Detective work

today, someone posted the plate of that twingo in Chicago, so I got digging to see how the fuck it is in the country

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I threw it into the plate to make/model thing, and it said a "2001 eagle" with no other description. Kinda weird bc usually this website either has the full info or nothing at all. Also was eagle even a brand in 2001?

next I put it into a plate to vin website. It eventually spit out the vin and...

the result was the VIN was to a 2001 renault. So it's probably in here legally somehow... But the slight misspelling on the 9th digit might be something. Veeky Forums lets investigate this

Lets not, I dont want the feds to find out and crush his car

But, this rules out VIN swapping which has been a common guess to how this car is in the US on this website, because that's the vin it's registered with in the system and it goes to the twingo

me neither but the chances the feds browse Veeky Forums are hilariously low

4chin has been a honey pot for at least 8 years now.

delete this fucking thread now

Where is it? I wanna find it, and take pics with it

lol youre going to get this poor guys car crushed

just emailed the chicago cops, hopefully this illegal deaththrap can finally be removed from the streets

Not Op, but I've just hit his VIN up in yurop, this is what I got, It's pretty modern for a twingo, certainly one of the later ones


>100% chance = hilariously low

I mean jalopnik drove a registered citroen c6, so why can't this guy have an older french memebox legally?

How hard is it to mind your own fucking business?

Really don't want his car to get crushed but...
Don't cars have to be over 20 years old to be legal for import to the US?


rip burger twingo you didnt stand a chance

it seems to be abandoned though.

RIP illegal twingo, may you go to 4cyl heaven

25, but ive seen people bring s15s in registered as a 240sx, half the bored DMV clerks dont care

If you bring the car in, swap the vin tags to an existing US titled vehicle, the clerks at the DMV won't even have a reason to know. Only if you're getting a vin verification would they possibly catch it.

No you didn't, and they ain't gonna do shit

this is a felony if you're caught.

But, seeing as the plate is registered to a renault this can't be the case

US protectionist laws are pretty aids

>can import a tin can death trap Morris Mini from the 60s
>can't import the same car with some airbags from the 90s because "safety"
Really gets the noggin joggin

You can thank Mercedes-Benz.

You mean the corrupt government

It was literally Mercedes that paid the corrupt government you mong.

Hello. I am the person who initially uploaded OP's pic to Veeky Forums yesterday. Here is the source, if it helps. Pic related.

facebook , c o m /groups/PetroleYUM/permalink/1106047899507416/?match=cmVuYXVsdA==

literally the corrupt government that accepted payment from AMERICAN merc DEALERS

Leave Twingo alone!!!

It's your commie guvment that doesn't like competition. Europeans and Japs have been making economically speaking better cars for decades. The only way US carmakers could thrive was to limit the US market by handicapping foreign make.
Unless you work for a US carmaker you are actually paying for people that have an economically unprofitable job. If you work for a US carmaker you simply get statefunding.
In a lot of fields the united states are pretty free. In trade they are not.

Location fagget

polis are coming

MFW I just realized I have had a pic of this exact twingo on my phone for 6 months already
I remember I just googled "Twingo america" or something back then, lol.

aving a shit at home m8

>gubmint gaping its ass for lobbying
>somehow it's the lobby's fault

Mercedes lobbied real hard for the import restriction because people were importing Euro-spec models that were better specced and overall just plain superior to the US-spec models for cheaper than the US-spec models. It was literally jewery on Mercedes' part.

Why would anyone go through the hassle to import a fucking twingo? That's top autism, right there.


Nobody's denying Mercedes' motivation, but only in corporate America did they get the government's attention. Even in their homeland imports aren't illegal.


>Mercedes lobbied.. [citation needed]
Sounds like a bit of scapegoat story.
And how the hell would one (1) foreign company be powerfull enough to impose a tradetariff with which the citizens of that country can be ripped off?!?

And to add to that... if it's clearly beneficial to mercedes, at the expense of US citizens... WHY WOULDN'T THEY REVERSE IT?
You can't blame it all on foreign companies buying power in washington. at the end of the day it's your elected government. and all democracies get the leaders they deserve..

To be fair Detroit massively benefitted from it as well, and Detroit is Washington's dearest child. They were just lucky that Mercedes was asking for the ban so they couldn't be blamed for it.

I think the owner might be Mexican

he does look like an actual Veeky Forumstist tbf

Fuck, so Twongi drivers DO get all the girls!

>he does look like an actual Veeky Forumstist tbf

picture is from 2008/09 and Veeky Forums noticed the twingo around 2012



I think he's Uruguayan, which is pretty based because...
I'm Uruguayan.

If you convert a Neon to a Twingo, gradually, at which point does it become illegal?


grills also love the plushies

In his new reincarnation, the Supreme Gentleman will finally get his grillfriend now that he's a Twingoman and not a dirty BMW pleb

I still wonder if those photos were coincidence or if he's aware of his similarities and did those for the shits and giggles

i think he posted them in the twingo thread

It was the dealers losing money, not mercedes

B A S E D twingotard

Because Americans love protectionism, and it was Mercedes of America, not Mercedes International.

hypothetically someone could get away with vin swapping a geo metro

This guy looks even more like Nakazato than Rodger did.


>one of the largest forums in the world

I'm officially spoopy'd now

nakazato is an elliot

i thought there was a law that allows foreigners moving to the usa to bring their car with them?

Only if they're diplomats or some shit

Saw some third world van with the steering on the wrong side in NYC with Arabic plates

It ain't 2001 for sure
It has lower number than mine '97
There is no yearcode in twingo's vin, these decoders are shit
prefacelift with third brake light means it's 3rd phase produced between mid 1996-late 1997. 1149cc D7F engine and grey interior dials/ upholstery with fishies.

This man knows his stuff

in next April American can get twingos anywas

i wonder if this person browses Veeky Forums

>tfw getting banana dials means giving up the classic orange indicators unless you do some frankensteining

So it came from Florida where imports are aplenty.

>government has never done anything at the expense of the people


>some frankensteining
its not that hard to replace the headlights or the front bumper, they're pretty cheap and they bolt right in. Might have to change the hood though, not sure about the fitment of new and old headlights

You must literally have no life to track done a fucking car and try to out it for being here.

No citation needed. Read up the act (don't remember the name) it was made in 1989. It says exactly what he just said.