Casket Wraps

I live in a small rural town, I have been toying with the ideal of investing in a printer for vinyl wraps like you would put on commercial vehicles the trouble is not much industry here that would require signage so I got to thinking about caskets, does biz think there would be a market for wrapped caskets for example is someone was a farmer if could have a nice image of a farm pasture and tractor, or a hunter could be camouflage with a deer ect, also how would be the best way to market these.. pre make them and leave then in funeral home show rooms or advertise and make them custom as they were ordered I live about 2 hours from Nashville TN and about 2 hours from Louisville KY little towns all around that could travel to if I thought it would work out, please let me know your thoughts on this and what it might cost to get started

Personally, I think it's tacky, but I think a lot of people would like it.

The only people that would like something like this would be incredibly poor and stupid

Im surrounded by exactly those type of people !!

It could be tacky depending on how you went about it I suppose, the one in the pic for example doesn't seem tacky to me

I think that's a really good idea. There'd be shit loads of people that would go for that.

The problem is setting the price point low enough that the poor stupid people are able to buy it, but high enough that you can still profit.


yes that is the problem indeed, also how to get the word out would I sell at a wholesale price to a funeral home or just make a few and leave them at a popular funeral home with their word that I would get paid once it was sold??

There has to be a scratch and dent room somewhere at a casket wholesaler as well as fucked up colors that just didn't sell which would be perfect for my needs.. I think about the cheapest plain jane casket any of the local funeral homes have around here are around $1,200 so I would need to know what the wrap would cost and what the wholesale scratch and dent casket would cost I suppose as well as how long it took to finish it and delivery cost to determine the price

>The only people that would like something like this would be incredibly poor and stupid
>Im surrounded by exactly those type of people !!

That's the fucking spirit! This is how true entrepreneurs think. You're already in the top 10% of Veeky Forums just by this realization alone.

Identify a need your target demographic has and then fill it. Good stuff, good stuff. All the best for your future business!

Thank you all very much, It's something I have been kicking around for a few years and most people I mention it too just kind of give me a weird look or say something like "that might work" and change the subject, the encouragement is nice

I'm amused by all these clueless faggits talking about the "poor and stupid" as if there isn't already a massive market for glitz and gilded boxes. It's like they've never actually set foot in a funeral home before. They must be champaign liberals.

Honestly... yeah. There probably is a market. Since you can use a cheaper, painted wood they'd be on the lower end of cost and still look good.

Hell, put some fuckin' camo-print on the inside instead of the satin and lace, and make the carry handles out of shotguns. Someone would still buy it.

I am aware this concept exist somewhat molsty what I have found is vehicle wrap companies that wrappd a casket once and have just added that on to their current portfolio for example (Dicks Vehicle Graphics & Window Tint... & Custom Casketz) im talking more about focusing solely on this making some high quality tasteful designs and possibly wholesaling them to funeral parlors, I live in a rural community and have had the displeasure over the last couple years of helping to plan funerals for a few relatives, what I have found is that they have generally 4-6 different boxes to choose from, prices anywhere from $1,200 - $5k depending on hardware gauge of metal ect ect, but nothing that really was nice and affordable, one of those I was involved in was my grandfather a 29 year veteran of the Sheriffs department, had there been a police themed wrap on the same casket we chose in the show room for another $500 or so maybe even another $1000 I have no doubt my family would have picked it.

I was going to say it's too kitchy for funerals, but I've only got experience with my family dying so I don't know about others. Then I read this guy's post and agree. Especially about the camo.

Something like this may not be a huge seller right off the bat lol but the ideals are endless with what could be created really

the call that saved casket-wraps

And if there is a market, it's mostly untapped. I mean there are KISS caskets, but that's all I've seen along these lines.

There are a very few company's I've found online but they have cheap looking websites, and don't seem to be doing much. however I've never seen anything like this in my town or surrounding towns funerals I have attended but I honestly think there is a market for it in small towns especially

Any one here work in sign making profession or use the type of equipment that would be used to create what im taking about here

Odly enough you may be onto something. I lnow a vynil wrap guy that would do it. Also studied it a lot. The problem is tho. People dont shop for this kind of stuff until their family member dies and they want it over with. You could presale to people though. They xould put it in their will. Also, the curves are a cunt.

Youtube how they do it.

Takes lots of hands and heat guns and corners suck. Caskets have lots of bends. Do some more reaserch. Maybe put a fake flyer together and advertize locally and see if anyone wants to order some. I can ask wtf the car wrap stuff costs. Youd have to have all it in a shop and at least 4 guys or 6 to help you. Thats the problem. Need 400 hands on it working together. Good luck tho. Will ask that guy wtf caskets cost and see wtf he says.

Market this in a black area. Fancy coffins cost a fortune but this could be a decent alternative. My colleague at work would literally show us pictures of the kind of coffins she'd like to be buried in. They were really ghetto and trashy but fucking dear

Patriotic patterns would be a good option too

Plain pastel shades on pink blue lilac ect

Printed verses ect

Go for it user!

so you live in bowling green ky?

Not hardly
I think so too
yeah find out if you can id love to know what the materials would cost do something that size. Thanks

Bumping one last time to give time to get back to me

I worked briefly as a vinyl wrap installer. There is a shitton of money in that industry if you market it. Get a pickup truck, get a wrap with company info, watch the calls and money come in.

Caskets could work, but you could just as easily branch out to cars/trucks, signs in elevators, etc. Huge markets out there, and you could hire people to do it once you've got clients and skills.

What is the average cost to do a pickup or van? there just aren't enough business' in my town that would pay to have a vehicle wrapped I don't think, and there is only one building that has an elevator and it's the courthouse