What does Veeky Forums think of the Del Sol?

What does Veeky Forums think of the Del Sol?

Didn't they come with a shitty SOHC engine

All australian delivered models came with a b16

only in america

the australian ones like in ops photo had a b16a.

Overpriced. At least when they first came out.

I used to think they were ugly as shit but I'm slowly warming up to them. The neat as fuck trans top thing is super rare isn't it?

I like them.

When I had an STi, the first race I lost was to a stock-appearing, but H22-swapped and turboed. Within a month I had a catless downpipe, a laptop, and tuning software lol I was pretty ashamed.

super rare and (relatively) super heavy

I like them but they feel too small.
A guy I know bought one new in 93, he thought it would be collectible. He has never driven it, it has 6 miles on it, the things been sitting over 20 years.

Fucking Honda...

"lets make a car with a long ass hood and mount the engine transversely"

"lets make a car shaped like a MR and put the engine up front"

trans top cars are 500lbs heavier than the base models.

Never liked them that much. I have never driven one though or even known anyone with one. Is there a trunk in the back? Never quite got the shape since its front engine. I think id rather buy a coupe or hatch.

goddamn i knew it was bad but i didn't know it was that bad, i take back my "relatively" then.

Looks like a babby Soarer.

>buying a new car as an "investment"


I would totally convert an NSX into fwd just to fuck with you more

My dad thought it was a midship

I had to let him know not to show these hunks of shit any respect and that they're just a generic civic with a gimmick cargo.

wannabe miata but does absolutely nothing right.


fake MR
Can be reasonably quick around the track if built a bit.

Needs to be MR with the way it's designed.


shitty sc300