Play driving games

>play driving games
>right side driving always feels better and more natural for some reason

Why is this not standard in all countries? And when is it going to be

I think it's more natural because less blindspots?

Because most people are right handed.

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It doesn't make a difference. If you're too uncoordinated to change gear with your off-hand you're too much of a spastic to be driving.


>tfw LHD car but shift with my left hand


Doesn't matter what side you pit the wheel on.

RHD master race

When the fuck did speaking in retardese become acceptable?

It always was you ret

It's not just about hand coordination, dumbass. Most people are Right handed, which is connected with stronger right eye. Ever wondered why air traffic control towers on aircraft carriers are on right side of the deck? Yeah, because pilots can start and land on left side and their dominating eye can better concentrate on object. An RHD countries have less collisions and accidents, when compared to LHD countries, because of using stronger eye to monitor a road. You use your weaker left eye to control left side-mirror during overtakes and other manuevers when LHD. Educate yourself next time.

>left hand shifting


>Shifting with your non dominate hand
>interacting with everything inside the car with your non dominate hand
I don't know why that feels more natural to anyone

Your nerves cross in your spine, genius. Right handed = left brained (and left eyed)

Basically if the british built your railway for you, you drive on the left-hand side of the road

and basically never

As a bong i find left hand shifting more natural, it's just what I'm used to. But there must have been some reason why the McLaren F1, a British car with central driving position, has it on the right when it could have been on either side

Wrong, if we are talking about Right handed, we are stimulating left half of brain, so ALSO Right eye stimulates left half of brain, you forgot that eye nerves also cross. Left half is responsible for logical thinking, reasoning process and motor programming (Reaction time (time between “go” signal and movement initiation) increases with movement complexity, suggesting that movements are planned in advance.), so the more needed brain half is more active, when RHD. LHD was retarded idea since it was invented.

>played a shitton of euro truck simulator
>all LHD
>get in friends truck
>turn from a one way deserted road into the oncoming lane
>quickly correct
Felt so fucking weird

>wasting your dominant hand on shifting
>not using it for precision steering

Fuck I miss right turn on red though

Literally what? All the same blind spots, just flipped around.

>not being left handed

But I'm right handed and my left eye is the strongest one. It's near perfect both up close and far away. My right eye however is near sighted enough for me to require glasses to read text ~6 ft away. I've never heard the claim that most people's right eye is stronger. Source?

>being genetically inferior

>What I feel is right, must be right for every other person on the planet becuase I am the ultimate snowflake.

Uh, wouldn't that be the opposite of being a snowflake

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>implying I'm not cross dominant
get on my level right eye fags.

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user, you and me are cross-dominant, but it is not the norm.

People's dominant eye and dominant hand are usually on the same side.

I'm left-eye dominant and mostly right handed. I can rotate the wheel a lot faster and easier with my right hand and my right eye is mostly peripheral (astigmatism too).

My shit is going to waste with LHD!! Time to import a Nissan.

yeah pretty much this. Wheel on the right offers no advantage except maybe in manuals for shifting with your dominant hand. Which doesn't matter either after about an hour of driving.

>being literally defective

Agreed. It was literally the deciding factor on why I chose not to move to America. I drove a rental there and it was weird af.

I've driven both in several countries and you're a retarded faggot if you can't adapt

I also have driven both and I deem you to be a retarded faggot for thinking people should adapt (see: settle) to inferior shit.

Your turn, bitch.

Not me, maybe just some research published almost 50 years ago, you delusional trash

Senna was left handed and he also always drove LHD cars, except when he was in Japan, of course.

He always said he'd rather have his dominant hand on the steering wheel for accuracy and precision steering.

Well, he died anyway but I share the opinion of his as I'm also left handed

BECause we drive on the right side

right hand drive cars look oblong and gay.


Is that an actual picture of Taylor Swift or is that just a wax sculpture or something? I'm getting some serious uncanny valley vibes from looking at it.

>tfw right handed but cross-eye dominant

I have evolved to thrive in this LHD environment.

>right handed
>dominant left eye
Oh shit!

Is that legal? As in driving a RHD car in a LHD country and vice versa

No. I am in the states and we have postal vehicles. There's also weeabo conversions for ricers and there Civics and Brappers.

AUSland bans LHD, though.

>mfw I'm right handed but left eye dominant because my right eye is 20/40


I just moved from a right hand drive country to a LHD one and while I could reverse hand motions for gear operations without any trouble I feel like I am driving semi blind due to my right eye issues. Driving with my head turned slightly to the right does seem to help.

In the US it is, I work for the postal service and all of our trucks are RHD so that you can reach a mailbox on the side of the road easily.