How much do you think it cost to have this done to the caddie?

How much do you think it cost to have this done to the caddie?

I don't even care.

I just enjoy the paint jobs these guys fuss over, usually.

Donks with thicc profile tires look slightly disturbing.

I don't think it's meant to be a donk.
I think it's actually meant to go off road, or at least I hope so.

I hope its not, its a fucking caddy not an SUV

this but with lowriders

That's a chassis from a blazer or a short-bed pickup. Price one and plan on doing everything at home.

You mirin my wheelz?

Niggers don't even know.

It's just all random drug money

donk niggers need not apply



About tree fiddy

They know more about how money tastes then you ever will.

This would be pretty rad if it wasn't for the fucking huge awful rims (which is the whole point of the subculture i guess)

Not much. It looks like it's sitting on a truck frame.

i looked for ages for this i thought i didnt have it

Thing that blows my mind is that someone invested into production of rims that can only be sold to braindead niggers.

Fidget spinners.

I'd make them too if I knew I could make money

why are whites so obsessed with race?

>t. nigger

everyone is obsessed with race. I've seen more black people complain about whites in real life than the other way around

>t. racist

>i've seen more black people complaining about whites in real life than the other way around
Yea, you clearly don't get out much. If you would avoid the alt right drumpfkin circle jerks you attend monthly you would see that the majority of people in the us aren't sjw like you think they are.

I know you're larping but
>Not alt right
>Didn't vote for Trump
>Seen as in met and talked to real live black people who complained about both whites and Jews
>Haven't met hardly any white people who would talk so openly about it
I'm sure they are just as racist but in current year it's not as socially acceptable to talk openly as a white person about race
Like I said EVERYONE is obsessed with race.
It might be better if they weren't but they are
It's a human condition I suppose

Also STFU nigger

>it's not as socially acceptable to talk openly as a white person about race
nice delusion and victim mentality you retard.

>stfu nigger
reported for racism.

>responding to a tripfag
tripcodes were a mistake

Im not a tripfag? fuck off newfag.

I know I shouldn't but it's so tempting

>It is

Why are you even here. Like just go to a different website.

i don't have to put up with racism on my favorite board.
>it isn't

No deluded fucks allowed her


you better leave then

>"i don't have to put up with racism on my favorite board."

Bahhahhahahahha h9ly MOLY get a load of this guy

go back to

He/they're right, harden up you softcock.
Stop looking for an argument.

Looks like Ive been bannished by the magic meme arrows.

And I never said anything related to the topic so, more money than the final product will ever be worth.

>to stupid to use commas correctly
looks like that republican lower iq rate is shining through

>to stupid
>lower iq rate
you really are uneducated, enjoy the janitorial field

I get called a "white dog" at least 3 times a week normally because i did not have a spare cigarette.

Cute little boy shouts angrily
Even if your "baiting" youre still pretty pathetic.

Just go to a place with like minded individuals.

There wasn't a single problem with my post???????
good you deserve it. whites are finally getting a taste of what it feels like to be discriminated against.
fuck off back to /pol/




Yes i deserve to be called a white dog for not smoking cigarettes or handing them out to poor people who can not afford their own.
I mean maybe if i was going around handing out cigarettes to poor people and encouraging them to smoke even though they can not afford it that would be a bad thing but yeah...

yes you deserve it and im glad whites are being bred out of existence.
sperg more

Put your name back to Alphonse you pussy

Spell more.

Im going to need to get a big sugary slushie on a cool night ride to celebrate this autism

im not alphosne?
last reply you're getting from me

>be me, cashier in majority nonwhite neighborhood
>interact with several hundred people of all backgrounds on a daily basis, probably north of 50,000 different transactions over the span of my 10 months
>last day of work
>one of my regulars is sad that I'm going since I always have his stuff ready
>tell him I'm going back to school
>its an older black dude, he's all cool about it, "good on you for getting out of here."
>later that evening, younger black dude gives me the most disgusted look, "fuck you white boi".

It's not even really a true race thing, it's more of that 90% of blacks under the age of 40 have been raised with the entitlement mindset and free gibs that cause all the problems you see today.

Tell me about my white privilege though

>t. someone who works in the real world

LOL those dorks broke you, calling it quits after getting btfo. I'll expect another dumb name change soon after the autism displayed by you

nice deep self projection. have another meltdown
>90% of blacks under the age of 40 have been raised with the entitlement mindset
[citation needed]

>s-spoonfeed me plsss
Hahhaa you're a jackass

sperg more

Angry little sperg is you, go change your name again I can't take you serious after getting so SHOOK

sperg more

Ima bite the b8...
Whats with asians and being the biggest pack of racist fuckwits on the entire planet?

even toward other asians you pricks are the most hostile shitlords i have ever come across.

Is it just part of your society to think your particular type of squinty eyes is the best or what?

Makes it really easy to generalise and hate all asians because 90% of the ones i encounter are like that and when it is the majority not a minority then well i am sorry but your stereotypes are true.

idk. im not asian??? im black.

as you can see the whites itt get triggered when you address how racist they are. this racism helps them feel better about themselves due to their lack of something else.

usually white men have smaller penises which causes frustration and can lead to racism. not surprising.

He's not asian, he's a ban evading 17 year old

Jesus fucking christ, dude. Youve reached a point where I cant tell which is wider; the rims on your homemade niggermobile or the ring of crust around your HIV infected anal cavity. Either way, this thread seems to have torn both of them up pretty badly.


>[reddit needed]
r cars seems more your type, I heard they were doing a gofundme for Subaru-themed buttplugs. Your wife's boyfriend would love one for poker night :3

I was honestly going to prove you wrong but you have this inferiority complex that I can't even be bothered to break down At least I'll wake up in the morning and not be black. Free college isn't worth that.

>you have a inferiority complex
im not white???? i don't have a small penis either so i don't need to be racist to feel better.

>cuck already this challenged

>on Veeky Forums
>get offended by the word nigger
oh my days, how the reddit invasion has progressed over the years. namefag too

>Shit grammar but always using ???? question marks
Why do people (such as yourself) do this?

why are you so stupid?
back to /pol/, drumpfkin

whats this republican shit most people on Veeky Forums are not even from burgerstan

>Why are you so stupid?
That's what I'm asking.

Info for your autobiography?
it upsets cumskins.


>reported for racism

On Veeky Forums......lost

The irony is that your trip is in Japanese. Japanese HATE niggers. And they hate muzzies. Its like a slant eye version of /pol living over there.

He's a 17 year old edgelord do you expect him to know any better...

agreed......I just like feeding the trolls now and then.....

>they're actually this obsessed

I feel like I should just camp out next to Alphonse' apartments and wait for him to walk out, or I could have my black friend jump him so I don't look racist

Nothing wrong with a little black on black crime.


I could catch him on the way home from 7/11 after he grabs some arizona watermelon tea and skittles

sperg more

>be an extremely white washed asian fuccboi
>used to go up and talk with the niggers with these cars
>tfw they were a lot cooler than your nu-car community guy

I remember going to a POW memorial thing here in Vegas and right next to it was a nigger community outing. Bunch of them were out with classic cars and donked out rides.

Even the donked out car guys were really cool to talk to and shoot shit with.

what happened itt?

>Talking shit about the spoobys
>Calls wheels, rims..

Funny thing is that nobody makes tires for 'em.
They cut up regular tires and glued them on.

Wheels are easy to make. Any decent fabricator could make a set in a week in a shop with half-assed machinery. The tires need specialty equipment set for a particular size.

a bunch of brain cells

can't put a price on your soul