Grad school general

who /pursuinganMBA/ here?

I'm studying for the GMAT right now and planning to apply during round 1 in September

pic related is the dream for me, but a little worried about my age (28 now, would be 29 and then turning 30 in october IF i get in and matriculate)

28-30 is average, which means that you'll have people up to 70 years old in your class. Honestly, masters in areas that require soft skills (e.g. business) are far better when there's a breadth of ages and experiences in the class.

It's not like bodybuilding or something, where being older is unavoidably bad.

yeah i thought about it

some of my retarded friends are at uChicago and Georgetown etc

but since i did it for undergrad it'd just be an expensive cirlcejerk

considered taking the GMAT and seeing if i scored near perfect but seems like a waste of time

shit seems overrated for today's economy. just get a fucking job

Do you have lots of job experience? If not you have 0 chance.

ucla mba here

personally i think the opportunities you get out of it is nuts. basically every field is open

but if u just r there for yhe degree not worth it. really need to take adv of the opportunity window while there

i considet ibanking and mgmt consult as my backup plans, to put it in persp.

try not to do part time

how retarded were they if they got into chicago booth? Were they just socially retarded but book smart? Its one of my top choices

4 years enlisted military and then 1 year of corporate work experience (finished undergrad in 2016). Will have two years of corporate experience by the time I matriculate

yea, thats the way I see it bro. 50% of the value is from the incredible network you get access too. What are you looking to do after graduating from MBA?

uchicago is a fucking meme, go to northwestern.

they're on my list too. Curious tho, why Kellogg over Booth for you? Are you more interested in consulting than finance? I know Kellogg is really strong in the former

she was a girl who RA'd and had a high GPA. Then she went to India and made a faux documentary for MUHH FEELZ. Those were her qualifications pretty much.

These universities eat that shit up nowadays.

She's still retarded in my eyes because I'm an elitist douchebag.

I'm guessing she was indian....

not gonna happen.

no she's white

>getting an MBA

Dude. You might as well stock up on VHS tapes while you are at it.

thats worse in a way; damn feelz documentary baka

super ideal scenario is hedge fund

just some type of asset mgmt role where i can potentially make 1mil+ a year in the future

i enjoy equity analysis as a hobby anyway

Booth will give you wayyy better opportunities to hob knob with the elite.

But like others have said, it's not a place to go if you just graduated. Get some impressive work experience under your belt so you are viewed as a valuable networking asset just as much as your classmates are.

Grad student in aerospace engineering checking in

Fuck getting an MBA, I'm going to put off going into management for as long as I can. I went into engineering so I wouldn't have to deal with people all day, damn it!

>falling for the college meme

Good goy wasting your prime to be stressed now you are old and cucked meanwhile im making 100k off 9 months of tech school top kek

You forgot to mention the 15 years of experience needed and 20 years off your lifespan by the time you're making that much. :~)

thats a pretty sweet gig. You have IB experience? I heard a lot of people that get those roles have prior experience in that

Not to mention the amount of fucking idiots that also work in trades and can't comprehend why you shouldn't smoke cigarettes in a house where the owners don't fucking smoke

UCLA phd

you in academia?

Ross MBA here. Was there a question? Am I supposed to do something?

4th year of phd. Still at ucla. Thinking community college prof for maximum comfiness

post grad or still in school? Tips on GMAT/GRE?

Me. I got a 780, but I'm going to put it off a couple more years because an admission counselor told me my odds of getting into a great school are shit without 4-5 years work experience. Your age is very close to the average, so you can relax.

That is the big lie about MBA. If you have job experience that is significant and impressive AND an MBA you are a golden god. MBA itself isn't worthless trash, BY ITSELF it is.

A good default career path is spend college doing retail, graduate, become manager of store maybe Sales Manager, manage 2 years, MBA, than grad, then become Regional Manager or Merchandiser. Work your way up to VP in Sales for a large company and 200K.

Without MBA you would need to do that boring ass Forever 21 management job another 7 years to get to where you got in 2 with an MBA.

britfat here

i went to a top 10 worldwide uni here (imperial) and did a STEM degree, and a year at the business school

i now work in accountancy for a bank but want to move into more investment/revenue generation stuff (basically i want to make more shekkels and don't mind selling away my soul and life for it).

is an MBA in the US the only option I have? also, they cost an absolute bomb. how do most people afford them?

how many years of experience are required before applying?

you can make six figs just from tutoring

got any study tips breh?

The study guides are useless and frankly I wasted money on them. I just dug into the sample questions from "The Official Guide" bundle and dig my best to understand why I was getting questions wrong. Did that with at least 1000 questions. It'll take a while but eventually you'll pick up on the patterns and realize what's going on behind the questions.

Sorry, not to toot my own horn but we're on completely different career paths. I've worked at 3 top silicon valley startups, 1 even IPO'd, since graduating from undergrad. Now I'm working in Bioinformatics making $150k as a 26 year old. I just don't see why I'd take 2 years out of my career to network, and more importantly pay all that money. I already learned the 'business concepts' in undergrad.

Why the fuck are you posting about working retail in an MBA thread? If anything, that's a negative. I can't tell if you're just trolling.

Forever 21... lol come on. Someone like OP looking at HBS is not doing that. Also, good luck with your 200K VP of Sales job. It sounds like you have no idea what you're talking about.

MBA vs Masters in data analytics (biz intelligence, etc)?

Heard analytics is a hot degree right now