Who here with student loans considering just fighting it and never paying...

Who here with student loans considering just fighting it and never paying? Anyone think the system will change to help those strapped with massive student loans?

I have $50k in student loan debt. God how I wish I could go back and not go to college. Before I get a flood of "you fucked up" I'm well aware I fucked up. And I desperately wish I could take that fuckup back, but I can't now. I have the degree, it's worthless, and there is no way to give it back.

I never wanna pay this shit, but it's gonna lead to debt collections and maybe even a lawsuit.

I plan on fighting it, and kinda hope others do too, because the more people that fight it, the more incentive the government will have to play ball.

I think the thing that makes me most angry is that they will not settle. So if you owe $50k and you call em up and say "I'll give you a check tomorrow for $40k" they will say no. How ridiculous is that?

I think a lot of us got fucked by the "everyone go to college!" culture and it goes beyond even poor degree choices.

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Whats your degree?

Human Resources.

I was told it would be a growing and lucrative field.

Well it fuckin wasn't for me.

No one held a gun to your head and told you to get a degree, even if it means incurring massive debt, OP.
You can't take back your adult decisions and now you have to pay what you owe.
Why should they settle when you agreed to pay that amount? Fuck right off, in western civilization you are held to your word.
It is entirely up to the creditor to negotiate or not.
pay denbts

Buddy I'm well aware I was gonna get a shitload of these posts.

If it were a car I could sell the car. A house could also be sold. I can't "give back" a degree.

But yeah I fucked up. And morally right or not I'm gonna escape it.

My questions are: how many other anons are gonna do this? And does anyone think the laws will change to create more favorable situations for student loan debtors?

You're admitting that you're standing morally in the wrong and your attempting to draw others towards the same place?
This reminds me of Proverbs, 27:17.
As iron sharpens iron, so too does man sharpen man.
In that same vain, as iron is dulled on iron, so too is man dulled on man.
You are attempting to draw others to do what you know full well is morally wrong.
You are attempting to fill the moral fiber of those around you. For shame.
This is not how we #MAGA.

Gosh darn cunt, fill=dull**

im glad i got a worthless degree that kinda paid off out of sheer luck in landscaping... only had like 4-5k in Cad years ago, dont remember since i just paid it off in 3 month or so. and i thought i was being jewed. If i was in your case, and assuming your in the states, well, whats the general con sense in ur neck of the woods amongst your peers? surely most of them are in similar boat as you, give or take 20-40% that have their mommy and daddy pay it off.

I agree with your sentiment but biblefags plz go.

Anyway OP 50k isn't even that bad. Make finding a job a full time job and once you do find one be very agressive with your payments and you'll have it payed off quicker than you think.

I don't understand why student loans are such a problem for people. It's only $50k and over what period, 5 years? 10 years? You can pay that off flipping burgers. With the degree you got from said loan, it shouldn't be a problem.

Also, HR isn't a terrible field. Are you unable to find a job?

Not an expert but some loans can just be ignored until they get bought out by debt collectors, after which you are not required to pay. I have no idea what the repercussions are or whether you can renege on this.

it could be if your a female of POC, but even then, from what i heard HRs are kinda obsolete in some companies,i mean think about it, wtf do they actully do that produces productivity?

I'm sorry man.
I know this isn't the place to preach.
But there's a guide by which I codify my behavior. And I consider OP's case to be relevant.
It's not okay to be wrong, know you're wrong, and then tempt others to be wrong.

Want to know how I know you have never had a big boy job?

HR is absolutely required for any decent sized company.

which state do you live and where did you go to college?

I don't think this is the case with any student loans.

Pretty sure Jesus wasn't a fan of the money-lenders himself to be fair. Not sure why you would defend them.

He can protest all he wants though. They'll just eventually garnish his wages.

I've thought about this before too. I have more debt than you and I make 55k a year. I could just suck it up and pay it off but I just don't want to. If you don't, they eventually start taking it out of your paychecks.

If you have a parent plus loan, the loan is forgiven if the student or parent dies before its paid off.

I don't feel like I'm defending moneylenders as much as I'm admonishing delinquent debtors, but my point is more his recruitment towards his morally corrupt cause.

As far as I know it will go like this:

A) They will attempt to garnish my pay (which in my case they can't, I'm self employed)
B) They will turn it over to a collection agency, and once collections fail they could take me to court, and after they win either place a lien on any property I have or get a bank levy against my bank account.

But the issue is so murky, there's a dozen different opinions on the web and all the lawyers want to do is scare people so they can get more customers.

Southeast USA, and went to a big state school.

It would be different if I got a law degree and then practiced law. Or a marketing degree and then worked in marketing.

After my degree I tried very hard and did not find anything. Best I got was doing some run of the mill sales job, making about 40k a year.

No, that isn't true at all. If your dad dies you still have to pay it, retard. Only difference is if you don't pay then your parents wages will be garnished.

I got a degree in Psychology at $37k. I got a job making $42k a week before I graduated after looking for 3 full days. Honestly isn't bad, I throw them $500 a month, save $500 a month, $700 a month to rent, $300 a month for food, and $800 to fuck around. Honestly it's a cozy life. I have 4% with match going into a 401k, which isn't bad at 23 years I think. I almost have 10k saved up, in which case I'll up my payment to $750, I expect to be done mid way through 27 years.

They're very efficient at getting their money. If they can't garnish wages then they'll tax it from you.

Yeah, that didn't answer my question at all.

Why do you want to know?


There's a Planet Money podcast about debt collection. Basically, debts get packaged and sold off to some company who might not even have the paperwork. When you think it's at that point, try asking them for proof that they still own the debt.

Shove it Bible fag.

50k loan for "human resourses"

a job that normaly goes to someone that knows someone.

you deserve do be fucked

I'm lol'ing its like you guys are teenagers who have never had an interaction with a bank or the law before.

You can be a nigger and just never own anything again or you can have your assets and accounts seized.
>butt reddit "lawyers" said!

>Make your monthly repayments
>Establish good credit
>Hold down a semi-decent job (full-time anything)
>Use good credit to purchase a home/car
>Enjoy life
>This is America, my friend.

Honestly OP debt forgiveness probably won't happen, especially with the current administration. Your best bet is to get some kind of government job, work at it for 10 years, and apply for PSLF to forgive your loans. And while you are working apply for IBR or a similar plan to minimize or zero out your payments.

How do you get free money, but without loaning? Answer me that, Veeky Forums.

it's generally a childhood decision desu. i mean, you go straight out of school. i started at 16 because my parents earned too much so i wasnt eligible for any kind of studybux and they gave me the choice of going or being kicked to the curb.

do you know what 50k$ seed capital is worth in your 20s? do you know how many years that can take off a mortgage?

it's called brain drain. leave the country and never look back. your degree is now free.

You know I'm all for personal responsibility, but you can't deny that the whole system heavily sold people in junior high and high school the idea that they absolutely must go to college or they will end up working at a fast food joint making pennies.

Literally every person I graduated with went on to college. And I was never give any kind of personal finance advice or given any finance-related courses in high school. In terms of job market, the only thing that was given to me was what jobs are compatible with my ''''personality''''. No one thought to mention what jobs actually had prospects.

So if you think everyone who is saddled with student loan is 100% responsible then I disagree and there is a reason so many people are shocked to figure out the reality when they come out of college.

And if it makes you feel better I have a great job making $80k and almost no student loans. Look at it objectively, the 12000-2015 college generation got jewed hard.

Berkshire Hathaway has no HR department

I have never had even a penny debt

proverbs are powerful shit user

Did you get a job related to your degree? What do you do?

Stealing it of course.


If a was a murrican wage&debt-slave i would not pay. See they will forgive all the loans, that balloon is getting out of hands it seems lol

New calculations show that more than half of all borrowers from 1,000 different institutions have defaulted on or not paid back a single dollar of their loans over the last seven years.

Can't find it in the article, any idea how many total students from those 1,000 institutions?

Fight uncle sam over money.


Paid mine off last month. 1,200 bucks indefered and made late payments all the time.

I bet i paid 10 grand on that 1200 bucks just by being a fucking retard.

Pay your loan faggot.

Dobnot dick with big brother unless you want fucked. Litterally and figuratively


Student loans are the greatest scam in history.

Loan children life altering amounts of money.

Low interest rates what a good deal!

Have u by the balls until u die and then your family pays it or they get all your shit too after u die.

Backed by litteral fucktons of fake money...

Anyone with 1 cent in student loan debts got scammed.

Fucking handle your shit and be a man...

Topkek m8.

Kinda made me want to be a better friend and not punch customers in the dick so much today.



Mopar faggots please leave

Big boy job.

I have been a truck driver and heavy equipment operator my entire life.

Never had hr in any company.

Hell, my last job my boss pulled his dick out and helicoptered at someone after they said they were gonna quit.

0 fucks given.

Get the fuck out adult babysitters

Well, op is a faggot.

Welcome to Veeky Forums bro

If I was that guy I would have sued for sexual harassment and won easily.

The purpose of HR departments is to provide legal protection for the company

Dual citizen here. What's to stop me from racking up student loan monies, then graduating and running off with my new degree? Should I brain drain and leave this oppressive system?

See you in hell you degenerate cunt...

Illegally or windfall. Only 2 options

What is the interest rate of student loans may I ask?

A baloon backed by over 17 tons of ink a month in funny money.

If that bubble blows we are sucking hard dick already...

My emphasis was on Industrial/Organizational Psychology, but my job is more social science. When parents get their kids taken away by CPS I go into their home and teach them skills (common sense shit, like make a budget and don't hit your kids). Honestly don't hate it, only required to get 20 hours face to face a week and get .48 per mile (very easy to lie, $450 mileage checks help). Applying to M/PhD programs now though, I want that degree so I can make $150k+ as a Consultant.

Life's not bad with debt as long as you
> Get it all in one place
> Don't have kids
> Cozy apartment
> No car payments

My federal loans range from 3% to 6.5% apr. I have a smaller private loan that's at 8%

Nah. The owner is litterally the richest dickwad i ever met.

He will blow 29 million bucks to keep you from taking a dime of his money.

My bass was a flaming cocksucker though. I was gonna try recording some shit and going to court but i just quit.

In all honesty if i though i coukd beat his ass without seriously crippling him for life id still fucking do it.

I used to see him around town though. Mutherfucker likes to fight and i dont recall him losing.

Retarded cunt would pull his balls out and just walk around fucking with people all the time.

Just another bully i guess. Maybe karma will get him and he'll get dick cancer and fucking die or something.

8 percent ... such is the life in Cuckmurica, enjoy getting goyed.


Try having credit card debt at like 27%.

I shoulda filed bankruptcy.

>>>I got a job making $42k a week
Fuck that is just lucrative as fuck

>Where THE FUCK did you study and where THE FUCK do you work cause that's good money - I'm in school now and work a full commission job from home and I a little bit more than that per year

>I don't feel like I'm defending moneylenders as much as I'm admonishing delinquent debtors
It doesn't matter what you feel because that's exactly what you are doing. Usury is a sin period, lending expecting to get a pre-determined rate of return regardless of actual outcomes has no basis in the real Christian tradition outside modern logical gymnastics.
Jesus might be cool with venture capitalists but would BTFO all moneylenders and loan sharks.

You play the guitar on the MTV, that ain't workin' that's the way you do it; money for nothing and your drinks for free


To me it's 50/50.

50% my fault I was young and dumb and did not think through the loan. But 50% the government/university complex which is shoving overpriced degrees down the youth's throat with not nearly enough job openings to provide for all these "educated" people.

If the government called me and was willing to settle I would take the deal. If they dropped the $50k down to $25k, I'd settle.

> Applying to M/PhD programs now
> I want that degree so I can make $150k+ as a Consultant.

Good luck....

I also agree. The bible has a pretty clear stance on money lending.

The irony of a "Christian" trying to lecture me on escaping fraudulent debt is not lost on me.

someone lucked out in the parent game
not in getting college paid for, that's a recipe for making entitled little shitstains, I mean in not letting you do into debt in the first place

We need to bring back debtors' prison. Make these prisoners do the infrastructure building work and other menial labors until they pay off their debt to society (real debt, not some bs criminal debt).

> fake a disability
> have gov write off loans
> collect neetbux

here is the link , OP


> hey man do you want to buy my business?
> Well why would I do that?
> It generates $500k a year gross and $150k a year in profits
> Sure!
*buys business*
*discovers it generates no profit whatsoever*

tell me how this isn't fraud again?

What are you legitimately fucking talking about? HR was rated in the top 5 of jobs by Glassdoor.

Then again I have always thought there was some serious sexism going on with women, like how female dominated jobs were hard to get as a male like good luck ever being a secretary or librarian as a dude. I have been trying to get a librarian job and still looking just going on massive amounts of interviews per year.

Ironically women will keep HR a 100% female profession because they are all of HR.

So anyway I now have a job doing waste management assisting + Robinhood investing and keeping away from the memes and going for the true dreams and now down to 40K debt starting from 60K 3 years ago. I might pay off my debt in 4 more years, so fuck college anyway.

> I read on the internet that _________ had tons of opportunity

>$800 to fuck around
what the heck man, throw that $800 at your student loans! You will be done more than twice as fast paying them back and then you will have an extra $1300 a month to bump up your 401lk

>Anyone think the system will change to help those strapped with massive student loans?
No, the system was set up to make stupid young people wage slaves. Society needs you to flip burgers.

>No, the system was set up to make stupid young people wage slaves. Society needs you to flip burgers.

Only until automation is fully developed then the burger flippers will be taken over by robots.