Are you a third world user who wants to escape poverty?

Are you a third world user who wants to escape poverty?

Do you have an idea for a local business that you can get started with a small (~$1,000 USD) investment?

Are you willing to work hard and smart, and share an equity stake in that business?

I'm looking for anons to help start a business in their home country, I've been working with another Veeky Forumsnessman I met here to help him set up a cyber cafe in Brazil, and if you have a good idea, I want to help you too.

What's in it for me? I make cool international friends, help provide services to areas that need and deserve investment, and I get a share of the profits when the business is up and running.

If you're interested, post a summary of your business idea and a way for me to get in touch with you (I recommended a throwaway email account) and if I like your idea I'll contact you and we can talk about next steps.

Looking forward to some strong contenders (and the laughably retarded ideas I'm sure will be posted in here too), good luck

i am in a third world shithole and want to escape.

not escape poverty, but insecurity, violence, kidnaps. i want to escape the country. sure, i'm poor and unemployed but have some money saved.

you are offering 1k? bitch i pay you 10k if you get me out of here permanently and legally.

Are you from Mexico? Cos that sounds like Mexico


It is my great pleasure to write to you and present my business proposal for your consideration and possible acceptance which you will find mutually beneficial to both parties.

I am Engr. David Koni, the Chairman of the Contract Award Committee,Cotonou Republic Du Benin W.Africa, We need a trust-worthy partner to assist us in the transfer of (US$11,5M) ELEVEN MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS.for further investment in your country,

You will be required to:
(1) Assist us in the transfer of this sum to your bank account in your Country.

(2) Advise on areas for potential future investment in your country

(3) Assist us in carrying out the feasibility study before actual investment. If you decide to render your service to us in this regard,you will be paid 20% of the total funds for assistnce.Reply back this post if you are willing to work with us.

1,000USD is nothing tbqh

I think we could make great business together brother.

I am myself a nigerian prince. My father died a few month back and left me a lot of money. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to get the money myself or I would be at risk of going to jail for corruption. The idea would be for you to get the money in my name (I trust you, please don't scam me) and transfer me back 50% of the sum. There is 100 millions in the account so that would be 50 millions each ! Of course there will be minor fees that you will have to front but it will be worth it ;)

Contact me at [email protected]

Sounds like any Latin American country to be honest

>t. I don't understand 3rd world economies

I do know, it's nothing, if anything breaks your friend will come asking for more money

$1,000 is not that much, even in a 3rd world country. A shitty Chinese CG125 motorcycle costs like $1,500 in the third world, for example.

What about things to sell in the 3rd world?

What's stuff they don't have in Shithole, Congo that any trailer park pleb has here

there's literally everything here. the only difference is only rich people can afford them.

i'll give you an example. a ps4 pro at best buy goes for 400, here the exact same bundle goes for 700. you can check mercadolibre (kind of ebay), at least for latinamerica and compare prices. and most of the time ML is where you get the cheapest prices because many sell shit they bring from abroad when travelling or with relatives/friends visiting. if you go to a physical store, forget it. they have to pay full taxes when importing crap, which is around 45% not considering shipping.

monthly minimum wage is 370 dollars a month.

building supplies. aside from copper, i cant imagine niggers stealing cmu blocks, plywood, roof shingles, etc...

Rule of law

They can import anything they want. There's nowhere on Earth that first world capital hasn't touched, and that money has nowhere to go except into foreign imports.

This is pretty much it. And the violent revolution export market isn't what it used to be.

Like that South American guy said, everything is available, it's the prices. A finished, manufactured item like a power tool, computer or something actually costs more in a 3rd world country than in a 1st world. I paid like $97 for a fucking (new) shitty black-and-decker power drill in Honduras to drill out some shit on my motorcycle when I was in that suicidal adventuring trust-fund-baby phase, it confused and pissed me off.

Basic commodities and staples are cheaper, food is cheap, clothes are cheap, One country I went to, a gallon of gasoline was the equivalent of $0.50/gal, cheaper than water due to heavy domestic production and heavy gov't subsidies.

Sounds like anything outside of merica

Right, stop electing socialists who erect tariffs on goods.


Still looking

Sounds like you're delusional american living inside your bubble.

>I get a share of the profits when the business is up and running.
Good luck with that

I live in Canada (the third world of the west)
I have grown mushrooms successfully and 1000 USD would allow me to double production and I'm willing to give you 1500 back
Email me [email protected]

I have a great, US based dropshipping idea with exact items to sell. Each costs around 1000-2000, and if sold on amazon/ebay profit will be between 100 and 500 before tax and after amazon/paypal/ebay fees.

I myself am poor as fuck, and have no thousands floating around to dropship with.

If I show you the details you will see its not a scam.

also, supplier is also US-based

Post contact info. Use throwaway

[email protected]

Sounds like you think there is a country better than merica

Sure, I'll bite.

Country: Bosnia;

In short: Expand existing producer's market with eCommerce;

Detailed: Local person produces [more on contact] of high quality and already has sales locally.

Also has experience in mass-producing [more on contact] for an international contact.
The target market would be primarily Western Europe, possibly other Western countries.

Currently we're to gather information on shipping costs,
develop an eCommerce (my task) system,
and legalize everything;

Costs estimate: Everything taken into consideration [more detail on contact] all costs would total to some $2-3k USD;

Revenue estimate: Depending on sales, each going at about $30-50 USD per single production, at scale

min $200 USD monthly at about ~5-6 products,
$500 USD/mo at about 10-15,
$1000 USD/mo at 20-30,
with further scaling depending on hiring help, which is an option;

Profit estimate: Initially my own margins as well as investor's returns should be at x1.3 until we scale to predictable amounts, then it can be modified;

Contact: [email protected];

Country: Colombia

business idea: International dating service

A lot of women here want to marry foreigners because they either want to get out of the country or they simply dont like the locals, Ive known many such cases though mostly its older foreigners that come to live here.

I want to set up an online platform for this service, though I guess it´ll also be necessary to have someone conduct interviews in order to evade scammers and people who only want a green card.

Eventually the business could expand to a relocation service for foreign men to get accustomed to the local life and get along with people here.

E-mail: [email protected]

This is a decent idea, but outside the scope of my search. Good luck

So without sounding like a tool me and my friend and business partner are quite charismatic and never have an issue with girls. We were thinking about using this to our advantage in china where we have a contact base set up throughout the country to create a strip club or dating service of some sorts essentially using our charm and charisma to set up a business from girls we can get to work for us. The main problems being hard to get international networking unless in HK or Macau and china doesn't really have a hook up culture when we were over there several girls were willing to leave and cheat on their boyfriends for us but wanted commitment and flipped shit when they couldn't get it from us haha it's a rough idea that we are just sensing its potential viability. Use sexualised women to bring in men and money it's been done a million times before sex sells and it looks like a "western" style place may be quite successful like I said nothing more than one of our many rough ideas for after university

I sent you an email

>I'm a former third world-er who got lucky and moved to the US with his family
>I became a US citizen 8 years ago
>I am also in a great career and actually in a good point in my life
>Any questions senpai?

Do you have connections in your emigrated country that you think would be interested in running a small business?

I've considered doing something similar OP. My question is how do you deal with exchange rates? What banks or services do you use to handle transactions between you and the other countries?

Are there tax laws that you run into on the US side of things?

"..:You can go to the security company to pickup the consignment box there but if you cant go only then the security company will have it delivered to you."

This sounds like 419 all the way.

200k investment wanted for a 30% share in a 100 player+ networked 3d RTS native browser game I've spent 2 years developing on my own.
[email protected]

I sent you an email

Here's one.

>Alcohol delivery in the country capital
Your party has slowed down? Too lazy to walk around for half an hour to find a nearest open shop just to buy more beer or vodka? No problem, we deliver alcohol all night long, just call us and in 15 minutes your alcohol has arrived. Optionally, you can also order cigarettes with your drinks.

Location is the country capital, around 500k people, the wealthiest part of the country and home to around 30k students. If your parents have money they probably sent you to study here.

Total cost of establishing a LLC: 1500$
Meme receipt machine that's mandatory: 250$
Stock: 500$, more is always better because you can buy bulk which results in higher margins, we can start with as little as $100 but with reduced margins
Marketing: 100$, higher is of course always better.
Total: 2350$

Monthly mandatory expenditures:
Rent: 150$
Two minimum wages with all taxes and shit: 2*400$
Accountant: 90$
Bills: 60$
Total = 1100$/mo

Minimum order is about 7$, plus 0.6$ for delivery, which should cover gas. Pricing needs some research: when buying bulk and selling at normal store prices you have around 20% margin, however selling at bar prices the margin is around 150%-200%. The sweet spot is probably around 50% in order to avoid "fuck this, I can drink in a bar for this money" effect. In order to pay fixed costs we need to have $3300/mo in revenue, which is $110 a night, a maximum of 20 orders. Cigarettes have a far less margin (10% or so), but they are more of an enticing system.

Two employees: myself, taking calls, preparing deliveries, managing the company and a driver. Delivery driver should have their own car, however I'm not sure this will be compatible with minimum wage. Alternative is buying a company car, which is another $600-1000 in capital, so it might be better to have myself at minimal wage and driver at 100$ higher wage for the time being.

ddmitri.abramov at

I sent you an email

You have a reply.

>I'm looking for anons to help start a business in their home country, I've been working with another Veeky Forumsnessman I met here to help him set up a cyber cafe in Brazil
i see someone just got scammed.

I want to start an ecommerce store to add onto a retail store that I currently help to manage.
Also want to delve into facebook advertising as well as SEO.

Where to start? Is it a reasonable project to work on alone given some basic computer skills? There's already some research although I was hoping for something more definitive

[email protected]