Dumpin oc

>sperging over the worst econobox in america

summerfags everybody

that picture is not of a FiST

>these fucking rubber bands

How bad is the ride on this thing? 20" wheels a Civic is ridiculous, even a new Viper is only 19"




No clue man, we drove this one 40 ft off the truck str8 to the shop
Its beimg de-wrapped now



Also we had to buy a brand new tire machine just to get those tires off the wheels




Where you at op?


Florida honda dealership

Hey Michael J. Fox try holding the fucking camera a little steadier.

And we done
Unless theres requests

I know
Shitty phone

It seems pretty dumb that Honda would make a car with rubber so thin that most dealerships and shops can't even get the tires off.

Thousands for a machine that caters to 2-4 car's matience per year.

>new CTR
Wow. Here's a pic of one from February 5th 2016

What are you guys selling it for?

That car is uglier, heavier, slower, and has a torsion beam rear instead of a multilink like the 2018 does.

34,999 plus 5k mandatory dealer add ons

Theres hardly any add-ons for this thing besides wheel locks, visors and door trim. Wtf are you jews adding on.

Im assuming tactics like AutoButler are being used.
But you are correct there are only like 4 options

the black version is the least rice, right


The rice is least visible.
Black "carbon fiber" matches paint.
The colors dont contrast as bad as the white ones

>tfw unironically like the Type R and seriously want one

What's wrong with me? I thought I had decent taste

Honda knows deep down we are all boyracers

fucking this so bad.

I hate how it looks, yet I would love to own one.

I would seriously take one over the Golf R, Focus RS, or STI. Better interior than the former two, lighter than all of them, Honda reliability, best interior with bitchin' shift lights. The best part would be parking beside base model Civics with Type R stickers on them.

>implying FiST doesn't > FoST

>How bad is the ride on this thing?

People have been saying they're surprised how comfortable a ride it is outside of R+.

It's a good fucking car m8, and it sounds like a blast to drive. The rear is hideous and I wish it was 3 doors, but it is what it is.

The MSRP is shockingly good too, I think I might've got one if I wasn't poor as fuck.

>wanting less power and grip with a solid rear axle

>wanting extra pigfat and larger dimensions at a higher price and lower empeegees