What would you do if won the lottery?

What would you do if won the lottery?

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Win your security code.

For every action there's an equivalent exchange, go watch Full Metal Alchemist.

keep posting frogs

Can't believe this ponzi scheme is still going on make sure you power play goy

I'd start my own lottery.

isnt that illegal?

my brother got 4/6 right and won 500 dollars. not impossible, just highly unlikely. who knows

I'll buy a Ukraine waifu.

Pay off my house and my parents house. Quit my job and go on vacation for two weeks. The get a really comfy shitposting setup going.

So the jackpot is hundreds of millions and for 4/6 thats all? Lmao

This is p much my dream


Now don't you worry about that. Let me and Vinnie here assure you that this here numbers game is above board and strictly legit.

Buy my own designated shitting street

I found him guys. I found Indian waldo.

What a rip

Buy this:

and say fuck off you society

Secretly fund fascist to help start a race war.

Best thing to do is put most of it in T-Bills and don't spend the rest in one place

Buy more lottery tickets.

The thrill is in the chase.

nothing. and then once in a while i'll want to do something and do it for a while. and then back to nothing.

No, buy this:



buy Veeky Forums and become new mot

I'd get a penthouse condo, two nice cars, invest the rest and go back to school part time.

Dump my gf travel the world

smallish exclusive niche apartments for rich europeans on the dalmatian islands to get some income and secure wealth growth
apartment in zagreb center or a villa and estate near samobor
small company so I can fake that I am a businessman (but company would have to make money - I would work 4-8 hours a day probably)
5-6 kids with proper female with strong values (toughest shit to pull - would probably have to subtly explain to her that it would be easier for me to get her killed then to give her my money)
every kid needs to be a giant in their respective careers
influence elections in my country when I feel like it

become far-reaching powerful patriarch of powerful family

>What would you do if won the lottery?
i would move to the us i'm pretty sure immigration would not be much of an issue for a millionaire.
i would invest quarter of it in index funds quarter into metals quarter into long term gov bonds. keep one quarter in cash and real estate and cars and shit. also buy lots of guns and shoot them in my back yard.

Put a beer cave in my house.

Throw the rest at random investments and bury a bunch of shit so i am nevee the poor lotto fag on tv.

I will not ever work 1 fucking day again.

buy some expensive bicycles and motor powered mopeds so i dont have to switch gears while driving , then move to a comfy house with top notch cable television and fully stocked microwavable foods , but house would have to be near a large city with plenty of bike trails to go exploring



>borrow an yacht
>get me some hot models
>get some other people with attitudes that I like
>get some cocaine + weed + opiates + hallucinogens + a shit ton of alcohol
>hire a personal medical team and buy them some equipment to deal with basic OD's because someone will OD with all that shit, guaranteed
>sail the fucking oceans and seas and party like a motherfucker
>come home when I'm bored

Anyone that doesn't do this first thing after winning the money is a fucking moron and deserves to be poor.

Ok you've spend 1000 dollar. What will you do with the rest?

>What would you do if won the lottery?

Go all in on Apple stock

Day 0:
* take a 2 week vacation to anywhere and think about it there

yeah except every time you dock in a new country the drug dogs come out and search the boat and you'll spend your last days sweating your balls off in some concrete block cell in Lombok until they execute you

Start a non-profit that breeds upright-walking cats Initial investment $50,000,000

>become an addict to fucking drugs
>spend all the money over the course of 2 years to worthless stuff
>user is an addict about to kill himself for not getting his last shot

Why not buy this site. Block any thread from being created on any board until all of Veeky Forums has raided all major facebook pages with gore and pizza. Make a new board and hide all other boards until this is done. Could be finished in a half hour.

Start a thread on Veeky Forums give out a thousand to all PayPals posted in my thread. Invest 3/4 of the rest.

just pay off the dogs

Start putting the max contribution to my Roth IRA each year.

Put 80% in a GIC and keep the rest to invest in other stuff.

Masturbate in my credit unions lobby every time I go in.

>win lottery
>lets says 30 million after taxes
>buy some acres.
>custom built house
>two slides in bedroom, one to a ball pit, and the other to the pool
>tiled shower and shoots water from all angles
>have indoor gun range
>theater room
>DnD themed room in the basement
>3 car garage
>separate garage/shop
>so I can work on ATV/Dirtbikes/sport utv/snomobile
>buy jeep cherokee for offroading
>lift it myself
>buy street racing car
>msybe go back to DSM scene
>car for drifting, maybe some nissan car
>make monthly trips to go down to little sahara in waynoka OK, and ride
>street legal dirtbike

DESU my dream says I can do this for ALOT cheaper, if I cut out the custom built house.

I don't dream too big, just a bunch of smaller dreams

Start a kneepad business and advertise to Veeky Forums.

Listen here pal don't get cunty with me. This is my thing.

Retire and live frugally, anything else is pure retard.
But I'll never win the lottery because I'm smart enough to not play.

If I won like $10,000,000 I guess just put half in a safe investment, half into property and live off the passive income

Even 2% is $200,000 a year, I have no idea how to spend that much money

Rent a nice flat in some nice EU downtown, keep living a more or less modest life and invest it until I have enough money to do something really big. Like buy some country in Africa and run it as a development/social experiment, whatever. I just want to leave a mark.

a bit like this.

once i've got enough capital i would try to be the anti-soros

Can't look at it as a money maker, gambling is entertainment. Getting a couple powerball tickets a week can get about same amount of fantasy escape per dollar as going to the cinema every Friday night. The issue is that the most revenue is generated from gambling addicts that may not be spending money they should be risking, but this is the same with many other industries.

Anyways, for this to be board topical we should just assume a net amount received from whatever source to leave discussion on playing lottery aside. For me:
One million won: fix up house, refi at lowest rate 15 possible, go on one luxurious two week vacation a year, add rest to retirement nest egg. Keep job.
One to five million won: fix up house, refi to 30, move to larger house and rent out first (a 1500 sq ft townhouse), above vacation plus monthly weekends away to see country, add college funds for my four nephews, entertain possibility of marriage and kids of my own, keep job.
Up to fifteen million won: here's where I think about quitting job in addition to above. Would want five to ten million in income generating investments at five percent annual return, municipals looking attractive for no FIT.
Up to fifty million, above with also adding a few friends to paid entourage, I've already picked these. May do this via starting capital management llc and paying them max SS wage base and maxing out 415 contributions via non elective employer contribution.
Up to 100 million, same as above but add more friend/employees to the LLC. May open some businesses for fun, like a bar I can hang out at and practice being a dirty old man eccentric.
Over 100 million and will also be starting non profit for the benefit of eliminating asthma, which my sister died of back in high school. Will likely be donating to that in above scenarios but this one will be named after her.

So, yeah lottery may be stupid throw away money (I call it my fantasy tax) but I get my money's worth in entertainment.

And has actually been reason for me to learn about things like trusts and estates, so there's also an incentive for continuing education to enhance fantasy. I still only play at most 8 dollars a week (one power, mega and state each drawing), no matter what prize is,and usually much less since I only buy when convenient to other gas/grocery shopping.

Probably a bootcamp for homeless, junkies, whores etc., to get them back to society.
Maybe get my own piece of land and make my own country and die in a"war" defending said land.

Marry and have 10 children.

That depends on the amount, but assuming it's a powerball type amount.

Pay off my parents debt: mortgage and car loans as well as give them a small amount so they can retire early and enjoy themselves.

Buy a house on the outskirts of town let a trusted friend live there and take care of it while I travel the world in a motorcycle. After my travels move back to the home and fill it with artifacts that I've found while traveling and live like the most interesting man in the world from the dos equis commercials.

Otherwise I would make a list of every business that has treated me badly throughout the years. I would open the same business across the street and undercut them while offering better services and products, using my fortune to bankroll my operations even if they're at a loss. Then once the business goes bankrupt I'll price accordingly and go up to the owner and say YOU FUCKED ME OVER ON A $12.00 PIZZA 5 YEARS AGO AND NOW I GOT MY REVENGE.

Long Term Bonds and ETF's, buy low income real estate and give it to a letting agency to manage. Retire and be comfy forever

I don't play the lottery, but 100% S&P 500 and retire immediately instead of in 10 years like I'm currently on track for.

probably get a cat
run for senate
read a book on a beach that isnt windy with wet hair

Depends how much.

Nice House and Car, and enough aside to live comfortable until I die.

Then I spend the rest on political influence, and do everting I can to halt immigration and deport minorities and undermine the leftists to try and save Europe.

I'd probably try to hide it as much as possible. Buy an apartment that's not too nice, but a bit more expensive than I actually can afford. Buy a newer car. Invest most of my money. I'd continue to work and do the things I usually do.

To be honest, I really think I should just not win the lottery. It won't matter if I win, my life would still be the exact same.

I was thinking on what investments I could do, what ammount of money I should be able to live comfortably on

but let's be realistic

a trip to thailand + a ladyboy or four
a house
probably just sit there and read and play video games until i die

Invest in altcoin. Create altcoins.

Buy and take control of Veeky Forums and employ my vision on it.
Get into industries: comic books, video games, animations.
Affect the world in a meaningful way even if it isn't politics, but quality entertainment like Walter Disney.


>manchild gets rich

-nice but regular house away from normalfags and nuclear family scum
-make an autistic shelter/bunker like that 1 /diy/ guy
-buy whatever little thing I want

-begin work on metal gear

(except that last one ( ^__^)

But metal and index funds will get #rekt if china collapses.

long enough term they will recover i'm not worried.

Won't everything get #rekt if China collapses?

we will send man to mars sooner than china to collapse.

Be amazed that I'm so lucky that I won without ever buying a lottery ticket.

If you honestly play the lottery, kill yourself you are just a tax burden.

Buy a reasonably priced house in the the country with hundreds of acres. Spend all my time acquiring new skills and hobbies.

We'll see if I win today in six hours.
Fingers crossed anons.

This. A decent sized place and live comfy for the rest of my life.

guessing 4 numbers is astronomically easier than 5 or 6. That is why the payout is lower.

i wanted my own private island then i realized the ocean is full of poison and garbage and so are the shores. talk about paradise lost.

get diamond plated kneepads, i love my work!

china wont collapse. They might have one hell of a economic crisis though. Some people will likely become billionaires overnight though so thats cool

>buy all of the world's supply of pants
>burn them

Most retard post
>be 19
>move to new hampishre
>get decent small house
>decent gas saving car with easy maintain
>buy a lot of things to grow hydro kush stealth like
>still keep working a job and selling small bundles of weed hash dab an mushrooms to people in low tier jobs
>eventually start a market where kids will buy my Merch becuase its "jiggly with it"
>buy a lot of gold and property
>bam kill my self because life is on easy mode and playing video games all day while working out and occasionally fucking escorts and smoking a ton of bc kush would kill me emotionally.
>shoot guns i guess

Then the cops take a shit ton in bribe till you run out of drugs and cash becuase you spent it all like a nig rapper and they beat you to death.

Loser say good bye to it all in a few months.

>win lotto
>8.5mil for lump sum payment after taxes
>buy mom, dad, and brother houses (0.75mil)
>set up college funds for sister, nephew and neice (0.50mil)
>buy && furnish apartment in local city (1.5mil)
>buy land in new hampshire; 100+ acres (1mil)
>design and build dream house in new hampshire (2.5mil)
>use the rest to start small business and live off(2.25mil)

damn, i have a real urge to play the sims right now; original sims

have fun/expedite multi-planetary travel/overhaul the public school system over night/ create a robotic labor force/electric airplanes/lower the cost of airplane travel, make it affordable...

>make airplane travel affordable
how poor are you? air travel is more inconvenient than expensive

Build a small house, big garden to grow food, become self sufficient, grow weed, get high all day and tend to my house / vegtables and weed. Build a workshop / shed to keep my tools and whatnot, build a seperate shed to brew beer / wine and ethonol for drinking / cleaning and fuel.