Not really rich

What is the minimal salary needed to """feel""" rich?

It's all relative, dumbass.

If losing your job means you won't be homeless and you won't have to find another one ever.

I feel rich just by having no debt and $2000 in savings simply because everybody around me has debt and nothing in savings.



Having enough money to live your desired lifestyle with no comprises.

This. It's based on cost of living and your "wants"

If I have a cost of living and am good with a minimalist lifestyle. $1500 biweekly goes a long way.

To me, feeling rich is the same as being able to maintain a standard of living that makes me happy. I don't gain much happiness from materialistic things, so I don't need much money to feel "rich".

People have a highly emotional relationship with money, user. So it's mostly in your head.

Yeah until you're so broke you're boiling boot leather and living in an alley.


That's why I said 'mostly' to cover these extreme examples

20% more than your neighbor.

See "Choosing the right pond: human behavior and the quest for status" by Frank.

Humans are hierarchical and there absolutely is a hormonal effect based on position.

Sorta depends where you live but as a young single guy I feel rich as fuck on 85k. I know it's not that much in the grand scheme of things but it's more than my mom and a lot of other boomers make at 50 and I'm only 24. Really anything over 60k is incredibly comfy in most places in the US excluding obvious high-cost areas like San Fran, Jew York, etc.

If you got 70k (in assets) youre in the top10% of the wealthiest people on earth

I'm 19 and making abt 55k, but I live in D.C. so it evens out to pretty average.

>plot twist: my rent is 300 a month
>another plot twist: I don't live with my parents


except all those boomers own houses valued at x10 your yearly take home before taxes...

#boomerlifestyle #lifeonEasymode

Average home price in the US is like 200k. I somehow doubt every boomer is sitting on a half million + dollar house free and clear.


Rich people don't earn salaries dumbass.

You will never get rich by being a wagecuck.

>50k annual
Average American
You are not poor but you are a long way from rich. You make enough to survive and do a little extra

>100k annual
You're doing good. Not rich yet but you can afford many luxuries that the average man cannot. Unless you spend stupidly, money will no longer be an issue in your life.

>150-250k annual
You are rich. You may not be in the 1% but you make enough to live a very high end lifestyle. You can drive exotic cars, live in a big house in a white neighborhood, and since you've probably found a way to make your income semi-autonomous, you are basically retired. At this level, you may enjoy life.

400-500k for me
but whenever I see an extra 1500 in my checking, I feel rich for the moment

Get off Veeky Forums gramps

Live the lifestyle you live now.

Need new work boots
>go buy workboots. Not checl bank first.

Want to take friend out to lunch and a couole drinks.
>pay. Not check bank statement.

...not check bank statement.


i don't think it's ever enough. i come from an absolute poorfag family. my parents spent every dime they had and then some. saving was beyond their comprehension.

i have savings that allow me to live for years without employment. i have cashback credit cards and investments. live very comfortably and securely. i could buy a nice car out of my pocket any time.

i should feel lucky, but all i see is the rift between myself and the rich. and it's depressing cause no matter how much i save it's all monopoly money hat loses value each year not real wealth that grows on it's own.

In my opinion, earning at least a middle class living from investment income is feeling rich.

This is just my experience but it is that tipping point where your own dividends and passive income exceeds your job income.

You suddenly realize you can just quit your job and be making the same amount of money before you started investing, Probably a breath of fresh air that is. Still, one should keep their job and keep pushing that investing skill.