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Yeah no one is kind.

How does such hate come out of your heart? I thought better of you.
>hurr I'm going to bend whatever kenji says into something nefarious
That's getting really fucking old.

G'morning, doods!
How are we all today?
What fun and interesting things do we all have planned?


reminder that even outside her own route Lilly is there for you

That can't be right. You gotta trust your own judgement. What's the worst that could happen?

>What's the worst that could happen?
no Hanako gf

a fate worse than death

Good mornin kiwi.

One for Mish

Misha ought to be careful.
Given how close that fuse is to her hair and how much hair-spray she must use to keep all drilly, she must be looking to out do Hanako.

Yeah, I know.

>oh look I'm all nice now
You might fool everyone else but you're not fooling me.

>you will never fall asleep with hanako in winter
>you will never snuggle with hanako for warmth
>you will never be completely relaxed and comfy with hanako


Nth for a happy Hana!


>10/16/2014 2:50 AM my last save
>Hanako, Emi, Shizune, Rin
Finally it's time for Lilly's route
I wonder if I suffer much reading that route

It's okay. She's a can(n)on Misha

I never intended to fool anyone you twat. I'm openly hostile towards you.

life's just not fucking fair

>/ksg/ is only active when I'm offline
I hate being a wageslave.

I love how I'm getting teary eyes on that
especially on new act transitions

Everyone gets that. Or, I think so. I get it, at least.
It's such a eerily feel-y tune for transitions. It's well beyond your typical game 'good night' music.

Good morning.

Morning man, how are you, anything good happen recently?

Couple days off in a row, and my last shift of the week is a day light so I get to sleep at night instead of in the day again.

It always creeps me out and sends shivers down my spine. Almost spooky.

Time off is always fun man, hope you enjoy that night of rest.

Thank you.

>realised I had my computers RAM running 1000 MHZ under what I paid for since I built it

The fuck?

>when I realized I forgot to wire the reset button and the front USB/headphone/microphone panel
>when I looked inside and realized I was way too lazy to fix it



The case motherboard connectors are an absolute bitch to all get in. I really wish the manufacturers would change how its laid out.

Unfortunately, at the level of cases I buy, there's no way manufacturers would actually do something that would cost them extra money.

My case is a beaut for $40 but the fact I have to justify that it's nice for its cost should tell you all you need to know.

Rin would be a downright vicious opponent in DDR, I have a feeling.

I'm more thinking at a motherboard level than a case level.

I used to have a 40-50 quid case, as a general rule thats fine (unless it comes with an incendiary device built in claiming to be a PSU) but my current case was a hundred quid and by god is it worth it, looks sexy, built in fans are quiet and it has dust filters.

Let me help you

I imagine dust filters actually make a case worth more than just the bare bones. Quiet fans are always nice, though this case did well with that.

They're pretty great, haven't needed to do an internal dust clean yet, only issue is that if you leave it long enough you need to take a tissue or cloth and wipe the dust off the top of the filters but thats a lot easier than opening the internals up and cleaning the dust out of everything.

I feel like 2x400m relay should be Emi's actual theme, not standing tall. It actually suits her much more, and is generally the better song of the two.

>playing any route
>caged heart or shadow of the truth starts playing

Admittedly I prefer to have a look at everything every once and a while, but then again the thing only needs a dust cleaning once in a blue moon thanks to good ventilation for the room.

That is actually a completely valid opinion.

>moment of decision starts playing


literally one of the best songs in the soundtrack
i cry every time

That and shadow of the truth are easily my favourites.

This bit is one of my favorite musical bits


Really captures the terror of anxiety seizing you.

I only really open mine up when it starts to get dusty or I'm upgrading/adding a part. Where my Computer is plugged in makes it a pain in the arse to unplug and move it.

Note to self: actually watch the ending you're trying to write a follow up fanfiction to.

Going in blind doesn't help.

my 3 favourites are moment of decision, painful history and cold iron. shadow of the truth is also great. basically listen to those three all in a row, and start crying.

Mine's up on a platform higher than the monitor I have is, so it's practically on a stage so I can look at it even better.

Transparent side?

Well said.
I remember always having to re-reference back to KS when I was writing stuff. It was a really cool experience.
Write well, user-sama.

No, but the screws are where I can easily access them; I only have to step around my desk and come around to the back of the computer.

How aesthetic is your case? I've got a nice one but if I had it up in full view all the time I'd want one that looked really good.

Plain black.

It's not ugly, but I admit that I'm not out for aesthetics.

>itt: idiot can't figure out an IKEA grade table to save their life

Is IKEA stuff any good?

I've never gotten an IKEA thing.

my point exactly

If you're any good at self-assembly, its fine

thanks for making me cry you meanie

Not for lack of wanting, but the closest IKEA is deep inside the nearest urban center.

Plain Black can be good looking if the rest of the case design supports it. The only thing that automatically ruins a case is LEDs.

That feel when the only thing stopping you from getting a Japanese floor bed is that your current mattress hasn't worn out yet despite nearly ten years of honorable service.

Why would you want a floor bed?



The fact I like sleeping on the floor.

But when you get up on a morning you'll have to force yourself up instead of just swinging around and standing. Sounds awful.

I have to slide down to the bottom of my bed unless I woke up by falling off of it anyway.

Which Katawas would sleep on the floor instead of embracing superior not floor mattress designs?

I think Lilly would but I blame hidebound natures and not having a bed to trip over in a room for that.

Katawa creampies when?

I'd creampie misha.

There is one of filling the best girl with Hisao's genetics, but I don't remember what I saved it as and Veeky Forums is a blue board for some reason.

That's already been taken care of

Besides, I do not allow it!

>You say this is a bed?

>that feel when he doesn't wear a condom when he comforts Misha

That would be interesting Misha bad end

You've figured out how to use imgur. Congratulations.
How many more times are you planning on posting that?

>that feel when Misha isn't allowed a good ending
My sorrow runs deep.
Even in the Alpha (and even then only if a daring young modder adds it on), the best she can do is survive getting hit by the car, which would probably still leave some injuries.

why did you post a lewd image of my wife
can you please delet this right now? thanks

Calm down I asked for creampies and got one.

Also the image is great. Remember this thread is no rudeness.

>Remember this thread is no rudeness.
You're such a fucking hypocrite.

Would you? I wouldn't

No, and she's MY waifu!

Easy. Poor boy has no idea what;s goping on around him anyway, and I'd be willing to guess it's shitface Kenji with trip off anyway.

You crazy kids and your hostility.

I don't think Kenji is capable of turning his trip off.

Yeah, once I saw him say hypocrite I knew it was Kenji.

He's by far the worst shitposter in these threads.
honestly I wish all the tripfags, and people who pretend to talk in unique ways, like the doodposter and good night I love you poster would just leave. They just detract from the thread and add literally nothing of value.

Ehhh goodnight is fine, kinda like ksg mansion. But tripfags who do not produce content are cancer.

I've never understood why people try to build up an identity on Veeky Forums, I've used this thread on and off for years and deliberately try to avoid being recognisable.

Goodnights problem is he won't post for hours and will still post good night for the attention.

goodnight and the ksg mansion poster are acceptable IMO. Kenji doesn't seem to have any real talents, or produce content at all but at least he posts a fair amount of art/images and enables some decent discussion about KS and other things. He can be annoying at times though.

Despite being an annoying twat at times he doesn't really attention whore, he just replies to everyone which at least gets conversation going.

but every post is for attention.
every post calls attention to what you wish to contribute to the thread.

Goodnight's problem isn't a problem.

There are things far more incomprehensible about this world of ours than human nature.

I don't think Kenji is capable of anything yet here we are

>They just detract from the thread and add literally nothing of value.
Your bitching however brings a lot of value and is a foundation of a good thread

Yeah I can't really decide between Kenji, Patient or some random butthurt user actually. Anyway you're right up there in that league. Or down there shall I say?

>he doesn't really attention whore, he just replies to everyone
We probably have a different definition of attention whore but you're right, he at least starts conversations.

t. heavily biased

>or produce content
He's made content before.
Most of his writings have been pretty meh and often cut short.
But the problem is that he hasn't made anything new in a few years (I guess we kind of just went in a circle) so he has a bitch and a moan when someone makes OC 'because it detracts from the attention on his OC'

Kenji writes and draws. Not recently though, from what I recall.

In context I'm not using attention like that, I'm referring to when they just want to be noticed or have people talk about them instead of with them. If you ignore the thread for hours and then just post a goodnight then you fit into that category and that doesn't contribute to the thread in any way.

I know he does that as I've been the only one to post for several hours until he posts his goodnight

I've never seen him complain about OC, but then again I'm just a writefag so writefagging doesn't really draw much attention.

because he lurks 24/7 and helps bump the thread
he also posts tons of images
for better or worse, the threads would be much closer to dying without him.

He might be one but he hides it well enough through sheer volume of trying to make conversation thats focused on other people I can give him a pass on that front. At this point his trip is a positive as it lets people who really don't like him filter him.