Mfw ICN is turning to be the best project/ICO since ETH

>mfw ICN is turning to be the best project/ICO since ETH

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When did you buy? it has been stagnatin in the 420 satoshi range for a while. I still didn't but I might, even tho I can't trust some random eastern europeans managing some unregulated trust fund.

Btw, Byteball is mooning and ICN token is still the fucking same even tho ICN apparently bought a big chunk of GBYTEs... whats the point of holding ICN then? might as well buy the altcoins yourself and profit from the sharp rises. ICN is doing shit nothing-


breh, byteball got 10% of byteballs, they've already invested in it

they're listed on Kraken that's legit enough for me, they don't list shit on Kraken.

ICN I mean owns 10% of byteballs lol

Same people
Why are people investing in Buffet? Or hedge funds? They can always invest on their own.

Traditional hedge funds are regulated, this is the crypto wild wild west, so I dont see what stops them from running with the money

Also my point was, byteball pumped hard, ICN didnt move...?

>crypto wild wild west
Exactly, and this is why we are gonna make a shitload of money.

>Also my point was, byteball pumped hard, ICN didnt move...?
What makes you think it wont? Either way, good luck with your investments.

>mfw OP is literally retarded

>didn't buy in ICN like Veeky Forums was telling me to in September
>instead bought antshares and a bunch of shitcoins on bittrex in order to diversify
>ended up selling them all at a %75 loss
Just kill me now.

Dat feel when 2000% ROI is ahead. Thnx Iconomi coin.

altcoins are 100% speculation only, icn is 100% speculation about things which themselves are 100% speculation.

the only people who will ever touch icn are traders who just want to ride the next altcoin bubble, so why not just buy the underlying?

this is also ignoring their dangerous allocation and lack of experience. but after all alts aren't really about fundamentals.

>Exactly, and this is why we are gonna make a shitload of money.

I agree, my point is, why not hold the actual tokens? ICN has proven to be somehow too stable. By holding ICN and not GBYTE (in this case) you have lost massive gains, not to mention that Pascalcoin thing went like 4000%

I think the big ass money is in holding the right altcoin, not some coin that imitates an hedge fund

I may still buy, i hope it doesn't go lower than 400 satoshis

How much ICN can I buy in kraken without giving contact details?

What fundamental advantages does Iconomi have that separates it from rest of shitcoins?

>400 satoshis

don't you mean 40k satoshis? pic related


fucking really?

how im supposed to buy then?

yeah whatever

ive made 9k on icn since the ico im quite happy with how stable it is

buy bitcoin and transfer it to your kraken account and trade. i dont think you need contact info

i already plenty of btc

what are the limits? like poloniex has 2K USD limit daily i think


I'd sell now its going to be a shit year for crypto

tfw its not february 2016 with ethereum at sub 1$ :(