Snapchat IPO $25B

>only non-voting shares.
>Snap Asks Non-Voting Investors to Focus on Vision, Not Losses.
>Loss widened to $515 million in 2016 from $382 million in 2015.
>Company has committed to spend $2B with Google cloud over the next 5 years.
>2 fucking BILLION dollars for computers.

DOT COM bubble 2.0 when?

Seems like they know the jig is up and they want to cash out.

short Snapchat,

Whatsapp adding delete message/picture feature aswell.

How the fuck does snapchat make money, at all
Other than having rich partners for the """news""" section

It'll probably go up immediately from dumb cowboys buying it because hurr snapchat and risk investors trying to take advantage, don't you think?

>It'll probably go up immediately from dumb cowboys buying it because hurr snapchat and risk investors trying to take advantage, don't you think?

There is a reason Whatsapp announced the "delete message/picture" service implementation two days ago before the IPO.

Gamble, but the IPO is extremly overpriced.

Will we be able to buy stock through Robinhood? Or will there be ridiculous wait times on orders?

snapchat won't survive whatsapp
whole app is a feature with shitty ux

>investors focus on vision, not losses

how come snapchat is in the red ? what are they spending their cash on if they cant turn a profit with this massive ad reach they have ?

Going all in

330 employees each making 300k = 100 million + server running cost + miscellaneous

who gives a shit, buy twilio

Snapchat's fuck up is that they willingly put themselves in a political position. Worse yet, the losing side. They put so much money into supporting the DNC that when Trump won they had no choice but to keep pushing the DNC agenda or else they'd lose their funding from CNN and other leftwing companies.

Snapchat also spends their fucking money on stupid shit. I really like the company but at the end of the day they're paying their people way too much fucking money when they could be branding themselves a lot better. If spectacles were reasonably priced and available to a mass market rather than being sold in "hip, trendy, cool" vending machines they'd be able to really make an imprint.

I like snapchat, I really do. It's just that they're typical californians running a business. They're pinko faggots and that's going to lead to their demise.

They have 2000.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and Facebook has made it its sole mission to crush snapchat

>Coming out with gadgets such as Spectacles and social media innovations that players such as Facebook want to copy isn’t easy. The company’s biggest investment is in R&D, where it spent $184m in 2016 – up from $82m a year earlier.

>The company also spent $124m in marketing and $165m in general and administrative costs.

and inexplicably employs 1800 people.

Facebook owns instagram which now offers basically the same service as snap chat

could of sold it for 3bil in cash and facebook shares years ago. what a clown not accepting that offer

what is their value proposition anyway? It seems like they came up with a product that people wanted but with no real way to make a sustainable business model

exactly. snapchat is on its way out, largely.

>you fucking goyim! why aren't you willing to give money to me and to my bull?

>could of
What is this, first grade? It's "could have" you dumbass

>google cloud

Doesn't the IPO money go to them? They're much better off this way if that's the case.

bigly, i cant wait to short this faggots shit company

Most of that 3 billion was likely promised to employees. An IPO shortchanges the employees by giving them less valuable shares, meanwhile the company raises the ceiling on what it's allowed to take in from investors.

depends how much stock they personally sell

Sweet fucking shit

This is like the investment equivalent of "But she has such a great personality"

Facebook petty as fuck. I hope Snapchat magically succeeds and they make a movie about it and it shows Facebook and mark zuckerberg as the big babies they are

>tfw still don't know what snapchat is
This is why I don't invest in software.

Snapchat does ads now
Or at least they did. They announced it, and I saw ads for about a week after, sparingly, but I haven't seen a single ad for a while now. I guess reception was worse than expected.

Oh wow, of course as soon as I say that I see an ad

It's not a software company it's a "camera company"


that's what they claimed in their SEC filing

they also stated that they may never be profitable

they're pivoting!

they don't even know what their product is jfc

Ads, sponsored filters, and the news you mentioned.

these apps can barely monetize, stupid investments all around. Owners should all be selling and getting the fuck out. Buy some parking lots or something with the proceeds.

Technically they have those spectacles

I'm shorting that bitch, I hate Facebook more than anything but their products are solid as fuck, at the long run Facebook will survive by buying trends with their unlimited wealth and Snapchat will be the next Zynga. This is what I am thinking.

>I think I know better than the market
You faggots are the same people who thought Facebook stock was going to be worthless after their IPO.

what are the sales figures on those? they need to narrow their focus and figure out what they're best at before it becomes a worthwhile investment

Idk can't be much though. They sell out of vending machines for $300. There's 2 ways this can go. Either they pull a Facebook and prove to everyone that they are worth it in the long run, or they pull a twitter and become shit. DESU though Facebook isn't anything other than a holding company really. Tell me one product of Facebook. You can't because they don't have one. They just buy out other tech companies sure they have their website but that probably brings in chump change for them.

>They just buy out other tech companies sure they have their website but that probably brings in chump change for them.
huh? isn't how they got all that money in the first place?

They got all that money from ad revenue, not innovation. Saying Snapchat can't do the same thing is stupid. But now Facebook buys a fuck ton of tech companies like oculus rift WhatsApp and Instagram.

If Snapchat does go the same way my advice would be to buy letgo, or start something like it. That way they can diversify and allow for more wiggle room. They don't want to end up like twitter or groupon

When the fuck can I buy this?

I mean the only good thing Snapchat has is just the facial recognition database they have that they're gonna sell to the government at some point.

Anyone else looking forward to shorting the shit out of this stock?