Please Red pill me on BMWS

Please Red pill me on BMWS
>im not getting a BMW because i like them or because im a doucheBag

Im getting a BMW because i have never driven one, i am Car shopping right now and just curious which one i should get
>Forget the M3 or the e30 or any high spec models

So please don't mention those specific models
Im basically looking for the shitbox version of the BMW that is equivalent to the CIVIC,

>BMW 318i 1995 ($1k-$3k)
>BMW 318ti ($1k-$3k)

Are there any other models?
I hear so much about maintenance costs for BMWS but is it TRUE for even the low end 4cylnder models cost so much?

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If you can do the maintenance yourself they're ok.

If you can't then don't bother.

>I want the 'civic' version 3 series.

So.... you want the car that's slower than a civic of that year, has worse MPG than the civic and only marginally better MPG than the 325i? Because that's what you'll get.

I have a 318ti

It's seriously the best car I have driven.

Know this though the 4cylinder engines are great.
As long as you aren't working on them.
I've also had a 328 coupe and that motor was a gem.

I'm just waiting for the motor in this to pop so I can swap in a 6.

If you want a low maintenance gem of a car you want a 6cyl.

But you want the 318ti chassis.

So decide whether you want a great chassis with shit maintenance procedures or a sedan or coupe that isn't as fun to drive but has a fantastic engine.

>>im not getting a BMW because i like them or because im a doucheBag

simmer down big nigger, owning a bmw m3 e46 is a lot of power, and commands respect on the road.

this of course is not my fault

>If you want a low maintenance gem of a car you want a 6cyl.

This, straight six bimmers are excellent.

if you live in europe you can buy a e36 323ti - the best of both worlds
also e46 325ti is the spiritual successor and it is also great

OP here

What kind of (MAINTENANCE) does the TI require? do i have to replace spark plugs every 5k?

Specifically please tell me what on earth does the maintenance require in owning a BMW

I am a shitbox fag who only Replaces the cambelt, oil brakes etc when required every so Miles traveled


it means a full cooling system overhaul as soon as you buy it. about $500 bucks and 1 - 3 days of annoying work depending on the engine.
you face stupid wiring, cracked hoses, hard to reach places and stuck waterpumps.
need to flush the coolant every year,
change the thermo and pump every 60,000 kms

the sixes are alot easier to work on. but require the same thing.

then you need to replace all the suspension bushings because they will be shot.

After that though you will have an extremely capable, comfortable great car

This. After this the car will be pretty bulletproof.

Also I should note 6cly swaps are very simple and straight forward, the TI is a sedan forward of the A pillars and everything just drops right in. The 4cly will typically out race the sedan 325i and the 323/318 sedan/coupes in a straight line, however you will get smoked by everything else in a straight line.

The 4cly can get up to 32mpg if you drive it nicely. Otherwise you are looking at 26ish mpg.

>need to flush the coolant every year,

Seriously, BMW.

That parts bullshit, but the rest is good.

should i as first car?ës/AUTOMJETE/Makina/BMW/Seri-3/320/BMW-320CD-coupe-diesel/4337453
looks a bit overpriced will try to drop it like 200 euros
but the rest i found looked like shit and were beaten to hell this looks alright from the outside

Ask for an engine bay photo or go check it out yourself, seems very well maintained

thing is idk anything about engines i should probably take some guy with me that does a cousin or something
the only things im worried about are well if its in a good shape in the inside since it has only 140k km for an old car and it looks whats the word "riced"? so he may have fucked something when changing the looks.

I'm in to buy a 320 e46 sedan. I want to know how good they are, pro/cons and I want to know how they handle in snow

Good luck getting an e36 318ti for $1-3k.

yeah he has put on m3-look a like wheels, a black lip, blacked out rear lights, aftermarket splitter, looks like a custom exhaust, installed LED's in the front bumper.
It can either mean the owner has taken good care of the car or it means the owner has spent all his money on visual tuning bits while not staying on top of the maintenance.
Since you're from a snowy area look out for rust bubbles at the most common spots (on/around wheel arches, trunk etc)
The seats look in very good shape for the age though.

Buy an e39 528i and shut the fuck up in comfy

no not snowy at all maybe 1 week a year
he probably liked how it looked and took a pic
but thanks

>I'm going to buy every car I've never driven

>not w203

It's cheap insurance
Just like changing your oil

Are you european and under 25?

All 4 of mine have been in that range. Actually one of them was cheaper but...

No not really. Oil change is simple,
> pull out drain plug
> Put plug in with new seals
> fill.

Doing a cooling system requires bleeding and if you dont bleed it properly (too short or too long) than you end up fucking up the whole system and causing damage to the car. Maybe do the cooling ince every 5 years. But if its working great than don't change it. Just a waste of time and could possibly ruin and make things break.

Changing the coolant is simple. Undo the plug at the bottom of the radiator, wait till it stops, refill the radiator, park it on a hill, wait for it to warm up and keep filling.
It's not a case of leaving it if it's fine. Leaving the coolant is the main cause of problems in BMW cooling systems because stuff builds up and corrosion causes plastic parts to become brittle. That leaves you on the side of the road with no coolant and a hole in one of the pipes that can hold coolant. Ask me how I know.

As I said, cheap insurance


holy shit, ill have what your smoking.

its at least 1500.

I think he's quoting a pretty reasonable price for the parts alone

Parts only. Including new radiator

I like the way they look so i bought one

i have a 2008, was around 10k about 3 years ago.

I've never had any problems with mine, only had a tune up every one in a while.

I wouldnt get any of the older ones unless you know how to work on cars. We use to have an 97 audi a4 turbo that was trashed because it was too expensive to take and repair.

>e36 325i/4
>e36 325i/2
>e36 m3/4
>e46 324it

they were all less than $6k ... a bit expensive on parts, but they are reliable and fast.

you should've mentioned e36 323, e36 328, e46 325, e46 328, maybe e46 330i.
e36 323i is better than the 325i unless you are planning to turbo it

>323 is better then 325
Have you seen the outputs? They may be the same displacement but the 323 is choked and it can become expensive trying to unchoke it.
The 328 only has a few horses more then the 325 with an extra .3 of a litre. BMW went hard down the road of driveability and low rev torque with their OBD2 engines

325 or 328is e36 if you can't pony up for an M3
Can't lose with an I6 BMW

Owned a 93 325is. Was my favorite car for a long time. Drove it everywhere made me love driving. My now ex wife made me sell it, but hey just bought a 2008 328i. I'm not a douche. You don't have to be to buy one. It is just a genuinely fun car to drive whether you're going 35 or 135.

Bit of advice. Never sell a car that you don't want to. Bitches leave, but cars won't ever leave.

>need to flush the coolant every year,
Don't be ridiculous. My E46 323i is almost 20 years old, has 170k on it, and I have changed the coolant twice in the 9 years I have had it and its fine. It needed a radiator at 140k and that is it. Bought it on 40k.

just buy a car that doesn't have cooling problems.

>taking advice from someone who has never driven a better car than a fucking ti

nice car brand

I hope that thing's had a Euro model S50 swap.

>e46 compact
Its the ugliest bmw in existence, get a 325i sedan, the fuel economy is almost the same anyways

my nigga i know you just want a e36

get yourself one and join the club, nigga you know how much work i do on my shit?

but guess what, shit is running smooth af and its a better car then all these shit boxes on the road

comfty, got power, can drift, can autocross, is chill af

Makes a bit more power than a Euro S50

Not him, but I am down for storytime senpai

Ausfag here. I picked one up a few months ago as a spare car for a grand. 164k km. Everything works.

No way to be sure of that. Water pumps fail pretty quickly and suddenly.
I drove a car that was well maintained and had a service history about 1000kms only to find the pump was corroding, and the pipes close to the firewall were almost dead.
The car showed no sign of being in bad shape, stayed super steady and cool the whole drive home.
Maintenance is a very easy way to make sure you aren't sitting on the side of the road.

Why do all BMW drivers sound like mongoloids? Christ, learn how to use basic English or don't post at all.

>be a young car enthusiast who just got his license
>looking at cars
>fall in love with e30's
>decide I really want a 318is
>a lot higher price then any other model so I decide to buy a base model and swap an m42 at a later date
>fast forward a couple of years
>find an m42, swap it in over a weekend, do the thermostat, water pump and main radiator hoses
>couple of days later and the thing starts to get hotter than normal
>pull over, check the overflow, nothing in it
>limp it to a mates place close by
>rip things apart and find the plastic block pipe has failed
>even though the main parts had been changed the corrosion from the old coolant fucked the plastic pipe

From now on I change anything failure prone in a car as soon as i get it.

The limp to my mates place was the most frustrating and painful drive in my life. I never want that to happen again.

If you aren't confident in your mechanical ability don't buy a 20 year old BMW. However, its so worth it. I love every second driving these cars. My daily is the 540i and my new project 328i

I 2nd that user, I hate these things with a passion. It's the only BMW that I don't like. What were they thinking when they rolled this out of the factory?