End Game

Whats your end game Veeky Forums?

What are you going to do with the fortune you create?

Fuck bitches get money. No one said it better.

Same thing I'm doing now. Live frugally splitting money between my investments and travels. Hopefully one day I grow my investments enough to have passive income that'll allow me travel all year long instead of just 2 months outta the year.

Nobody here actually has any money.

Automobile racing, making my own track.

kind of what i want to do, pretty much shit post from around the world while being financially set.

become a billionaire, marry a whore, then become president of some third wold country

>t. Donald John Trump

Retire quietly. Practice hobbies. Die in peace.

Yep, pretty much this

live quietly with10 year younger mail order house bride in a rural part of a 1st world country.

How much do you have now abs his much do you think you'll need to travel that much?

I want the same thing. Currently have ~300k abs it seems so far off

Hopefully generate enough passive income that I can travel with my wife and daughter and get to have some cool, unique experiences. I'd like to live in Italy for a while and try spearfishing in the Mediterranean for my dinner.

But mostly just want to have a nice comfy home that is paid for, hit the gym every day and eat at nice restaurants a lot. Spend time with friends and family, and use my excess money to help less fortunate people get back on their feet.

>move to USA
>own a ranch and land
>own high quality firearms
>point them at people who wonder on to my land

Goals in life:
>finish military service at age 28
>invest vast majority of the ~200k I earn before that age
>use military to pay my rent and food for those 5 years so I have nearly zero expenses, all savings and investments
>use 3.6 undergrad GPA + Military Service + good LSAT (one year into the military, the LSAT is a good way to spend spare time when not shit posting) to get into ivy league law school
>finish law school by 31, kinda late but military is a dream of mine
>use savings from military to pay month-by-month while military post-9/11 GI bill will pay for the vast majority of it
>use ivy league JD to get comfy job in the wealthier parts of dallas
>retire in highland park at 50 with a massive nest-egg of my brokerage account, 401k, and Roth IRA
>live off investments while raising family, possibly practice law at some small firm to earn money on the side
>max out all of my kids' retirement accounts from ages 0-18,
>surprise them at 21 with their 6 figure retirement accounts
>at 60-death just travel the world with my now wealthy as shit family


I don't think you can max out your childrens retirement accounts, especially if they don't have 'earned income'.

Retire on a private island when my kid is 18-20 and sustain myself with farming and free electricity through solar and wind energy, need only 200-300k for this and have 18 years to do this

Two chicks at the same time, man.

You can start roth IRA's and normal Roth's immediatly after birth senpai, not sure where you got that info

You can... but technically your child has to have "earned income", so your child will have to have a w-2 or 1099 for about 5500 to contribute the max.

You could pay your kids... but they would still have to have 'earned income'.

Children of any age can contribute to an IRA as long as they have earned income from a job, be it babysitting, yard work or walking neighborhood dogs.

personal armory for all of my guns

and a garage my motorcycles.

Buy a little land and declare sovereignty

Move out of my parents' place so I can fuck women in peace.

Become the South African president, please.

Buy the wife a descent pad and landscaped yard. New car every year.

Build road behind tree line about a hlaf mile away.

Run a scrap uard and pay employees to dig out the shit i want.

Have large paster rocked and sprayed.


have large shop. Hang with bros and dick with stuff


>good morning daddy
>wow you really uplifted my spirits honey. Here is $5000.

this desu famalam

Some weeks ago, a friend I met at the university asked me about my "endgoal" - I told him basically what you have written here. He could not believe, that I would not aim for "higher goals".

Really makes you think.

Maybe not. But i got 6 shitty cars. 2 shitty houses. A shitty camper. And always have enough beer money.

Meh. Could and has been a lot worse.

Why not america ? Minus the whore part.

Bitch is smoking!

Why do that.

We spear fish amd use .22 to hunt flathead all the time.

Higher goals is a meme to make you work to your grave.

I have my own goals. Science. I want to fund studies that would benefit humanity like terraforming, carbon filters, starting my own businesses with decent wages for workers and alternative political theories like anarchism.

But that's takes a ton of money. So I'll work until I die just to follow my dreams. So fuck it. I'll just sit on my ass dreaming.

Don't be me user. Do your own thing.

Retire young
Open a record store in a comfy town somewhere
Start my own record label

Pay them for their chores?

>New car every year.
couldn't you just lease?

someones gotta mow the lawn when all the mexicans go back to mexico

I want to buy a pet giraffe...


Financial semi-independence

I am living frugally while saving 65% of my income, and also finding ways to generate passive income. I want to have enough money in investments such that I only have to work at most 20 hours a week (on my own, so that I won't be tied down to a place or to specific hours) to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. I define "comfortable lifestyle" at 25k.

if you are saving and not investing look into building a CD ladder.

And what are you going to do after that? 25000 isnt enough to do anything

Pursue more interesting but less financially secure professions, i.e. indie game development.