Why didn't you buy Ethereum user?

why didn't you buy Ethereum user?

Don't you know it was invented by satoshi nakamoto as the successor to bitcoin?

It's bitcoin 2.0 apart from its not owned by the filthy chinks and actually has a future.

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you can still dump your alt bags for BTC before it hits $10k

>Buy my mess


Oh ye of little brains, when will you see the light?

Bitcoin is only the prelude to the blockchain of everything- ethereum.

Dump your bitcoin bags and get on the ETH moon rocket, its starting to lift off!

Can anyone give me a quick rundown of this guy?

BTC is pumping, so eth cucks such as op are scared shitless that their shitcoin is gonna dump some more. Expect eth shilling to increase greatly during btc pumps/eth dumps.

It's fairly standard.

>btc pumps
>eth cucks panic & shill
>eth dumps
>eth cucks panic & shill harder
>both coins retrace a bit
>eth cucks celebrate their not-so-big loss as a win
Like nocoiners, they'll never learn.

Nah, eth is in line for a doubling in price btc shills are the ones panicking as evidenced by the damage control post im replying to.

Hey guys my block says OP is a faggot
Please confirm

It is unconfirmed. OP is a pretty cool guy

A majority of blocks in the chain disagreed.
OP is indeed a faggot. All hail the chain.

Since the summer eth is literally over -50% while glorious bitcoin is +70%.

But keep shilling on chinese cartoon boards, it's working out great.

I live in NY. Can't but it.

just buy both obviously

Just went 1.4k eth leveraged long.
Buy eth or get left behind

To be fair, Bitcoin went from 1k to sub $300 at one point.

>pumpndump memecoin

no thanks

You are on the wrong fork OP rocks

And since last January Ethereum is up 1,000% and Bitcoin is up 150%. See, I can pick arbitrary dates as well.

Ethereum will be up a lot more than that soon

>hold out for days
>finally see a pattern
>decide to sell just minutes before news strikes and pumps the price up

Because I need my money to run my business. Buying zero liquidity drugcoins isnt going to help me.

already did :^)

the people who actually study this space know that ethereum is going to BTFO bitcoin

it's going to be absolutely glorious when the bitcoin bubble collapses and all of the bitcoin cucks have to admit defeat

I did in 2014, during the ICO, like Veeky Forums told me to.
Now I'm all in in ICN.

Good luck too everyone.