Sell me this pen

Sell me this pen.

why don't you do me a favor and write your name on this napkin

>i dont have a pen

exactly, supply and demand

*sells you a pen*
Need a receipt?

Fuck you, and thanks for the pen. I'm going to trade rare pepes.

The first step is to know your consumer. Example are you in the market for a pen right now

Here is your pen that will be 500 dollars, cash or credit?

See that hot girl over there? She wants you to write your number on this piece of paper. Need a pen?

I asked you to sell me the pen.
If I walked into a jewellers and you asked me if I was in the market for some jewellery I would wonder who let the autistic spaghetti merchant behind the counter.

Sure, opie, but to do that I would need to know a little bit about you? What do you like about the pen? What would that be worth to you?

>Put a pen in pooper for Veeky Forums pictures
>Oh you need a pen to do that?
>Here is this anally ergonomic pen for $10
>he will take 5

not bad user

This pen is worth $39.99 retail. I'll give it to you for $5

"Is that a pen?"
"Picked them up from the printers yesterday"
"Very nice.."
"Thats bone. And the nib is something called Silian Rail"
>Proceed to smile in confidence

you can use it to stimulate you and your boyfriends prostate

I can do a lot of things but I know that I am not a sales man.

You want the pen? Then come get the pen or don't I don't fucking run your life. Don't fuck with me.


Come on just give me a break. If I don't make a sale by close I'm fired. If I get fired I'll be homeless by the end of the week and the only place in town I haven't been kicked out of by other hobos is the park at the end of your street. Is that what you want? To look out the window and see me taking a dump in a public park. Just buy the damn pen please I'm begging you here I need a break so bad.

PenCoin, starting at U$1000,00
You're gonna regret missing THIS train

God, this guy made me feel so bad I had to change the channel whenever he showed up.

Prostate orgasm is quite the thing, it will make you shiver in ecstasy. Thing is, you need something long enough to reach deep enough in your anus to that place of nirvana. Judging by the stubs of your sad excuse of fingers... that's a no-go. However, I got this dandy ole pen that just fits the bill. Stick this boy up your pooper and you're off the races!

>why don't you do me a favor and write your name on this napkin

why don't I tell you my name and you write it down instead?

oh yeah babe you like this pen? You want it? You want my pen inside of you? That'll be 5 bucks sir. Thanks

very good


"My goal isn't to sell you the pen. You already bought it. My focus is getting it produced and put in market."

nah it's a good pen i'm gonna need it.