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> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, am I being jewed?
Jewish tricks? No, and please refrain from the antisemitism! Robinhood graphs are just shit and only show you an average, not-really-realtime price. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.

> How is it free?
"People" invest your settled funds when you're not using them, just like banks.

> Is this the place to pump and dump and/or shill a worthless stock?
Are you aware how small this community is? Better to try stocktwits or r/wallstreetbets

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
Real brokers, like TDAmeritrade's thinkorswim. Otherwise you should be using stockcharts.com, finviz, or a non-pile-of-shit for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.

>How do I git gud?
People here are gambling, don't listen to any advice in this thread. Do, follow news, earnings reports, and stay away from leveraged etfs, also learn difference between LIMIT and MARKET orders!!!


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Where are you, you little faggot? open up wide!


I'm gonna be pissed next year because I will have to pay so much taxes but I don't care

sell it

top fucking kek

>no mention of FOMC in OP

well ok then

Riding on Nvidia getting some gains for next weeks earnings report

AMD making some nice dosh

is it too late to buy back in?

>even a broken clock is right twice a day


The question is should I sell when the market closes and secure my profits or should I hold until tomorrow

Nope, should go up to 12.50 before days end

Is there a fed meeting today? What's the chances of a rate hike?

We've had low volumes all across and it has been frequent. Any bad news could trigger a sell off I would secure my profits


chances are low but theres still a chance

Weak hands are hitting Cara, I'm out of day trades so I gotta wait until tomorrow

im eating this JAGX loss

fuck me

anybody got their tax forms yet

I bought into NUGT, it's kinda high right now, but if there is a rate hike, should make some good profits. What time is the meeting?

if theres a rate hike you will see gold go down my dude

Gold will dip, you dip.

Not until Feb 20th

Wait, why?

>buying gold to prepare for a hike
Yellen's going in dry.

The value of the dollar will increase with interest rate hikes due to less cash in circulation it is a way to recollect money from the Feds. They're fundamentals.

Now is the time to buy the CARA Dip

ETRM about to pop get in now

Ahh, maybe I should've just hung onto DUST, then....


Fucking Suncor is killing me right now, when is Keystone getting approved so I can see if its worth buying into alberta oil?

AMPE walking right up, this thing is going to fly!!

AMD now at $12.

Will it hit $13 by Friday or is it time to sell?

It's a year long hold.

load on AUPH dips, data within 3 weeks (any day) that will be most likely good and catapult the SP into $5-7 area

How do I git gud so I can do this as a career

sell at your own will if you think you can scalp.

im always going to keep 50% in.

well the rates wont change so stay NUGT you fucking nigger


Yeah I was considering maybe keeping onto some but I don't think I'd get enough past the commission.

Phase 3 expected in 2Q 2017, how do you know they'll most likely be positive?

Sold half my shares of JNUG when I caught the dip, if Yellen goes in dry it wont be too bad. Anticipating the date release of interest rate hike or something.


Tonight we dine on the moon fellas

What was the catalyst for the moon mission?

FDA gave them exclusivity to a drug last week, it was over bought, then over sold now its correcting, probably being over bought again

When do I dump my AMD

Got into AMD yesterday PULM and facebook for ah earnings report today.

Facebook to the moon

delicious redditor tears



Save it till next quarter seems to be a popular idea.
Wasn't he on a test account?

Make that clock a year and have twice mean quarterly.

I got out this morning. Should have kept riding.

FitBit is reaching an all time low almost reaching penny stock status. Is it time to invest or do you guys just see them fading away?

Any stock that is worth getting into at this point in time?
I think getting into PULM now is going to bite me in the ass.
I might consider AMD if it drops a bit before closing

the guy said he was using a demo account to track in real time, in case his account details were put on stream (which they were).

I mean, I use a similar device on my phone. all of reddit is convinced it couldn't be real because of the demo account, but those do seem like real emotions to me. it could go either way. I want to believe. he's made similar mistakes in the past. so far the guy is sticking to his guns that it was real, but it could be an elaborate ruse. idk.

If you want a long term hold, buy 100 shares of AUPH. You'd be risking $300 for a pretty good chance at $3000+ in profits.

Set a stop loss at $2 and forget about it.

Do I sell jagx? Where's faggy dick monster I miss his analysis

>tfw watched my DWT go from +2% to -1% and unable to sell due to daytrade regulations

Don't play 3x etfs without daytrades

seriously tempted to just walk away and not do this until I have 25k in an account, the dice are loaded against you if you can't freely trade in very liquid markets

That dude loses so much money no idea why he plays. Banned from wsb for a while, he set up his own subreddit. Everyone thought he was just trolling so he started posting his portfolio.

>unable to sell due to daytrade regulations

My broker lets me sell anytime, it just wont let me buy back in until after a week. If you can't sell that's bullshit get another broker.



>That spike just now on $NUGT and $JNUG



Who ready for the AH $CRUS missile?

Feds kept interest rate unchanged in statement today, will gradually increase interest rates throughout the year

MNKD is setting up nicely for a run. I have 500 average 0.6900

Anybody bought in at XGTI? Vislink purchase is tomorrow morning 5 AM EST 10 AM. Screenshot this and watch the AHs.

Been bagholding my nigga since 2.24. Let's hope so! I feel optimistic about this stock for the fact that it is a giant upside

Why do you think the Vislink purchase will pump it so much?

VHC is on sale, was trading at $7 a share not that long ago, down to 2.48 right now.

What broker?

How many of you guys do this as a job?

ustocktrade, yeah you pay $1 dollar a trade and $1 dollar a month but if it lets you sell anytime when you buy its worth it in my opinion

I crie ebritime

like i said oy vey

ahahahahahah, no one

These are SEC regulations m8, all brokers have them. Either have to have more than 25k in an account or not trade on margin (wait 3 days for trades to settle etc)

I'm just going to have to stop trading stocks and study forex for the moment, trying to scalp and swingtrade accurately with only three daytrades a week is a huge handicap, it's forcing me to hold for a day, inherently increasing risk

I don't think anyone does.
Trading is too risky to be a job unless you're a PhD in finance and already an investment banker.
But even in that case, investment bankers aren't stupid enough to make trading their own money their own job.
They get paid to trade other people's money.

Solely trading for your only way of income is dumb. You can have 100k one day and 100 bucks next week. Not a very stable job imo.


thanks for remindingme of vhc

Do you need 25k in your account as in readily available 25k or just 25k in your portfolio?
I will have about 27k in mine when my bank transfer comes through and plan to stick like 20k in VTI and use the rest to daytrade.

Are there any stocks that can take advantage of the Brexit hearing?


25k in a portfolio, you'll be fine doing that

Just be careful out there jnuggers. Use your trades wisely, and congrats to you lucky bastards who have the capability to scalp every five minutes

Yeah, bought in today. Looking forward for the next week.

Made a good profit on DRYS, think i'll buy into XTGI now.

phase 3 starts Q2 2017, what I'm talking about is pase 2b data due Q1

How do you know news about Vislink will come tomorrow?

Don't get nokoed

It's a trash company

So I've been very successful with trading over the last 6 months. I've had quite a few people ask me if I could invest their money for them.

I just follow meme stocks I don't really know what I'm doing, or what that would mean legally. Let alone explain to them it's just memes. Should I write a prospectus about my meme stock shilling strategy?

pt for xgti??

Who knows man I do the same thing.
Just look at the most traded and extremely volatile stocks trending and try and scalp for a 5% gain and play off the volatility.
My gut always tells me that i'm a dumbass because I have no idea wtf i'm doing but i'm up by over 100% in 2 days.
I just started monday hehe

no. don't touch OPM. you're a faggot memer who is (statistically) going to get burned. this is a journey you must make alone. don't take your friends and family with you.

AMD ride to mars is at a pause. We have landed at the moon and balanced out a little. Buy in now because tomorrow it's gonna blow

hold PULM overnight?


hi noko

Why not though? It's hard to believe I'll get burned when I would have to lose 50% of my portfolio simply to return to my initial investment.

fingers crossed MNKD moon or bust

Buy XGTI, it will rise because of product sales happening tommorow. I considered PULM, but felt it too risky. PLX is also a safe.

It's easier thank you think

PT for XGTI?