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> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, am I being jewed?
Jewish tricks? No, and please refrain from the antisemitism! Robinhood graphs are just shit and only show you an average, not-really-realtime price. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.

> How is it free?
"People" invest your settled funds when you're not using them, just like banks.

> Is this the place to pump and dump and/or shill a worthless stock?
Are you aware how small this community is? Better to try stocktwits or r/wallstreetbets

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
Real brokers, like TDAmeritrade's thinkorswim. Otherwise you should be using stockcharts.com, finviz, or a non-pile-of-shit for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.

>How do I git gud?
People here are gambling, don't listen to any advice in this thread. Do, follow news, earnings reports, and stay away from leveraged etfs, also learn difference between LIMIT and MARKET orders!!!


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XGTI worth holding? Bought in at $2 a share

Yeah, hold tight. Don't sell under 2.5

Keep an eye on GRPN guys.

thanks bud you called it out a few days ago right?

been holding since then

When to sell NAK bought at 2.11

Any news on them? Doesn't look exciting

PULM keeps running but theres heavy resistance ahead at $7

Nah, couldn't have been me. The technicals are pointing towards a potential break out.

We've been having consecutive low volumes across the board, pump and dumps by the big wigs, and someone keeps propping up the DOW and subtly selling off while gullible investors hold the bag.

Too many tell tale signs of a coming market correction, any form of bad news could trigger a sell off and the only safe havens are in Gold/Silver in the long term. I would sit on cash, and when the market sell off happens start gobbling up blue chip stocks.

Screencap this.

someone posted with the retarded frog and said they had a secret for us (GRPN)

TENX is doing great today. :) bought in at .70 and now it .91, probably going to sell if it hits 1.00

I saw that the other day to I bought a couple of shares but then sold the other day.

What is the meme stock of the day to buy?

This isn't news. Everyone knows this shit is going to capsize soon.

MVIS watch it


Whats with that? they got good results but droped?

People have been saying the correction is coming for years. You've probably been saying it for years. Then when it finally happens you'll say "I told you!!!"

Fuck off retard

Oh and MSTX they are supposed to have a merger with another company. The S-4 should drop on or before feb. 14 then there will probably be "news" about it

lol ive been hearing the market is going to fall for the past 5 years of trading lol

user. Don't get caught holding the bag. We're currently in the mania phase and you've bought into the delusion of the new paradigm.

Anyone buy PULM at 2 dollars after my DD?

wheres the UA bottom

I want to get in

There's a pattern, every decade or so it happens. The last time was Feb. of 09 and nothing is justifying these index composites.

Give me one good reason why the DOW hit over 20k - you can't.


people blindly going to work, people blindly putting into their 401k, people blindly buying things, anons blindly buying memes... i think people might be blindly going through life honestly user

So... What you're saying is.. Buy UVXY??

I was down ~90% after buying PULM in the 9s. It's nice to get back, but I'm still down. Think it'll be tough to break $7 but I'm just gonna hold on...also I tried to buy more at $1 but my brokerage is a pos and likes to block a lot of my orders without first calling them (that takes up at least 20 min just for 1 trade) they are Merrill Edge and unless you have >100k I would avoid them


Wait for that last good dip, then start considering going in. Don't buy in after another pump and dump wait for the dip.

*Every decade for the past 300 years* To be exact.

Forgot link

Research. You guys don't do ebough of it.

Yeah, the stock market crash of 1880 was rough.

Do recruiters for Xavier's School still lurk here?

I'm still holding XTGI, when to let go?

Sure was, smartass.



Succesful moonmissions and PTN is finally green.

Today went better than expected.

Isn't a merger practically a guaranteed rise of share price? Why aren't we all in this 100%?

over 2.50 set a sell limit

About to liquid everything and go all in on AMD

>missing the point this badly

Better stock up on ammo and MREs.

I bet you voted Hillary. Take your tinfoil hat ravings elsewhere friend

How many shares of PTN are you holding?
Looking to get in

Can someone pls explain why TENX blew up and when to sell

>looking to hop on the little engine that couldn't

just dont

It's 1 cent above its 1 year low. Absolutely no upside?

Trying to time the market with blue chips seems unnecessary, itll all work out in the end regardless.

i mean go for it dude
just be aware theres a lot of bagholders looking to exit at break even

What I am trying to say is if you invest in the long term now you're an idiot. You will not see these levels of gains for another 10 years perhaps, what you want to do is sit on cash and go in when the market sells off

Apparently Altria ($MO) just announced a major smokeless tobacco recall so might be worth watching to see if it drops



>tfw not American

how long do i hold onto my gAyMD

Its so easy to get rich like lmao buy some shipping stocks poor fags

Sold NAKD for a $2000 loss a week ago
I'd be rich right now if I just held the bag

what are you then?

like FRO?

on our way back up, boys

sometimes the market doesn't make sense to me. but the last 8ks look pretty good, officers and directors agreed to lock up their shares and arent increasing salaries then there is the merger with Savara and they are cancelling 16.4mill shares in stock options

The stock should be over .20

A week ago

youre gonna make it man

hang in there

$PULM is dipping, anyone catch that dip?

I sold way beforehand once it lost 8%, still made out with a couple hundred gain,

i did, im actually the who asked you to do it, sold before close yesterday...made profit but still kill me

The real question is - did you?

OCRX anyone?

jesus its up 100%, are you the DRYS frog?

Yes, avg at 3

Who else holding GST? I got 2750 at $1.50
Praise Kek for Rex Tillerson!!

don't get caught
NAKD is trash, pump-n-dump tier. It's got momentum because its first commercial debuts tonight, as if that means diddly dick

Thanks to that user who mentioned Fitbit yesterday. They went below $6 and are rising today

Fucking JAGX

$PULM continues to dip

$CIE up 7% today, forecasting to hit $1.72 in next 7 days.

Whats the catalyst?

$PULM making a rebound, hope someone caught that one

his rectum

Otherwise, it wouldn't have made it to his anus and he wouldn't have been able to pull it out and share it with us

ERX anyone?

Jeeeaaa booiiiiieeeee

bought in at 5.50

How heavy are they?

actually got filled 5.49, gotta love IB

Anybody other than me holding ARTX?

fucking broker fee's turning any profit below 5% into a loss.
Don't suppose there's a european equivalent of Robinhood huh.

>Buy and hold royt for like 2 hours at 1,64
>Wait 2 hours, and begrudginly sell at 1,62
>5 minutes afterwards, shoots up to 1,69

I can accept it going steadily up later towards end of day, but 5 minutes after selling it?

This is proof that there is a godlike omnicepent force who's aim is to bamboozle people. Bet it will be 1.8 by end of day

>shooting up
>5 fucking pennies

holy shit dude

aaaaaaaand I'm out, not strength in that bounce

How much does your broker charge?

Same thing happens to me every time I set a stop loss. My stop will turn out to be the very bottom of the dip. Every fucking time.

I don't use them anymore.

>omnicepent force who's aim is to bamboozle people.


I trade for 1 buck a trade in nasdaq ranging from 500 bucks to 3000 bucks value trades
open acc at interactive brokers

are you new to IB
lemme ask you are you using the mosaic or the classic view

no one is looking at energy?

Enlighten us, user

mostly just the mobile app, when im on my computer I use the mosaic dark style

ah ok

I had 5k in it

Is now a good time to shill DCTH?

If so, y'all should totally buy


Dums confirm