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Previous thread: >[BB-chan's Counterattack / Let's Meet at the Electronic Sea]
>Period: 05/01 to 05/17
>Extra related servants (and Tristan) will have an advantage during the event
>New combat and NP animations for Liz (Lancer) and Robin.
>New servants:
>4* BB (Moon Cancer) [Welfare]
>5* Melt (Alter Ego)
>4* Passionlip (Alter Ego)
>4* Suzuka Gozen (Saber)

>Pre CCC event campaign
>Nero Bride's NP power-up through Interlude, also animation update
>New Mystic Code
>Servants appearing in Extra CCC have half AP Interludes and Strengthening Quests
>Main quests half AP until Solomon, 19th until 30th
Rate-up gacha:
1 Karna
2 Tamamo no Mae
3 Bride, Gilgamesh, Karna and Tamamo no Mae
>Gawain, Nero, Emiya, Liz, Robin Hood and Cu Chulainn, also CE Victor from the Moon, Another Ending Piece of Year 2030, Ideal Holy King and Demonic Bodhisattva are always on the rate-up

>English FGO confirmed for Summer 2017 in US and Canada
>First 2 chapters on release
>Japanese audio with subs
>No Japanese account transfer
>No censorship unless ESRB takes issue with something



>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>FL Spreadsheet (last reset: April 26)
Add yourself docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCq3eZgh3zlUtZ3G6Y-zzv1kaXt4GHuWVBRlV__V3Q3rC2Pg/viewform
View list docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FSN1kmzso2itgjWzaGfysZ5WhEjiL5EcyjGr4k6DffA

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>Alternate Servant/CE DB

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Guan Yu 5* when lads?

I always wondered if higher altitudes would help my chances with gacha


And did it?


Did you beat easy or hard Quetzalcoatl?

>tfw you decide to crash the plane with no survivors when you don't get shit from the gacha

>5 month old pics

Maybe I'm not high enough

What's the point of having Takahashi Rie in the radio if they can't talk about the story because it will be spoiler for her? How will they even talk about the CCC event?

Well, that's that. Also these pictures were taken a couple months back as you can tell by the gacha

I only used the 2 tickets

What is Hyde even good for?

She's rushing Babylonia at the moment. On Tuesday she was a few chapters before the Lahmu attack so might have finished it by now. This event pushed her to finish the story. Based DW and their dumb requirements.

What's the point of them in general when all they talk about is shotastuff?

I feel like you missed a pic

>isn't X cute?
>ohhh X is really cute
>I rolled the gacha but didn't get X
>but X is still cute!
There that's a summary of the next radio


Is Fate/stay tune the greatest Type-Moon radio show ever

How does one piss off a nasutrash the most, I don't mean like you and me? I mean someone who thinks Nasu plans out every piece of the franchise and doesn't just add shit dependin
Point out inconsistencies that are bandaid'd with 'oh they were wrong'

Who is ready for the event?

u kinky brah but yeah prolly the only good thing about him

being a lil shit

hi is this the cuck general?


is Gudao our guy

Did the magic oil also made her boobs bigger?

>not having Gilgamesh

Point out it was an eroge at one point, therefore nothing that happens in it means shit since it has no respect as a literary piece.

the other one was a 3 star servant, couldn't bother

looks similar to what she had in the summer PV 2bh

He doesn't use oil though


her bust was always big

>not wanting to be chastised by Shishou
Guda is most definitely not our guy.

Eh that doesn't feel like a big enough shot, a nasutrash will brush that off.
I need something better.
I mean I could point out when rin said 'most servants have only one Noble phantasm'
When most servants at this point have at least 2.


He actually does early on, he used slipping due to oil as an excuse when he slid his finger into her ass for a split second

Rin doesn't actually know shit, fact that she doesn't know shit is kind of a plot point since she's always wrong in the novel. She's just basing things off a few writings from her dad.

That's not good proof

>Used up all his command seals

Stupid male master

Why is Gudao a nigger?

Post your exp hands farm teams!

Someone can easily dismiss that as Rin not knowing what she's talking about.

If you for some reason wanted to use a shit assassin, 4/6/4 Yan Qing or 10/8/10 Jekyll?



how come i always see people complaining about breasts but not about fanart drawn with retarded big legs/ass?

>pairing her with that would-be revolutionary

>"the entire game is piss easy"
>"Camelot and Babylon will rape you alive"
>"I breezed thru Babylon with silver servants only"
>"you need maxed gold servants just to get thru Babylon"
Which side is right?




That is a big problem though, half the time someone points shit out they can say 'oh she doesn't know what they are talking bout'
But the problem with invoking that card is then 'who are we to trust than?' I mean we can't trust shirou since he doesn't know fucking anything. If you pull the 'she doesn't know anything' than I pull the 'than who the fuck can we trust than?' the character that supposed to know things is wrong.

>>"I breezed thru Babylon with silver servants only"
this desu

>"you need maxed gold servants just to get thru Babylon"

I don't know who told you that but he was retarded.

As long as you final ascend your servants, it should be fine.

Spent so much time on that summer island that he got BLACKED

Yan Qing is actually an assassin so him

>have three 5*s and one of them is Ruler Jeanne

Are they ever gonna update her to make her not useless (inb4 Moon Cancer)? It's a shame since she's got my favorite sprite/artwork/voice actor.

Today is the last day you will be able to use your Avengers, so how about giving them a pat on the back?

The game is easy if you take it easy. If you're coming in from the start and trying to bumrush it within the span of a week to be up to date for an event, it's somewhat difficult.

Because you don't read enough

I got rekt by the big ghost.

Kotomine is trust worthy, I'd trust him.

NTR magic

Kotomine plz go

You aren't supposed to trust any character absolutely, none of them know shit in any real sense. Its kind of a point that Fifth war happened too soon after fourth, and they're all idiots roped in who don't really fit. Almost none of them have a wish, none of them know the rules in any real depth, they're mostly random choices.

Closest one to knowing the real deal is Zouken or Kotomine.

You don't trust characters, but you trust the situation, what you can see, what you can verify. None of the characters knows shit absolutely though, don't put blind faith in them. Its a game where they're all lacking bits and pieces, or its hearsay.

>see someone on Christmas complaining about not getting anything from gachas
>I agree with them
>drop a ticket on this gacha just cause
>get a cool big sister for Christmas

That was fun.

He kept her for himself and in the end it just took a single dicking for her to give in

Same here, also he has pretty good taste in food.

Considering the how much this fat snek eats, would 2 > 1 > 3 be the best way to level up her skills?

He is a doujin protagonist and those are always brown or darker


Nasu is a fucking hack. A fraud who dresses himself in success handed to him by other people.

Notes is juvenile at besteven after he had a decade to dress it up from the scribbles it existed as when he was in high school.

Tsukihime is just a bunch of bits of vampire lore mashed with a magic system he never explained at the time in a generic setting with a chuuni self-insert, bland heroines, terrible fights, and a non-existant secondary cast. Shiki didn't even have a personality besides the brief urge to rape or murder until Kagetsu Tohya, where he was still terrible, and it only ever took off because the anime got French Bread's crew to make something worthwhile out of it.

Fate though....what a joke. Takeuchi saved it. Everything popular in Stay Night was down to his business acumen and ability to add emotion to dry scenes with his artwork. Nasu's prose is amateurish at best and the story is inconsistent, and the way characters are underexposed and underdeveloped in most of the routes isn't justified by them getting a modicum of screentime in just one. Not to mention even Nasu regrets it so much that he retconned half of it and has talked about hos desire to rewrite the Fate route.

Zero and Deen's anime are what gave it its popularity, and TM have just coasted on it since by pushing Saber and Gil since it popularised them.

Don't even get me started on how Ufotable saved Kara no Kyoukai or how since Mahoyo bombed and CCC didn't do well enough to get localised he's outsourced half his writing to Higashide and Sakurai. Nasu is pathetic, and clearly has no self-respect or artistic integrity. All he does is copy what other people showed him will sell to otaku.

You first fuccboi

Would he smell like the sun?


I think the Japanese just like the contrast of a dark skinned man making a light skinned woman fall to lust

Probably yeah.

I'm smelling a fresh copypasta.

Mathman when?

That's from Facebook, dumbass

I guess,I guess I need a blatent contradiction.
One that I can think of offhand is the idea that you 'cant ever grow magic circuits' and how 'magic circuits dont exist in the body, they exist in the soul, thats why you can't change them'
except a normie can get temporary magic circuits with mage spinal fluid.

>Tfw no mama

After Void Liz.

This post just made me realise how terrified I am by the possibility that Nasu may have Higashide and Sakurai handle some of the routes in the Tsukihime remake

It just to differentiate between the main appeal(the girl) and the secondary person(the guy)



After Guan (You) avenger so fuck off cucktella fag

wouldn't it make more sense to have them both be matching then so that the self insert doesn't stand out


The new teacher is a history teacher and she specializes in ancient Rome. She wants everyone to know that Nero wasn't the bad emperor he's believed to be.

What servants would you self insert as? And I don't mean insert yourself into

I have 1900 quartz saved for Parvati.
How many should I use to try to Passon and/or Melt?

I must have Parvati but I wouldn't mind a full Sakura team as well

>They announce Dark Sakura Kali after I am out of quartz
I already in this mindset of it happening

So if BB is Moob Cancer, acan anyone else be it too?

Should I put PassionLips in my support slot of my borderline maxed out Martha (Ruler) when the event starts?

Why is Archie so perfect for bullying?

Does Melt's pussy plate cover her butthole?


If you want an example of him just making shit up as he goes along point out how Mumei can trace Excalibur in the Mooncell because the Extra staff made the animation before Nasu told him he can't trace divine constructs.

Then when they defend that as still being consistent because the Mooncell is different and Nasu explained that, point out that Shirou traces Excalibur in HF.

I bet he can't even recite pi. A damn JK can do that.