ITT: we discuss the coming market crash, and laugh at no-metals. How much gold/silver you got Veeky Forums?

ITT: we discuss the coming market crash, and laugh at no-metals. How much gold/silver you got Veeky Forums?

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Debt is good and will always increase in the long term with the current economic model.

fuck off shekelstein goldberg, sacrificing long term stability for short term growth is selfish and idiotic

dude you realize silver goes down with the economy. i want it to drop low low low so I can stack up on all those sweet silver bullions. been wanting to for awhile but at 20/ounce the market's keepin me down u feel me. can't be droppin 200 a paycheck on a 10 oz bar u dig, shit's a little not doable and shit

Are you retarded? Silver goes up when people lose faith in currencies.

dude you are a fucking idiot


Got 30oz of gold and like 300 oz of silver or something it takes up so much space it's like clutter. Think I need to get some platinum

>he buys metals

plat is a joke. stay more with silver. gold if you can afford to go bigger. i buy rolls of 20 china silver pandas aa month. They seem to hold a high premium, actually even higher than what i pay for them ordering from china

Nobody has lost faith in the big fiat currencies yet.

gold is bitcoin for old people

Metals are for dwarfs and the mentally ill.

I'll enjoy my steady growth in index stocks thank you.

Enjoy the roller coaster ride to the bottom.

You mean just like 08? Followed by years of massive gains.

You metaltards never learn do you? You are giving people awful financial advice and the worst part is you act smug about being fucking absolutely wrong.

Actually the US debt to GDP growth is slowing down, and is at around the same level it was in 1950. It' still "high" but not the highest it's in been ever, and far from dangerous levels.

Debt growth is not an issue if the economy's ability to produce grows with it.

I feel sad for goldbugs. It's really kind of heartbreaking for me too see guys arguing and arguing why the economy (or the euro, or the dollar, or else) collapses practically TOMORROW and it never happens. They always advise people to buy gold but the real gains may never come.

I mean, these guys want to be right just one time so, so badly that they sacrifice so much opportunities. And I bet they'll feel bad when the economy finally collapses, even though they'll capitalize off the misery of millions of poor ass people by holding gold.

Your data is a little outdated...

>He fell for the "low interest rates and massive personal debt levels are okay" meme
>He thinks you can just print your way out of any financial situation without repercussions

We need to put Keynes's coffin in a power plant and capture the energy from him spinning in it.

Why would I feel bad about the economy finally stabilizing and normalizing? If it's inevitable, and I can profit from it, I can't feel a bit of guilt.

See, that's what the other anons were talking about. You want to be right about the economy so badly, and other goldbugs wanted to be for years, too. And then they were wrong. They were wrong about the damage the hiking would do, or the damage ending QE would do, and nothing happened.

They weren't wrong about the end result, only the timing of it. It's hard to predict something that's never happened before in human history perfectly. I didn't buy an ounce of metals until this year, because I knew many had been too early.

You don't seem to understand how our economy works. The fact that you think that the presence of debt automatically means the market will crash demonstrates that you don't know shit. We make our minimum payments. We play (more or lesss) by the rules. This is the way our world economy functions right now and it's not likely to change until we achieve the AI singularity.

I never said the presence of debt leads to economic collapse. When there's more debt than at any other point in human history on the other hand...

Yea, he decreased the national deficit, so what?

Who can look at this distinct upwards trend over the last 100 years, with minor dips, and say "wow, that's a bad investment?". If the stock market does die, which is won't, then America will also be dead any nothing will matter.

Well what?

You don't know shit. You're making shitty decisions based on "feelings" as opposed to any logic or reasoning. You're either a dwarf or mentally ill.

Stop watching doomsayers on youtube.

>Not planning on retiring for at least 2 decades
>Market crashes
>Keep on my normal monthly investment schedule/amounts into mutual funds
>Get a bunch of shares on the cheap
>Market inevitably goes back up
>Count the dosh I made

Am I looking at this too simply?

oy vey! The GDP is outpacing the debt goy.
Don't worry dow is at 20k highest it's ever been!

I know that's a "I'm only pretending to be retarded" picture, but you can literally get a week's worth of vegetables from sprouts for less than $20.

Federal reserve act 1913
Gold price 1913 = $20.67
Gold price 2017 = $1,210.40
price change %5,855

Food prices went up thousands of % over the last 100 years. Don't you think with more efficient production and factory farms the prices would go down?

Nice pic, boludo.

>bush doubles debt
>that's fine
>obama doubles debt

While Obama did spend too much in welfare policies IMO, I agree with you on that one.

Inflation was about 2300% since 1913. Prices obviously aren't going to go down.

That's not how prices work. Prices establish through supply and demand. Because the world economy is growing our demand does as well, following a rise in prices. It's not just the efficiency that changes prices.

So how is debt and stability related?

More than half of silver production is used for industrial purposes, compared to 10% for gold.
If you "invest" in silver, be ready to take losses next big shock.

silver is often taxed while gold usually isnt

holding a small amount of metals long term is a safe bet. you wont lose anything over 10-20 years+ but you wont make much of a gain.

How the FUCK did that nigger spend 10 TRILLION fucking dollars in 2 terms?

All the fucking presidents combined accrued only 10 fucking trillion in your shitty country's 200 years.

I'd be fucking pissed if I was an 'Merican millenial too.

> tfw, it's better to be a 2nd worlder than to live as an indebted 'Merican


"I'm completely OK with Obama racking up our National debt because Obama is OUR guy!"


You fucking 'mericans are dumb as shit.

History is filled with examples of people losing faith in, what were at the time, large fiat currencies.

1: previous debt stacks up
2: a massive recession that required government intervention

If you want to blame someone blame Bush, Clinton's policies put our debt on track to be paid at around 2010.

why does anyone care about this image when trump is guaranteed to double the national debt

So what is wrong with debt?


yes, you cant just catch the dip, look at day to day charts from 2007 to 2009 and not the whole picture and try to think just when was the best time to invest

>spend too much in welfare policies
no such thing, you dont spend money on welfare you redistribute it

>doesn't account for new production to meet demand

>So what is wrong with debt?

Very good question, son.

When your grandpa "Boomer" paid taxes, 90% of his taxes went to services, social security, medicare, education, defense, infrastructure, etc. 90% go to services Boomers paid for. 10% went to servicing our national debt & interest.

When Millenials pay taxes, nearly 35% will go to paying our debt + interest. 65% will go to actual services you are PAYING for.

Now, being a math challenged millennial, I'm sure you don't see anything wrong with this.

really makes you think
so you are saying, lets assume 150% debt to gdp, that the interest rate will be around 20%?

Of course, I was referring to fiat currencies in the modern day.

B-b-but 99% of economists believe this much debt is completely necessary. And mainstream economists are never wrong!

i'm sitting on Icelandbux and i'm hoping it can stay relatively strong while you crash. been looking to buy blue-chip dividen based stocks when the price becomes reasonable.

what does Veeky Forums think about Vanguard?

>B-b-but 99% of economists believe this much debt is completely necessary
there is a reason they have a phd and you dont


Can you sound like any more of a patronizing faggot? I bet you are a millennial you RPing bitch.

Ah yes, spending three years going over all the excuses we've created for our unsustainable bullshit is really worth a lot.


there's that meme again

I suspect you're a socialist considering the anti-economics stance.

vs someone who thinks he's smart for having internet access and a keyboard

Anarcho capitalist. Why would I be a socialist, talking about the dangers of our government debt?

lmao kys underage faggot

why not short while the market is crashing

that would fit in a shoebox, you're a liar

The market won't crash friends. The bond market will by 2018-2020.

Screencap this.

>being a no-bling bling
Seriously though, shit should go down pretty soon. Looking to sell muh stocks and get some gold-stocks, physical gold and maybe get gud with short sellings and make big $$$ nigga ya hear me?

been in all cash for 2 years now
Bought a yacht recently

You realize Congress makes the budget, right?

was that debt a good choice unrelated with credit expansion buffing the market? good choice, not a problem, that debt is in fact good

was that debt due to the economic bubble due to credit expansion? shit, it's fucked up, once the bussiness losses it's market niche, that debt won't be payed back

uhh but, we're talking about state's debt!

well, that's the worst, it's being paid with future's taxation while a demographic inversion is going on and the economy is healing from credit expansion instead of growing healthy

debt being good implyies you're either a jew or a (((politician)))

They projected that the debt could rise over $10 Trillion dollars under Trump! Worst president evar, sez New York Timez!

The government borrows money to make interest payments. This makes the government sensitive to interest rates.

This also makes it in the government's best interest to keep interest rates artificially low regardless of what the economy is doing.

AHHAHAHAHAHA we have Bitcoin now grandpa!

Silver and gold are constant. They never change. The only changes are the currency that are attached to precious metals

double keke

Did any of it go to anything useful? Seems like it just pumped up real estate and the stock market...basically just inflation gains

Fast food is such meme. I can't imagine these places existing in a financially intelligent society.

>People think we're heading for hyperinflation
We're heading towards deflationary depression. Over the next 5-10 years, millions upon millions of Boomers are starting to retire. They're cashing in their stocks and selling their houses because the retarded fucks STILL can't afford retirement. The generation with the most wealth and purchasing power will be spending less. The Millennials are simply not in a position to pick up the slack due to being hammered in 08/09 and have never recovered. For a glimpse at our future, see Japan for the last 25 years; little to no growth combined with desperate attempts at stimulus having no effect.

boomers have no stocks have you not seen the statistics

yeah, but really shitty compared to stocks in long run

so after all, who fucking cares dow is all time high atm and everything is better than great

Currencies aren't pegged to metals.

No one buys groceries, pays their rent or mortgage, or does any common or uncommon day transaction with precious metals.

Go back to making youtube comments.

>Bemoaning government spending in reaction to a recession
Ive had a hard time believing that 95% of the population/casual daytraders are retarded before coming here now I fully buy it

>great value food

Gotta measure reduction in long term life expectancy versus affordability.

>Implying government spending helps to stop a recession.

You may want to break one of those pandas open, bro. Can't trust anything you buy direct from China.

there isn't as much risk with veggies regardless of the generic retail brands.
There could be with chicken but they must still uphold certain health codes. In that light, both corporate brand and generic are the same since the generic foods are made by corporate as well. It isn't like generic companies (like walmart) have factories to cut up chicken, they hire a Tyson Foods factory to make it for them.

>Bush adds 5 trillion to the debt
>Obama adds 10 trillion to the debt
>totally the same thing, goys!

>2050AD, 2 years after the apocalypse
>walking down the deserted road to the ruins of jew york city
>suddenly a rat creature wearing rags appears from a cave
>"I'll give you 2.3oz of this yellow metal for a can of beans" he said "please, I beg you"
>you pull out your shotgun and end his life
>you take his metal, you keep your beans
>a smile pulls across your face because you didn't waste your time investing in gold

anyone who invests in gold has a legit mental illness. You are too stupid to realize you are being scammed by a worldwide, century-old pyramid scheme. Your pockets are being raped by billionaire jews who outsmart you every second of the day. Not a single respectable person ever to live on planet earth believes in gold.

clinton literally rode the dot com bubble, and passed the torch to bush as it burst, i.e. exactly what you accuse bush of doing to obama.

made some good money off of gold mining stocks in 2016 tho

The best are the people that pitch gold by explaining that paper money is worthless or risky, yet they want to trade gold for your money. I think of it as an idiot tax.

gold is nice as a portfolio hedge.. i'm 90% stocks and 10% gold... so if stocks go down and gold soars, i simply sell gold to some NEET and buy cheap stocks then

>not bitcoin
enjoy not getting rich

Because you can end up in debt.

Buying bitcoin is the superior choice to get rich.

That graph is retarded Bitcoin shilling.
>gold is less portable than fiat
It's called having cash backed by gold, like everybody did centuries ago.
>Highly divisible
Nothing you will ever buy is worth less than a penny.
>Easily trasactable
Again, gold backed currency

Enough for now, thanks for asking.

We are 8 years from a crash and are due for one. Trump will handle it. It'll be like 1987.

Government spending to stimulate the economy is literally economics 101.

Of course, the US government has been spending balls-to-the-wall for so long, that tool is kind of meaningless now. Couple that with the rock-bottom interest rate of the past 8 years, and you have to wonder how a recession would weather if one happened this year.


when's the first purge you reckon?

outsider of /biz here

In all seriousness, is there an actual crash coming? And if so, is there any specific area of the economy that will be its source, like is there another specific bubble that will burst or anything like that, or is it just because we're all using money we don't have?

Do you believe that having the highest amount of personal and public debt in human history is okay? Do you believe that printing trillions of dollars into existence to "save the economy" will not have terrible outcomes? If you answered yes to these questions then don't worry about the economy. If you think it could prove problematic go watch some Austrian economists on youtube. Ron Paul and Milton Friedman have some good stuff.

>gold is bitcoin for old people



From my uneducated and plebeian understanding, countries with massive debts (or rather, USA) are basically living on nothing, or at least they try to produce much more wealth than what the resources they actually have would allow them to produce. I'm in Canada and in my province a great deal of our budget is dedicated each year to social services, and each year our debt gets bigger and bigger.

It's like western countries are all in a race to the top, so much that they are playing the game with pieces they don't have, and if you refuse to join, you stay behind. I think that tendency should have been stopped right when it started, but since a majority hopped on, now its too late to go back.

Am I understanding this a bit, or am I an idiot?

>3 years for a Ph.D