the thread then and post something like a car picture to bump it if the page count drops to 9.

Funny you should put it that way. The WA meet threads have some sort of troll who attacks posts that bump the thread. He calls those bump posters autistic. I guess he wants Meet threads to die since he is some sort of angry loner or afraid others will have fun without him.

>Still have a South Carolina temporary plate too, which mostly melted in the rain today.

I have tinted windows in the new car. The temp paper registration plate is barely visible if taped up. The tint shop did me a favor and laminated my temp plate and installed it in my rear plate holder. That way it is very visible. So far, have gone past two cops and they have not ticketed me despite the law technically saying new car paper plates should be taped in the rear window.

I always wondered about cars driving around with tinted back windows and no visible plate. you'd think that having the plate visible would be more important rather than the law technicality.


I remember the first meet, I brought 3 walkie talki radios just so we don't get left behind in the convoy. Me and the two other drivers i gave the radios to ,got left behind. :^)

Bump. here's a picture of some longroofs together.

I plan on going, not sure with what car though. And I'm pretty sure Harry's Run Guy will be there, possibly The Jackal.

Someone on Facebook just posted a Citroën Traction Avant for sale for $2500. With I had the spare money to buy it, take that thing to the meet even if it's on a trailer.

Link link link link link.

nighttime bump.

Here you go


I remember almost getting left behind in 2015 after I had a really hard start when we left the parking garage.

[spoiler]Probably going to happen again at Sonic this year.[/spoiler]

I mean, we try not to, but that sort of thing happens when you got a group of a lot of people .

>I mean, we try not to, but that sort of thing happens when you got a group of a lot of people .
Only when there isn't enough organization. Did a drive with 100 S2000s a week ago, and we managed without losing anyone the entire day. I'm sure we could do it with nothing but a radio for the guys at the front and back, maybe I'll bring mine.

It just happens to my car sometimes when it sits for 30 minutes to an hour before trying to start it again. I was the last one out of the garage. Muh qjet.

Damn I should check if I have a walkie talkie somewhere. Gotta partake in some verbal shitposting while driving.

I have 4 FRS radios, so I can share. Only two headsets though

Picked up some extra radios. I can share them around, too.

Bump. Replacing the motor mounts on the car tonight so I can go to the drag strip and not tear one.

I think I might try to contact the Citroën owner tomorrow. If he wants to trade I'll totally get the Traction Avant.

I've got contacts for Citroen parts, if you need them.
Get at me on facebook

Things are beginning to heat up.

Cemetery meet neva 4rget

I'll be bringing this glorious turd, simply because of AC. Won't race most likely.

Anyone need a ride from South NY, North Jersey let me know.


I'll have something that'll be a good race against the wagon.

I'm showing up with a stock 305. I'll race your wagon.

Even a stock 305 will probably destroy my current car.


Don't know if they will even let me race with my leaks.

so long as it's not dripping all over the track, should be okay.

Does this meet happen one a year? Brick here.

Generally it's a yearly meetup. some years it's big, some years it's small.

>Finally got the E46 tagged and insured today
>Took it on an hour long drive
>No weird noises, smells, or sounds
>Engine is running great
Really looking forward to the meet now that I'm confident it can make the 3 hour drive. Also might pick up some cheap walkie talkies to share.

s'what I did. Amazon has some that are $40 for 4 of them.

Thanks. I know there's also a couple of Citroën parts specialists around if there's something you don't have. Was planning on calling the guy yesterday, but my friends broken car took priority.

>bumper bolt kit delivery date updated to Monday
Oh I'm mad. No one is allowed to look at the back of my car since there's no chrome cover on my bumper currently. Ayy maybe next year my car will be done and presentable.

At least one of the Citroen parts specialists I know is in NJ.
I don't think anyone is going to care. it's Veeky Forums. we're all driving shitboxes.

Oh shit, since when?

I'm bringing the newer Buick. Cobra still isn't ready

That's how it goes. Project cars are never ready.

bump. i'm gona see if i can find my japanese imperial flag and have it dangling over the trunk...on my german car. :^)

Do it. I've got a Japanese Automobile Federation badge on my decidedly NOT Japanese car.

NJfag checking in

>Oh shit, since when?
Just got it last weekend. Walked 1.2 miles to the train station, took a train, took another train, took a plane to Detroit, took a plane to South Carolina, then drove it 650 miles back home. Took me just under 24 hours.

Also, I'm thinking I'll probably skip racing this time around. I kinda want to, but don't want to take the risk with a new car. Need to get my Prelude put together for track stuff.

>Citroën parts guy in NJ

Who is it and where?

If you want to be really weird I could dig out the Nazi Naval ensign that I have somewhere.

One more day!

Heading out from Michigan. Staying at my family's place in eastern Pennsylvania, and then hitting Edison in the morning.

Stopped at Sheetz about halfway. You Pennsylvania people don't know how good you have it with this gas station.

We know how good it is.
Also fuck Wawa.

Sheetz vs Wawa is a battle that will rage on for centuries

Observe my quints


>park outside
>get rained on
>rain left a bunch of water spots
>wash car
>they didn't wash off
Welp, guess I'll have to leave them for tomorrow and finish detailing later.

Yeah, I realize it doesn't matter that much, but I'm probably still going to go to a car wash before the meet .

Kinda wanted to go but I don't really want to leave my dog alone all day. I wouldn't have ran on the strip anyway, the trans in my TL is finicky as hell.

Have fun lads.



He's too high energy.

If dog is on a leash he is fine at island

Aside from not having the rear bumper cover put back on I got Ellie all cleaned up and ready to roll out. 305 cubes of American 80s bogged smog 140~ HP on the way soon.

Shit, just hearing of this now. I can make it in time. Hmmmm.

One more before I hit the showers and roll out. I had my Ellie at the meet two years ago before her makeover. Unfortunately I missed last year. Hope I make it there in one piece this year.

eyy fuck it, I'll join. Might just drive down to the meet at Sonic, meet the autismos from my state and then when everyone heads to the strip, just head on home. I worked last night and I got work tonight, so I am gonna need to get sleep in there somewhere.

On the way.

> alpha Romayo foresee here
> everyone is gathered around some shitty wagon
>Veeky Forums

It also happens when some people deliberately try to lose others. They may know there is a turn coming up so they let a gap occur in front of them. Then they race ahead and the one behind can't follow them and loses visual sight. Or someone waits for a red light and then runs it to leave the persons behind. That breaks the group of people following especially if that car that ran the red doesn't slow down or pull over so that the other cars can see it. If it just dashes off, that breaks the train.

Lots of secretly antagonistic or competitive people are like that. Once you get a large group of people, you are bound to acquire such types of competitive or elitist people. Then those drivers will do their tricks because it pleases them to create losers out of other drivers.

Other tricks include coming up to a 4-way stop. If there are other cars coming in other directions, you can wait at the stop for the other cars to come to a stop. That insures they will all takes turns moving AFTER you move. That means 3 chances of one of those cars getting in between you and the cars following you.

>that sort of thing happens when you got a group of a lot of people .
No, if the group cooperates, it can still be fast moving well above the speed limit but not lose any members. Everyone at the meet already has a basic idea of the route, so getting lost is not the problem as people should be able to make it to the next meeting point.

The biggest enemies are bad communications at the start. People who make changes to the route and just "hand wave" the changes as "oh, just go to smith park" when there might be more than one smith park. Or they meant Smythe park instead of Smith park. Those people might be well meaning and then say "Anyone that gets lost is their fault because people gotta learn to drive and navigate".

Those people turned off might never come back and simply add to the lore that Veeky Forums Meets have a lot of selfish or egotistical people.

>It's time for the Mid-Atlantic Veeky Forums meet
Please post about what happened during the Meet. Although I didn't go, I still want to know more about these and maybe about more localized Meets.

yeah but is' a country squire, those things are the ultimate road trip machine

and that girl is a qt

>its kind of pathetic that the socal meets have tons of bumps. but the NJ meet doesn't
Washington state meets had someone chronically complain on their threads about bumping being autistic. They stopped bumping and their threads die out even right before their meets.

The wa thread reappeared the day of the meet but it promptly died again on the same day of the meet due to no bumping. Threads don't live on Veeky Forums without bumping since alphonse and others keep making spam and bait threads to push good threads off.

Some people bring their dogs to Meets. But those meets have stopping points where people go to the restroom, have snacks, talk about the drive to that point, and make sure of the details of the next part of the drive.

Just get one of those dog blanket hammocks for the rear seat.

Was a fantastic meet, as usual.

see my second post pls. My dog isn't down for crowds at all.
i regret missing it pretty heavily at this point.

Part of my excuse was wanting to rig up my ~~new~~ exhaust fan for my garage. I spent 2.5 hours on doing so only to find it actually moves less air than my older smaller one.

And the most important lesson of the day is that a Volvo 240 wagon is faster than an El Camino in a drag race.

Gonna have to do a swap before the next meet to redeem myself.

no sheetz in the good part of PA