Scotland may be leaving the UK following Brexit

Scotland may be leaving the UK following Brexit.

What would be the best way for someone living in England to profit from it?

Invest in Scotland because England will become the North Korea of Europe.

>small c conservatism, free trade, liberalism, common law
>SNP literally trying to steal land from people for the greater good

you must either be Scottish or American, no one else is this ignorant.

>A country which embraces free trade and cooperation with the largest trading bloc in the world.
>A country which embraces protectionism and closes its borders because of "hurrrr immigrants stealin muh jobs"

Gee I wonder which country will proper more.


>rejecting opening your legs to millions of gypsies, polacks and pakis = rejecting trade


I guess Switzerland hates trade too.

The EU is more protectionist than the UK will be post-Brexit.

You don't get it do you? The UK's model going forward is free trade deals with everyone and slashing corporation tax. It's going to be one of the most open countries in the world. Immigration will be reduced in the short term, but only until there is a change in government.

change your money to $

>slashing corporation tax.

Kek. This will do nothing to increase overall economic growth. Companies don’t usually hire people out of the goodness of their heart or because they have extra money sitting around. They hire people in order to make MORE money.

If the government gives you a tax break you’d gain nothing by hiring a new person. It would be more cost effective to just invest it in real estate freeholds and collect the easy money.

Short the pound.

The announcement of the referendum will cause a dip and the result will surely cause another crash.

I'm actually scottish. I voted no in the referendum a few years ago... They basically said that if we left the uk then we would also be leaving the eu, which I didn't want. GF is portuguese etc and other reasons.

But hey. I guess they lied about that shit because we left the eu anyway so fuck them

the more people invest in real state, the lower renting will cost. Cost of living goes down, economy grows.

Lower corporation tax brings money in. That's why countries like Ireland and Luxembourg constantly do crafty deals to get companies to base themselves there. If the UK has the lowest corporation tax of all the civilised countries, more companies will move their headquarters there and this will draw in money. It's already happening. Just last month McDonalds announced it was moving it's non-US HQ to the UK. The policy is working.

>the more people invest in real state, the lower renting will cost. Cost of living goes down, economy grows.
> Cost of living goes down
> goes down

Tell me. Do you choose to be an ignorant dufus or do you actually believe the nonsense you type?

it puts downward pressure, the costs are lower than they would have been without the cuts, whether it's enough to offset inflation is irrelevant, the government (with the exceptions of Switzerland and Singapore) will always propel inflation anyways.

>he's applying economies of scale to real estate

How do I best explain this to a brainlet... Let me see...You can't just mass produce houses because land is a FINITE resource. Also rich people often own HUGE areas of land, because, well they are rich, thats why. Not to mention historically countries have gotten into all sorts of wars and violence just over land. You can't buy land from walmart like you can for a can of coke or crisps, mate.


Add to the equation that EVERY wagecuck on the planet wants to buy their own house or atleast rent a place to put roof above their heads, the prices are just going to keep going UP. Why? Because there is literally ZERO incentive for the private sector to increase the house supply that may lead to a reduction prices.

Buy euros
or short the pound

>there is literally zero incentive for construction

all of my what

Buy scotcoin

If you cant even read the news you stand no chance of profiting on it fucktard.

Indyref2 was dismissed by teh PM this week. Without permission from westminster, holyrood commies cannot call for another referendum.

Scotland ins't going anywhere, nor is there any change form the 55% support form remaining part of the UK just 2 years ago.

You wanna get rich, how bout you learn a bit about the world and what is going on in it.

Stay poor pleb.

You're forgetting that the inevitable failure of the conservative governments ability to get "good deals" and make britain a "world leader again" is going to be a huge blow to them for future elections.

Given that the labour party NEEDS the support of scottish voters to win elections, the conservatives infact do have a motive for letting the scots leave... It will cement their rule over the UK as the labour party is the only real opposition and they are completely useless without widespread scottish support when it comes to election time.

The tories don't want scotland to leave (yet) because it will be bad for their brexit negotiations... But when they make the "deals" and everything is set, they know that is labours ONLY chance to becoming a strong opponent again within the next 10 years.

The conservatives are playing it perfectly. They put party before country. Long term, they would rather have supreme rule over England for their entire lifetimes and cash in on mass privatization than continually have to fight for UK elections and hold off on their overall goals to keep the working class on side (which they only have right now due to brexit)

Don't get me wrong. I'm Scottish and I despise the conservatives for what they stand for... but they are smart as fuck and everyone is playing into their hands. Even the Scottish government.

They plan every outcome years in advance... It wasn't long ago they raised the minimum wage. It got the working class on their side. But then the pound dropped in value within months and will continue to drop... Making the wage rise completely null.

But do you see anyone complaining? Nah, they are too dumb. They don't even notice... The number on their paycheck is higher than it was before so they are convinced they are getting paid more all thanks to the glories conservative party.

The PM "dismissing" indyref 2 is just to keep the english believing she is a powerful leader who can push other governments around.

Sell knee pads with the cross of St. Andrew on them.

>Switzerland meme
Believing EFTA will be open to UK after Brexit

>free trade deals with everyone
>Believing free trade deals will be open with EU
>Believing US and Nigerian trade will cover up the difference

>slashing corporation(sic) tax
>not getting that The City is already the world's biggest offshore setup, with no discernable advantage for the rest of UK

They are living on the profits of past business. That loophole is disappearing
Also, they are multi-lingual. UK will only have chavs left.

oh boy, you dun goofed.

If they leave the UK, they lose their welfare monies and the pound. Their "country" would literally be Falklands islands tier.

It would be suicide to leave.

>inb4 ay 'ave withstood the shock of England of Ireland of Rome and the world

>liberalism is a good thing

Made me laugh.

Who gives a fuck. Scots are too much of pussies now anyway to do anything about it other than cry and whine. RIP braveheart
Sell them merchandise that complains about brexit. Maybe tshirts or mugs :^)

liberalism in British English means classical liberalism you McPerson

They won't leave once they realize Spain won't let them in the EU

And yet London rents have fucking gone up through the fucking roof
New York City hasn't gotten cheaper to buy a house in
And the Bay Area is horribly expensive
Please stfu and leave

>the more people invest in real state, the lower renting will cost
lol, being a landlord is literally a license to print money. There aren't enough houses to go around so you can charge whatever the fuck you want since there's enough desperate to live there.

stop whining, invest in real state and get bloody rich then
I'm sure there's no risk involved

liberalism means right wing in bongland and straya,(ie what it actually means)