Robinhood: when to start

I want to start trading with Robinhood, but I don't have much capital to spend on stocks. I only have about $250-500 that I could use to get started. Should I buy a few stocks and start learning the ropes or wait until I have more to invest?

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Your best investment would be getting a better job. You aren't going to make any appreciable money and will just likely lose it all.

Start NOW don't wait.

thank you kindly

Don't let anyone tell you it's impossible. I started with a $500 account, and would slowly add increments into my account. I've done well this year and I now have a respectable portfolio that makes me $$$

I started with $200 on Feb, 25, 16. 340 Days later and my account is sitting at $500. If I maintain that rate for 10 years it will be 1.9mil

I would definitely start with what you've got, and learn the ropes, give yourself a set amount you put in for 6 months. and don't add more. Don't fall for the meme stocks. Yes people make money on them, but even more people lose money on them. Also patience is your best friend, I've held stocks for over a month before when I'm down the whole time, and made it out positive. Don't sell negative, always sell positive.

hold my bag for me will ya. i'll be back i promise kek

You could buy 1250 shares of GIGL with half and buy 21 shares of SDIV with half. The risk reward is huge on GIGL, wait a year and it may hit .25 cents and you have huge returns. All while you get free shares from SDIV. When starting small you have the opportunity to take larger risks. here is some DD on the crazy undervalued GIGL it is over a year old, but still relevant.

Risk half and get a good divi with the other half, divis are very important for a young portfolio and SDIV has great exposure to emerging markets and the USA

Can't trade GIGL on Robinhood.
Go ahead and shill your stock, but come on, now.

thank you all for the advice

this faggot lost the $200 and mommy and daddy gave him $500 christmas bucks for being such a good little man.

literally just value invest AMD forever.
t. meme trader who has lost 50% of his portfolio instead of gaining 400% but buying AMD and forgetting about it

Do you want to learn how to trade or make money?

If you just want to learn and dont mind losing some money while learning then I guess its fine.

You would be better off swing trading, finding companies that are well established and buy them when they take a dip. Think something big like apple, coca cola, microsoft. But for this youd have to risk all your money to make some profit.

For penny stocks it will be harder since you cannot watch the stock market daily & youre limited with the pattern day trading rule so sometimes you wont be able to take advantage of a rise in a stock all the time. Cant short stocks with it either.

Doesnt really matter if you dont learn how to read charts and find info on stocks that are being talked about. Otherwise youre gonna get memed and be left holding a bag of dust.

I started with $100 picked a few stocks, then when I had some more money threw in $300 more. I ended up making ~50 percent profit, and I stopped and cashed out since I got a full-time sales job. Only thing I have left is 5 shares of GEVO, and I'm sitting on that waiting for Trump to back biofuels.

>Don't fall for memestocks, I got caught holding the bag once, but I managed to come out positive which means
>Don't sell on negative, unless the companies going seriously bankrupt it will probably bounce back eventually
>ALWAYS do your DD, and at first stick to industries you know, or trends you see until you're following shit
>read up on trading in general, there's tons of info online (investopedia), and there's books
>stick to smaller stocks if you're looking to learn, if you just want long term investment and are going to add more money incrementally big companies (AAPL, AMZN, etc.) will be better in the long haul of things. You're not gonna learn with those, as you could only buy 2-3 shares max of the big boys if you're investing that little

I've been using RH for the past month now and started with only $300 of capital. I'm now at $350.
I mostly use it just for fun and to get a little familiar with the market before I have enough capital to make more meaningful investments and trades

Best advice: determine how much you're willing to lose; like meme-tanks-lose-everything in a day; maybe $100 bucks, and use that to chase memes/learn/be a bit fast and loose with. The remainder of your funds, put about 80% in $RSP or $SPY or some vanguard fund, and 20% into a treasury bond ETF like $TLT. Those two aren't exciting, but you will only make gains, never losses. Start now. Read the above. Learn to read graphs; MACD, RSI, candlestick plots; understand EPS, DD, and the different types of trades (Stop-loss, limit, market...).

I've been on Robinhood for one whole week now. I started with what I usually budget for fucking around on a weekend. $50. I don't get out much.
So far I've lost $6.
Had I had that 50 bucks in my back pocket, I woulda used it on beer and cigarettes by now.
So as far as I'm concerned I'm up $44.

>I'm terrible with money and waste it
>I lost some money gambling, but it's less than I waste
>gambling saves me money
I think you're on the right track, user.

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I'm an MBA student and I've been reading the WSJ for the last year and a half or so

I'm beginning to understand industry trends but i'm not as knowledgeable as i could be, and i need to learn to read graphs and pay more attention to stock info.

I don't mind losing a little money so I at this point i'd get an RH account and diddle about with it to start learning, but eventually I want to make some money with it

thanks for the advice

I want to know more about this, how do you guarantee the nigerian prince will actually give you your money?

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