My father just killed himself and I'm to inherit between $90k - $125k between 401k and life insurance...

My father just killed himself and I'm to inherit between $90k - $125k between 401k and life insurance. My mother had a psychotic break a few years ago and her family takes care of her now and blame me for causing her schizophrenia so I don't have her to rely on. (she was an immigrant from Ireland so she lives there now and currently lives in a backwater hick village with her mother)

I'm currently a 26 year old NEET and owe around $25k in student debt (dropped out of college), have $40k in an IRA which I inherited from one of my uncles, and can't drive (I crashed too many times when trying to learn and finally gave up) and had been living with my father in a shitty apartment nowhere near industry or transportation since his divorce from my mother when she went crazy so couldn't work for the last couple of years.

I'm currently living with my uncle who told me I can only stay here for a few months. I'm terrified I'll end up renting somewhere and working full time with a minimum wage job and won't be able to pay off my student debt and will barely be able to afford a room somewhere near public transport, and the money I'm to inherit will slowly dry up paying the difference between rent, my phone, utilities and what I actually earn as an unskilled social retard with no connections because no friends.

I've considered buying a studio apartment condo in a shitty part of greater Boston (where I currenty live and was raised) and getting a minimum wage job in the mean time (as I wait through probate) now that I'm near public transport again so maybe the bank will allow me to buy a property if I'm employed. Is this a good idea for a long term investment strategy? What else would you recommend? Where should I look? What neighborhoods should I count on to gentrify? Zillow doesn't appear to be much help as very few studio apartments are listed. What would Veeky Forums do?

Give it to me.


move to San Diego


lots of asian girls in cali

>studio apartment
>writes on Wall
user was here

Don't be a quitter like the other losers in your senpai

please respond

>maybe the bank will allow me to buy a property if I'm employed
hehehe, funny man

I was being serious

>(I crashed too many times when trying to learn and finally gave up)

What? How is that possible? Doesn't the driving instructor just slam on the brakes when he sees you trying to go full retard?

my dad and later a friend tried to teach me

are you a woman? how does one not know how to drive??

No, I'm a disoriented betamale.

>I've considered buying a studio apartment condo in a shitty part of greater Boston (where I currenty live and was raised) and getting a minimum wage job in the mean time (as I wait through probate) now that I'm near public transport again so maybe the bank will allow me to buy a property if I'm employed
Its actually not a bad idea
but a condo you have to pay fees on. Can't you buy an attached row-house in Boston, maybe in a gentrifying area or in Lynn? Buy something with no yard and a small section of sidewalk.

You will need to get a job though, try being a waiter in a restaurant.

Sorry for your loss OP

Thanks, user

There seemed to be some reasonably affordable condos in the diamond district of lynn so I'll check out to see if they have any reasonably priced row-houses. The HOA fees were going to be a bitch anyway. The problem with being a waiter (I've been a food runner and busser in the past) is I tend to be very clumsy and forgetful and have been fired from every job like that in the past. Actually I've been fired from every job I've ever had despite being rather punctual. I studied IT in college but I have the memory of goldfish and no vested interest in technology so the IT jobs I've been fired from have been because of actual incompetence plus social awkardness. I'm thinking the next job I'll take will just be a clerk of some sort, unless I can get a job at a warehouse or something.

Gina Raimondo is giving 2years free at any public RI college, might be nice to keep in mind.

Try security, depending on where you work most of the time its just shitposting and masturbating while getting paid

Try slowing down and take it all in. There is no reason to rush into things

Security jobs are the best for socially retards like us.

I'd do it. A little afraid I'll one day actually need to do something, though. I'm 5'7" and 130 lbs.

Why did he kill himself and how old was he?

He was 54 and because his wife left him after she developed paranoid schizophrenia and demanded he knock down walls of the house (or be divorced) because she was afraid of being watched by the FBI. Together they probably devalued the house by $150k making all sorts of schizophrenic modifications in the last months of their relationship before she randomly disappeared and filed for divorce. I think the holidays made him particularly depressed and he ended it on new years eve.

>having a manlet NEET son who can't even learn to drive
I wonder

You need to learn to drive. It's impossible to highly impractical to adult without one without living somewhere expensive like Boston. Shit you can live in a car that solves half your problems.

Spend your neetbux on a driving course and a $1000 used car.

also this in all honesty

Shit. That's rough.

Anyway user, best of luck. Maybe base your plans around what you'd like to do for a living since you have fuck all other commitments now. You coukd move somewhere cheap too if you're concerned about cost of living.

Sorry OP. Do you have more family? If there's nothing else left for you there just pack your stuff and pick a random place in the world to move.

well, here is my advice since I was an asshole. Take a trip to southeast asia. Thailand, south korea, indonesia, malaysia. You can do it for less than $5000 pretty easily and it will get you out of your bubble. Traveling alone is the best, foreigners love visitors. The girls will love you, even if you just get some hookers it will be really cheap. Go get some life experiences my man, you are in a prime position to do so.

Hell maybe even look into studying abroad or working abroad for a period of time if you enjoy the trip.

Buy a car

I think I'll start considering this.

Do this but don't become a retard accepting heroine and doing stuff. Be open for new experiences but think for a minute this isn't going to bite me in the ass later on.

Be aware schizophrenia is genetic
seriously, if you have symptoms go see a doctor

Move to Florida ( a homestead state), then scrape up all of your money and buy a cheap house. That way when your life inevitably falls apart you will atleast have somewhere to get out of the rain

he says he has the memory of a goldfish
maybe he smokes a lot of weed?
weed itself doesnt cause schizophrenia, but schizophrenics are drawn to it on their own, like subliminal self-medication

OP, do you smoke a lot of pot?

I've never posted here before but my experience with people in the business world tells me this mentality is probably common on a board like this, even if most of you are NEET 4channer wannabes.

find motivation to keep on going, a job you would like to do, places you want to visit, find a girlfriend. Whatever works for you, man. Good luck.

I've never smoked weed, never been social enough to know anyone.

Sorry Op :(
Do you think you could rebuild the walls and zoning for muti-dwelling? Maybe some profitable opportunity there

Try and enroll in trade school if you really want to do something. Stay with your uncle as long as you can and just finish trade school. Trade school won't be the most glamorous thing ever but you won't be working minimum wage.

renovate your house and recover the +150k, and then maybe move out of your country to somewhere cheaper so you got more of dat purchasing power.

Since you're a neet who doesn't drive I suggest you go to southeast asia. Teach english there. You don't even need to know how to drive. Living expense is extremely cheap.

long gone, unfortunately.

Buy 2 cars

but life insurance never covers suicide...

A lot of people's Autistic or Schizophrenic symptoms subside when they go grain-free. Worth a try if you notice the signs.

I second the travelling thing. Helpx, Wwoofing, even couchsurfing can help you gain a bit of perspective. As I always say, figuring out what you want to do is mostly a process of elimination.

that's a meme, it does after some years.

Pay off debt, move to the midwest aka aintmuchouthere where the cost of living is super low and just give yourself plenty time to figure out what you want to do. could probably make a neet job online and cover your expenses

>westernized """asians"""


>cant even drive
>expects to know how to efficently manage money
good luck with that retard

I suggest moving to Chicago.

shame to famiry

Hey dude you need a pal to talk to text me dude i know a bit about what your going through

seven seven zero two zero zero five one nine eight

I'm in Boston as well. Check out places like Allston/Somerville. I'm sure you already know they have affordable housing. Well... Its Boston but its the best thing you can get price wise I think. Wishing you luck bro.

>life insurance
he killed himself nigga i'm fairly certain you will get nothing on that front.

It depends on the policy but often it's just for a certain period. With Aviva for example it's 12 months.