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This one was made first so I'll go here.

>made first
>birthday OP
I'm rooting for this thread
Love ya OP

who fucking cares

Theater Days pal you better start liking ML because the clock sure is ticking

Happy birthday, Emi.

You cared enough to fuck

>Thank You
>Brand New Theater
>Koi no Lesson
>Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte
>Sentimental Venus
Other than Brand New Theater, all the songs we saw so far are from LTP.
Do you think they will go in order from LTP to the current CD series? I hope that's not the case, there are a lot of LTH, LTD and LTF songs I really want to play.

Emi you're very relevant today.



They're obviously going to start at the beginning. Throw out everything at release and people will get bored.

You heard me mate, what are you going to do about it

I think there won't be any pattern

Maybe TD will launch with all the LTP songs ready so each idol has at least one song at launch. And then they add songs from the other CDs over time.

Only for today.


I love cute bakas like Emi and Karin. I wish they were more popular.


Of course they won't throw everything at release, but I'm hoping it doesn't take too long for them to release some LTH, LTD and LTF songs.

Most of the songs I want to play are in LTH.


They will probably go in order on whoevers event it is.

A-R-I-S-A better be one of the release songs or else


Who KaedeP here?

Or else what punk

Even when she's not in her miko dress she still looks soft and cute

I just noticed they have color coded boots and wristbands in the PV, that's a nice touch.

So cute. Her weird little sounds that she makes reminds me of my favorite, Nana.

Or else Arisa will lose her antennas.


too late


>Her weird little sounds

I love them, I listen to her lines and commus quite often.


So what were everyone's thoughts on this?

they were ok

Now that we know the gacha isn't Mayu, I hope Hiromi surpasses her.

>6 notes
>upward slides
Side slides are bad enough already, this is going to be a nightmare at higher difficulties.

Bless you Hajime Hina Yuzu and Hiromi

Really hoping Hiromi will make it.

Time for TTT.

Touching those tails.

Very glad to see the handholding expert up as high as she is.

Just saying, even if it's merely a R, Hikaru is in the gacha.


I hope type matching isn't super important in TD because I really want to make the Ricotta unit but it's 2Vo 2Da 1Vi going by ML types.

You're forgetting the "lol stop playing" notes

>but it's 2Vo 2Da 1Vi going by ML types.
Who said? Stop making shit up.

You have to be a special kind of stupid to roll for an R when you can buy it off free trade for dirt cheap.

I was rooting for Hina and Hiromi from the start but I never imagined both of them would make their respective Top 3.

I don't want to get my hopes crushed so I still believe only one of them will actually get voiced. And it will be Deko.

Shut up and let me dream.


Hiromi should stay with the other uglies or get them all voices.

Speaking of difficulty, I wonder which songs will be the hardest to FC.

I imagine Arisa songs and maybe Matsuri will be pretty hard.

Haruka and Arisa are Vocal.
Noriko and Nao are Dance.
Momoko is Visual.

I'm going by the official type designations.

Dates with Hiromi

It's perfect and needs to stay as it is when the election ends.

That said, it probably won't.

Oh I thought it was forced onto us but yeah I wonder if certain sub units get bonuses. Like you said if you have a ricotta unit for a ricotta song.

>None of the LTH units are single-type
How am I supposed to make Mixnuts and Burning Girl like this?

You mean the bursts?
Why would that be a nightmare at higher difficulties?

Girls Be voiced.

>I wonder which songs will be the hardest to FC.
Memento Momento Rururururu.

That note chart is going to be an absolute clusterfuck once it's added to the game.

Girls Be Gettin Kiss'd

I mean it's shit.

I've been waiting for this for years now. Always thought it would never happen, with the final nail in the coffin being that she didn't get a background cameo in the anime.


>He doesn't like Burst appeals

Guy whoever is in charged of the FAQ please add the CG and ML cards so we can take them out of the OP and have room for future TD and SM stuff.

who do i vote to avoid hiromi being voiced?

Me, please vote for me.

Two Hiromis


Unless you can push in a few thousand votes, no one. Even if you can, still probably no one.

No need, TD and SM stuff doesn't go to the OP. Their info will be right there in the game so they don't need it in the OP.

How about three Hiromis?

OFA had the best appeals.

By that logic, we should remove the SS stuff too.

Bugger off.

I wonder how the "interact with your idols" elements will work in TD. GamiP said that it's as important as the live parts. Will the girls have "tension bars"? Will you have a limited amount of times per day in which you can have commus? Are there going to be monthly scenario events?

I want Karen to get into the top 5.

At least she didn't get her voice cucked during her cameo by Chie of all people. I've waited years for this, if she doesn't make it I think I'll lose it.

Soon hopefully.

Hiromi yeah!

Hinako and Natalia, maybe next year!

Burst appeals are cool and all, but sometimes you just want to play the game, not watch idols pose

Girls Be MY BABY


Stop asking dumb questions.

Rin is my wife.

Nah, it took a lot of shit and arguing for SS info to be added in the OP and it got a lot of shit from the autist who thinks that owns the OP, so it's just fair that they get jack shit now.

>not playing an idol game for the idols
If you're really playing these games for the rhythm sections, there's a lot better rhythm games out there to be playing.

>Will the girls have "tension bars"
>The return of CHARACTER stats
Time for the Chihaya spiral!

>Falseflaggers got away with it so now everyone has to suffer!
Your logic is flawed.

Keep your wife away from Chie, she is picking up bad habits.

How is the TD gacha going to work? Gacha for idols? Gacha for clothes?

ManletP please give me your blessing.

Mai daughteru and her iguana companion

Heh, nice try but no.

Gacha for idol cards that unlock clothes when obtained?

If people knew, people would tell you.

My dad is Takagi-1's ghost and he says it's going to be a gacha for songs.

Stop asking stupid questions.

How do you think the menu in TD will look?

Your princess daughter is getting princess carried.