What's with Aussies and the interest in boring looking four door sedans that look like family cars?

What's with Aussies and the interest in boring looking four door sedans that look like family cars?

Picture related, this actually looks like a normal performance car to Australians.

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looks arent everything mayne

Well if you wanted all out performance there is better platforms.

In Australia? We got the Mustang GT, Chrysler 300 SRT, and a Holden SS-V. Anything other than that you're looking at a six figure price tag.

because they want to be like the fatherland, europe

Australian's will defend ugly family car looking four door sedans.

I really don't know. I see them on the road all the time and they're the dullest looking hunks of shit around.

True but at least other classic cars actually look good. I mean, you wouldn't drive a PT Cruiser just because it had big engine would you? Or a Morris Marina?

Then there is the GT version... which is just an old taxi sedan with stick on racing stripes and a 351 from the factory that boomers pat 150k for or more.

Basically the same as any other falcon taxi sedan of the 70's but came with stick on racing stripes and a 351.

I think they look cool as fuck. performance + generic looks = sleeper.

sleepers are my fetish and Australia's auto industry is basically made of them.

They're not considered sleepers here though, everyone knows about their performance.

That's what's cool over there, why do you yanks drive oversized utes? Because it makes you forget about your microbe is when you drive it. You yanks can't talk shit when it comes to practicality or looks.

The market for Australia is literally 1/10th what it is in America and Europe, so you can't really afford to get too niche. Even at the tippy top of Australian performance you have to cater to a fairly broad spectrum.

>underestimating the VL

It's basically just an ugly skyline with shitty availability for suspension parts.

cheap power. maybe with the exemption of ur picture and the preceding years because baby boomers know what theyve got, but commodores are just great for doing burnouts and having fun

They are literally just the 70's equivalent to this.


How am I wrong though?

>meanwhile the actual, literal 70s equivalent

I still don't get why the Challenger isn't available in Australia. With their muscle car culture and general lack of affordable performance cars, I'd imagine it would sell well.

That's the decent looking two door model though.

>AUS still has cool performance sedans
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No reason not to bring it over now what with Holden and Ford being dead too. Fuck I seriously want one.

>family sedan

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Americans can say what they want about muscle sedans but they will never know the feeling of a midnight maccas run to a city 2hrs away with your mates behind a 5L v8

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It's silly that they sell a Chrysler 300 SRT-8 and yet won't bring the Challenger over. Does Australia have some weird obsession with sedans? I like the Holden SS-V, but the sedan part kills it. Why not just make it a coupe?

Ford Falcon was canned last year, and the last Commodores are rolling off the line this year.

never seen a nig in a challenger but I've seen plenty of old white dudes with fucking massive guts and spindly little legs. that shit is weird.

There is a coupe

Except falcons are just the shitty Australian sedan version of mustangs.

Lower it.

>tfw no Dodge in Australia



You fucking liar lol

We have more sedans because less people live here and its just easier or something like that
>Best car :)

converted, overpriced trash


Most australian muscle cars are american in a lot of ways.

Falcons are share parts with mustangs and torinos. Holdens use chev engines etc.