Is it possible to unfuck the factory rice on the new Type R?

Is it possible to unfuck the factory rice on the new Type R?

I was shower dreaming about how much better the car would be if it was based on the Civic Coupe instead of the pigfat """hatchback""" *ahem* crossover Civic.

Would an engine swap even be a viable option, or do computers fuck that up?

Just sell the type r body parts to a ricer in exchange for his stock parts???

Those parts are functional aero... you're an idiot.

>0-60 in like 5.5
>slower around a track than a renault clio r.s
>muh aero

you definitely don't need TWO spoilers

>fake airvents everywhere
>pool noodle spoiler

fucking honda shills are retarded

Literally just import an old Type R for like a third of the cost of the new one if you want screaming lawnmower engines making over 200 hp naturally aspirated in a tiny clean looking hatch. You could fuck around with swapping body parts and engines but its a huge waste of money.

>basing your car purchase on what people with skill levels you will never achive driving cars you will never drive around tracks you will never go to

New cibic is insanely fast.
I say that as a toyocuck and honda hater.
A toyocuck and honda hater who goes to races. I've seen some shit and I know you can go fuck yourself.

>insanely fast

it's literally slower than a renault clio r.s LOL

>instead of the pigfat
It's 2900lbs. It's not pig fat at all

Design-wise, it kinda is.

>muh aesthetic

Anything under 3k isn't pigfat, and anything under 2k is featherweight bare bones race car type shit.

get in a clio RS and beat the new civic.
I know a guy who runs the new civic on the track event.
You just have to get clio RS and come here to race him.
But don't bother you'll get BTFO anyway since you've never driven a car. Much less around a track.

You can make bare bones race cars that look good without needing to add a bazillion spoilers and fake vents.

Yeah, sure.

The point still stands about weight though, if it looked like ass and weighed 3500 lbs then you can cut some fat and there would be valid excuses to bitch about it but if you keep it light the dimensions and appearance don't matter as much.

You do if you're tracking the thing.

If you're not, you don't need a Type R.

Yeah you do. Learn some aerodynamics.


is this much projection a thing amongst hondafags

can someone please edit brendan frasers hair onto the fk8

>onto the fk8