Be me

>Be me
>Be retard 16 year old
>Buy a 944 because "I can afford it, I'll do my own maintenance"
>Fix it up, runs great for 2 years
>Absolutely in love with the car
>Fresh into college, clutch shits the bed
>German engineering
> $1900 just in parts if I was going to do it myself, but there's 30 Porsche special tools I need.
> $3500- $4000 to have the clutch replaced by a shop

Fuck me.
Pic related.

Should have fell for the 3k civic meme, when you getting it fixed Jr?

Yup, sounds like 944 ownership alright. Great when it works, but fucking hell does it take effort/money to keep it working.

The fuck?

Clutch kit is like 4-600 on rock auto, the only specialty tools you should need are allenheads, triple squares, and retaining clip pliers

Don't buy parts from the dealer, it's just rebranded shit and not exactly of significantly higher quality anyway

I dunno. It still drives, it just revs out of proportion like you're driving a CVT. It won't be much longer until it goes entirely.

Yep, it's a super fun car, but it makes the wallet cry when things do go wrong.

Having the flywheel refaced and getting new bearings for the torque tube and shit bring it way up. The drivetrain is all original and a lot of other shit is starting to go than just the clutch.

Are you that faggot that asked about getting one of these as a first car? We fucking told you not to get a 30 year old German shitbox

Judging by his post, no, unless he made a thread asking the same thing 2 years ago.

He could be lying about his age

He said he's already had the car for two years and it ran great during that time, too.

Alright user I'll stop shit posting

Wtf are you retarded? I had a 944 s2 as my first car and my clutch died...500 dollars used and I think I only needed a star bit screwdriver as a special tool? It took me 12 hours combined to change it and only the cost of the clutch and that tool, which was like 530, you're lying your ass off bud. Pic related, master cylinder from my 944 with your name written on it

I had never visited Veeky Forums before I bought this car. That happened 2 years ago.

Wew, cheeky little fucker blew OP the fuck out

I was under the impression from every person that owned one that told me it's fucking hard and you need a shit ton of special tools.

So did I get fucking meme'd on? Can I actually buy a 944 and not get fucked in the ass with maintenance? Or did you get one with low miles in good condition?

It's a more difficult job if you've never wrenched in your life simply due to the amount of shit that needs to come off (both rear cv joints, entire exhaust system, ect so that you can drop the transmission) but real special tools. The screw driver was for the cv joints. The length of time and storing all the parts was the challenge of it (I'm not even especially mechanically inclined and it was still pretty simple) and finding the right clutch since mine was a s2 swap in a S.

I swear I saw this car for sale at one point. Did you try and sale it at one point?

I bought mine at 80k miles on the odometer 7 years ago when the prices weren't ridiculous on these. It probably had less on the engine since it was a s2 swapped engine and trans but the wiring and hoses were worn to hell so they were definitely original. I treated that thing so badly and hardly had to do much to it, I snapped 3 cv joints simply because I'd launch it at redline like only a 19 year old moron would and the clutch died. Replaced the brakes and bled them, hell I changed the oil maybe 4 times in the 5 years I owned it before the water pump died and I just said fuck it. So it shouldn't be TOO bad to maintain, the main thing you've got to watch out with them is the wiring being frayed as fuck and causing surging with the weird ass AFM they use.

See, this guy gets it.

OP is probably just another Porsche hater trying to make the brand look bad

>blames a blown clutch in a 30 years old car on German engineering

Just get a Sachs clutch kit you fucking boomer.

This is why you buy yourself a cuck car

I've done plenty of wrenching, but never on a rear tranny car, so I was somewhat unsure about what to do. Apparently, the people I was talking to were seriously over exaggerating.

I have tried to sell this car before, but never ended up doing it.

Not really, I just have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about when it comes to these cars.

Blamed the complicated design on German engineering.

there's at least 1 post per week about someone asking whether buying a 944 is a good idea

>Blamed the complicated design on German engineering.
I have a fun little story related to why the transmission is where it is in the 944.
See, the 944 is an evolution of the old 924, which was developed in collaboration with VW, originally intended to be sold as VW's own sports car. They used a lot of parts from the VW bin, like the engine, control arms (although modified versions), and an Audi transaxle (transmission + diff).
This transaxle was originally designed for FWD cars with a longitudinal engine, so it wouldn't work for a traditional layout. So instead, they put it between the rear wheels, just like it normally would be between the front wheels, and instead of running a driveshaft from the transmission to the diff in the back they ran a driveshaft from the engine to the transaxle.
This also resulted in better weight distribution than you'd get with a traditional FR transmission.
Then the oil crisis happened and the "VW sports car" project got canned, and VW built the Golf-based Corrado instead, leaving Porsche with the plans for the 924, which they decided to build as a more entry-level Porsche instead.
Over the years is evolved, started using more and more Porsche-specific parts (the 944 is pretty much all Porsche), but the general chassis and drivetrain layout remained the same.

>VW built the Golf-based Corrado instead
Scirocco, the Corrado was its successor.

shit, I made one 2 days ago.

just dump it off the first person thats willing to take it, dude. Keeping up old sport aren't worth the money if you're a penny pinching college student. Trust me man, I owned an old ass STi in college and I have the same story; loved it, but it was too expensive. Buy a cheap ass car to get around, and a cheap ass bike to have fun on. You wont be spending 4 thousand damn dollars in maintenance.

>Veeky Forums
>where people get memed to not buy 944

Fucking Americans, that's all I got to say.