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That big huh

The smaller it is, the more you pay.


What [email protected] songs make good workout musics?


Straighten your body, Yuka.

Yuka's song.

Apparently, Yoshimura mentioned the unit Sexy Gyarus (Yui, Mika, Rina) today at Dereraji.
Maybe it's a hint for the next event.

Also reposting cute Yui. Translation


Why doesn't Izumi wear her vest and ribbon? Is she a slut?


post the cutest idol




Kiss me Yui.


My wife.




My daughter.



What are these?
Please, don't put a taint to this general.

She's hot all the time

And now to wait for the inevitable post that quotes every single reply saying that all of them are wrong.

It's obviously SachikoP doing that. Pay him no heed.



Are you implying that Yukipo is the cutest one?



Quiet Early Afternoon
>Skill: Under the plane tree
T-...though everyone else is afraid of me for some reason...having you two by my side makes every day enjoyable... Just being like this...is happiness... (music note)


Damn, I'm jealous of Subaru.


Cute SM, cute VA.

>T-...though everyone else is afraid of me for some reason...
How could anyone be afraid of a spaghetti spiller like Karen?

Your daughter is cute

They're afraid of her buddy-stealing skills.



The cutest.
Event when?


My favorite Slut

Lovin dat fluffin

She has a daunting appearance visually. Then she actually talks and you find out she's a nervous wreck.


>She has a daunting appearance visually
I never got that impression from her in fact I think that besides Roco she'd be one of the biggest targets for bullies

Kissing Anzu.


That's kind of her thing initially with that crazy hair and proportions.

wtf I like Anzu now


She's also the top elite at that school and people would probably avoid her from that, too.

wtf I hate Karen now

Your daughter is hot. Also big for her age.

Guess I'll call you dad from now on

>Also big for her age.

She has a Cthulhu on her head.


>Tablet malfunction
>Lost 100 stamina and probably will end up losing more

Sorry Anya.

You still have a week left.

Nothing more stam drinks and/or jewels can't fix.

My Cthulhu.

Why do you own a Cthulhu? For what purpose?

Kokoro Exercise, Frame and Shinsoku Ikkon's songs

I doubt the tablet is going to recover in time.

What happened to it?

Has its warranty expired?


Ran Ran is extra cute in white.

For children's card games, of course.

Chihiro you get money pats.

I never knew I wanted something like this. But I sure as hell do want it now.

She's perfect for her age and too young for marriage.

Extra cute always.

Chihiro you get sent to the Dark Nebula.

Seiji I'll make you a top idol

She's the designated blue of the group.

Of course she's the slut.

>She's perfect for her age and too young for marriage.
How about dating?

I think I watched too many 3D MVs of Yuki's new SSR and it overheated.

Still in warranty but it might recover by itself like the previous times it happened.

Only if you're around the same age. But then surely you wouldn't be posting here in that case, right?

Why did Kotori grow wings?

What is she planning on doing to the newbie?

Overheated and what? Just stopped working?

So you wouldn't want a 27-year-old holding hands with your daughter?

What? Monochrome Lily + Miyu?

Why is Chiaki so lewd?

Yes but it's technically a new unit, Crystal Shadow.

She's in a hot place
Therefore she's hot

>There are still people that believe that Mio can win the Election

I guess I can't blame others when I want to do it myself.

Either way, I'm okay with it too. Only because I'm okay with anything Karen

But Hajime is the one that will win.


Understandable. Karen is cute and has a great voice.

Archive of : archive.fo/WUWNv

I want to see this in action

Aww yeah I love welcoming parties

>there's already porn of her
Damn these nips are fast

Deepest Lore.