Car Insurance

I just made my first car purchase. I won't mention what car I got because you guys will meme me, but I'm pretty happy with my purchase. It's a 2016 model nothing too sporty. I'm 26 with one moving violation on my record from last year. The bank requires me to have a $500 deductible and full coverage until I have the vehicle paid off.

My insurance is $195 a month through progressive.

What the fuck. That's almost as much as my car payment. Help an insurance newbie figure this shit out please.

Liberty is a little cheaper
>t. switching from progressive to liberty

>meme car
>not sporty
>sky high insurance

im placing my bet on an FR-S

BRZ confirmed. Just got off the phone with his Insurance agent. The moving violation was he accidently hit a police car that was stopping him in the progress of picking of a trans lady boy hooker. He panicked and didn't know he was in reverse still and bumped the squad car. He cried when the hooker boi started laughing at him.

It's not a memecar. It's one of those new econobox cars you guys don't think is worth the money. And it's not manual. I like it though.

just post your fucking car
you're going to get memed harder if you don't. or worst - no one will answer your question

Full coverage is why. Don't bother with the trackers to lower insurance though, their metrics are retarded.

2016 Mazda3 Sport

post ur car and we can figure something out

>buying a new car
Kys. You deserve high insurance

>inb4 it's gookshit

>$195 a month

What? Even an europoor like me doesn't have to pay $195 a month for full coverage new car insurance. Literally what kind of meme car have you bought?

>an europoor
First of all Europe isn't one country. Secondly insurance here usually isn't any more expensive than in America, but with better coverage, unless you're 18 years old and English.

who is your insurer

>My insurance is $195 a month through progressive.

Did you not read what OP wrote?

>First of all Europe isn't one country

>paying literally double your amount

195 sounds nice

nope, and fuck you while I'm at it. I was looking for proper nouns like a civilized human

You got fucked OP. I pay $56/mo for full coverage on my Jeep

>Expecting people on an anonymous Tibetan glass sculpting image board to capitalize properly

Even for a newfag you're retarded


is it this this abomination?

Yeah, welcome to car insurance when you're young. It'll go down once you reach 25.

I'm curious as to how much insurance on a cbr 600 would cost for my 20 yo self.