Radar detectors

What do you have?

Anyone have the Cobra XRS9370?

I'm looking for an OK radar detector under $100

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I look at the fucking road instead of staring at a display like a retard

So your deaf?

What's the point of that when police in my area use laser?

Arent there laser detectors or am I thinking of jammers

All new detectors detect laser. Laser or radar jammers are highly illegal

>Laser or radar jammers are highly illegal
So is statutory but that doesn't stop most guys in their late 20's

Don't have one because I don't want to increase my chance of getting a ticket if I get pulled over.

How far away do they detect it?

What is a visor mount?

passport 9500ci. Integrated into the grill so cops don't see it, gps so it can set its sensitivity according to your speed, and comes with jammers

Oh, you're a poor piece of shit looking to spend less than $100 on expensive technology... Just don't speed or make a friend who has good cop-eye.

Depends on the detector.

My brothers V1 dectects laser fast enough to slow down from 100 to under 55 with mild braking, I'm sure of that.

Others aren't as sensitive.

Depends on a lot of factors, Even weather.

So it detects it on other cars or what? Sorry, I just don't know how these work?

I don't think those are weatherproof lol


I have a slightly better one and it works cash just don't gave illegal tint because it triggers them


A V1 is a Valentine 1. A high performance radar detector that also detects laser


pics of what? The jammers? the detector? You honestly think they would design it for external use and not waterproof it. I've driven miles and the rain and directly sprayed it with a pressure washer and have never had any issues.

>cant provide pics
Lying poorfag confirmed

Where/how it's mounted would be great. I'm very interested

pics of what m8?

Can we talk about dashcams to? What dashcam should I get Veeky Forums?

I like the stealth ones.

Anything stealth and 1080p. Almost all are Chinese so no need to look for a certain one

The detector, mount, jammer. Ect

What's wrong with my deaf?


Don't buy a cobra. Get a passport.

user is asking how it's able to detect laser in time for you to slow down. The conventional issue with laser detectors is that when they detect the laser signal, it means the cop has already hit you with it- the laser is more directed than radar.

Is the V1 able to detect when a cop lasers other cars?

>mfw taking pictures like i have something to prove to a cantonese sugar dance bbs

well there goes any doubt of having autism.


Nice redditspacing, Jose

detector/mount. hard to get a decent pic.

The v1 is a decade old ancient POS.



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How does the radar detector work there do you have a different screen/speaker on the inside

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I need this in my life link to how to hook up

yes, a speaker for the jammers/detector is inside. any display information (signal band, strength, etc) are shown on the display in mi abuela es muerte

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Poorfag buys a Passport instead of Valentine One. get your facts straight kid...

>Passport 9500ci
>$2000 radar detector

>Valentine V1
>$400 radar detector

I have a uniden drf7 works great where I live

It has solid Ka 34.7 performance which is what cops here use and where I live people are too poor to buy Acuras with radar side mirrors worth the money desu for being a "entry level".

Are there any for motorcycles?? Maybe one that doesn't use audible beeps but a light or something instead?

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They make a new one each year you dumb fuck.
Laser is still detectable if it is not pointed at you.

IE: If It's pointed at the 3rd car in front of you and your detector is mounted high on the windshield like it is supposed to be

Nice set up man.

Do you ever get worried you'll get arrested for jamming police radar?

I heard the FCC fucks you royally for that, Like hundreds of thousands in fines + several months in prison.

It's a laser jammer, not radar. Small but important difference since the FCC regulates the frequencies that radar guns use. Radar jammers are illegal and banned nationwide while laser jammers or "scramblers" are only illegal in a small handful of states.

The recent stories of dudes who have been fucked hard by the FCC were mostly using cell phone jammers which obviously presents a bigger concern.

I was just thinking this. I want to get a dashcam this summer

He's saying you used the wrong ''you're''.

Wrong. As low as possible on the windshield is better as you get better deflection off the bonnet

Pic related. My v1 is ... just out of the shot
um I'll take a pic of it in my z when I get home


Stopped reading there.

Brits don't know shit about cars. I refuse to listen to a brit ramble on about shit they don't know.

Here's my 9500xi

>white number plates
>speedo in km/h
>radar detectors are legal
>8000rpm integra
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Do the higher-priced scanners give less false alarms/readings?

One of the best parts about the escort is that it uses GPS and remembers which signals it encounters and where. If it reads the same signal within the same area 3 different times it's added to a whitelist and no longer creates an alert. So the more you drive around your usual route, the more it learns and the less false alarms you get.

it also turns down the sensitivity at low speeds so you don't get alerts from common sources in parking lots and such.

Heckin dang, how much am I gonna pay for the base model with those features, though

>Laser or radar jammers are highly illegal
Nope. Not everywhere. Radar/laser detection and laser jamming are legal in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Washington - everywhere I typically dive. They're also legal elsewhere.

Not always, depends on the radar.
Right now the high tier with least false alarms is the Uniden R3.

best cheaper one is a G1WC + 32-64GB micro SD. theres a certain chip they come with that is the more desirable one iirc. avoid the shit ones on ebay, buy from reputable sources. It's not the most stealthy but most people don't notice mine unless I point it out.

Goddamn...I have missed those.

Anyone have thoughts/advice on detectors in TX?

Radar jammers are illegal in the US, unless you somehow manage to make a working part 15 jammer.
Laser jammers are legal.

nice setup, how much did that cost?

We need tree detectors

How's the V1 in NZ now the cops have gone digital? Does it do many false reports?

im fairly certain radar detectors are illegal where i live, but it doesnt matter since I avoid streets with cops anyway

Cops only use Ka and lidar here so I've got only those two activated. Every time I see Ka it's a cop, lidar gets false alarms when I drive past automatic gates and when cars with adaptive cruise control go past