UK Noob Advice

Ok Veeky Forums, I live in the UK and earn around £33K a year.

How can I enhance my savings as a complete noob to trading?

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This is why I hate my country, it's a fucking shit hole with pakis and chavs everywhere. Hep-c on almost every door handle.
As soon as I'm done with my degree I'm either coming to the states (fuck you amerifags, you can't stop me), or I'm offing myself, because the entire UK is shit.

Depends where you live specifically to be honest. At 22 I'm pretty happy with my wage.

No advice on trading...?

Buy ethereum

Start an ISA

Vanguard index fund(s)

Please elaborate?

Whats the best website to use in the UK for stock trading, and as a complete noob how do i know there reliable to pay out large amounts of money?

This is the exact situation I'm in! I just want to know is what software and websites to use, but all I get is edgy kids with short answers.

Yeh bro, i'm a complete noob to, i feel like i understand the concept but may need to invest time to learn it all properly.
any books or tips are welcomed.

go to Halifax Sharedealing website

Open an ISA

it's a flat fee of £12.50 a year plus £12.50 per purchase

You can subscribe £20k into your ISA per year

Buy £1,000 or whatever of a Vanguard fund each month

I like the Vanguard Total US tracker

If you're a noob you shouldn't be handpicking shares, just buy a index fund

£100k min to invest with Vanguard directly though... so you'll have to go through a broker.
In ~18 months they're lifting this 100k threshold which will be sweet.

Can someone please explain what Vanguard is??

What are they changing the threshold to? I've been waiting for this to happen for ages

dont listen to Veeky Forums advice, daytrading takes years to master and even then its risky as fuck

In short, a vanguard is a fund and a fund holds several investment such as stocks bonds etc.

I use Halifax. I'm pretty new to this also but I've been researching on and off for a year.

that seems ill advised.

Is shilling Vanguard index the new biz meme?

I just put my 401k stock options in Vanguard and amazon.

my 8 percent is matched, and I have a let going to various Vanguard index funds. I also get discounted fees.

I researched their past and they were doing good so I felt confident enough

I'm on 35k and 21. I think it's not bad. I mean, despite the £ calling that's quite good even in dollars.

Most upsetting is the housing market. Completely out of whack. Us millenials are in a shit position.

Lots wrong here.

ISA limit is 15k or so a year. has a wide variety of funds. Can also buy shares. I'd recommend it desu.

Kys, fag

Buy bitcoin and then use your bitcoin to buy ethereum on poloniex. A retard could do it.

Jumping the gun there buddy. Subscription limit is £15240 raising to £20000 in April.

Can you literally spoon feed me the information please? Where is the best place to buy and sell Bitcoin at the best rates etc


loan companies
discount retailers
funeral services

you wont lose with those because the market is going to get a hammering for the next 10 years

Or just invest in global equities because they are largely unaffected by the local economy.

Also Brexit Britain is gonna be great lad.

Choose the domestic bank transfer option its impossible to get scammed

You need a broker.

Such as hargreaves lansdown or similar.

You have already made an error also. The last line of your sentence "how do i know they will pay out large sums of money" youve already assumed youre going to be making large amounts, you need to adjust your mindset to a more realsitic one.

I'm leaving the UK too m8. Too miserable, literally everything about it is mediocre and miserable. I'm tired of rain, the polluted -2/10 London, and weak liberals everywhere.

Pretty soon I'll be able to work remotely, and then I'll fuck off to SE Asia or Eastern Europe and live well for cheap.

Why are you going to the US? It's got beautiful nature, but full of even more liberals and retards.

>-2/10 London, and weak liberals everywhere.

Sounds like you just need to leave London.


Britcucks have to pay vat on silver ,not worth it

>leave London
London maybe turboshit but it's not like anywhere else has it that much better, besides rich pockets of countryside once you've been to one city you've been to them all, except the further north you go the more grim things get.

But yes England is basically
>Kebab/chicken shops
>Payday loan shops
>Gambling shops
>Pawn shops
>Depressing grim cold and rainy weather

Halifax is cheaper than Hargreaves

HL is great for dogshit active funds for subsidising London Porsche dealerships

yeh I know the limit is changing

I love the green countryside in rainy weather

England is no more depressing than the belt of Northern Europe, France thru Belgium eventually to eastern Germany and Poland

"The grass is always greener.."

We'd all love to earn big bucks living in a Greek fishing village or Thai beachfront, slight problem there

Fuck, you summarised my entire surroundings. Fuck this gay city. Central London was fascinating for a week when I started working there, now I see it for what it is: polluted and poor. Why does London have such a huge reputation?

North Europe is shit.
Start an online business or something so you can work from anywhere.

I can't believe people accept that "this is life" and just continue living in misery.

Living in the UK is depressing. I moved to Korea, much better life out here. it's clean, people are generally polite in person, living costs are much cheaper, literally no crime (been here for 4 years and haven't seen a crime nor heard anyone a victim of a crime). Getting a visa is shit for a while since there are only work and student visas, but once you get a residents visa you can just do whatever the fuck you want. Somewhat ironically I tutor people in the UK online from my home in Korea, and work part time at a university, exchange rate taking a battering after Brexit was kinda hard, but it's on the rise again.

No i understand that im just looking for reliability.

better than shilling memestocks

what shares do you lads have?

any midlands fags here

UK here. Bike accident. Potential payout of 50-120k. Best putting down on a property in the aim of renting it our or should I go into index funds etc

Depends where you live. But I would probably go for property myself, it still seems like the better option since no one is going to sort the housing crisis out in the near future.


+£100k i hope you lost a leg or something..

I'd definitely put it down on a property and let the rent pay off the mortgage.

South East England

scotland has a recent rent return for the initial cost

I'm hoping to rent out within the next five years, though anything can happen.
To answer your question about shares, I've only ever brought funds.I do have a friend who brought MARL.L back in 2014 and is doing well. He's now screaming about PREM.

funds are the way to go really, does he spend a lot of time on london south east?

Sorry, no I mean I live in south east England. The house prices here are out of control.
I don't have a clue how he goes about picking his shares.
I've put buying funds on hold for now as I've open a Help to buy Isa.

i would be weary buying into the market right now but the problem is you also have the chance of getting burnt by not buying in. Where i live prices have been flat

I have the luxury of living at home and an okay job.

I think that's what I'm worried about, everyone been telling me to wait. At the minutes I'm just saving endlessly.
Do you rent out then? Any advice?

>waah waaah i'm gonna blame others because my life is shit

lol ok dude

live with one of my parents, they are both home owners i could buy my own place but idgaf really.. I live in the east midlands, If you got a career going and see yourself making more in the future then I would do it.. yes there might be a "correction" but at least you will have your own place but it depends on your life style and expectations.. what do you work as?

I work in a pharmacy as a dispenser, I'm slowly working up way up. It's not the best pay honestly. I'm thinking of maybe doing the Pharmacy technician course. What do you do for work?

I finished university two years ago. My mistake was not researching the field more. Ideally I want to be an art therapist but there's not that many jobs out there for people with no experience. The pay isn't the greatest either.

At least you have the money there as an option if you ever decide to buy a place.

The only decent jobs I see are IT/Finance/Management and I feel like I'd despise all those fields. I want to get into writing ebooks or something but I feel like it's too saturated.

I earn £28k, live at home, been saving all my money. Got about 25k at the moment, most of it in index funds. I want to quit badly and do something else, I just have literally no idea what I could do other than my idea of writing ebooks - I already have 3 out, only 1 sells but I get around £10 a month for a good month.

I feel trapped because I feel like I can't make the same money if I did something I enjoyed, even if I found something I enjoyed

Yea I feel exactly the same. All the jobs I want don't pay well and I don't want to be struggling all my life to make ends meet.

My older brother is an engineer and literally gets taxed what I earn.

What do you write your ebooks about?

My first 3 were essentially coursework that I just made into books, they are extremely short introductions to technology/securiy concepts. I despise IT though, the one I'm doing now is in the childrens book genre - I'll see how it goes

What kind of engineer?

Good luck

He's a Field Service MHE (fork lift engineer). I know his basic income is about 33k but he gets a lot of bonuses, triple pay for being on call on bank holidays and double pay for overtime.

£60k into an ISA spread over 13 months

Vanguard FTSE 250 etf, I think UK is underpriced compared to the US, and the UK will shrug off Brexit after 5 years

Rest of the money use on a property

Also maybe dump £20k into a SIPP, index fund/ETF, forget about it for 30/40 years

To add to the above; I would advise to keep £10k in an instant access bank account as your "back up" savings.

>my parents bought their house for £60,000 30 years ago and it's now worth £450,000
>I was born too late to get rich on the property bubble



Despise it completely just like Maybe get some place and rent it at the same time whilst living with parents?

also related article

inb4 >bbc

>Deposit: £6,250 (5%) with the Help to Buy mortgage scheme (which ended in December)

None of these people really own property, they have mortgages and live in fucking Oldham.

Also have gfs

Also where can I find a gf who earns more than me?

you are right, they are couples so added risk there if it goes tits up and also 5% help to buy so any mug could do it they are now official wage slaves

It's a shame I don't have any reliable friends or I might have faked being a couple

Is this legit? Because a decade ago I had a bike accident, steep turn in the road and my options where a head on or a wall and i chose the wall. Crushed a disc in my spine, but is debatable whether health issues i have are related. At the time I had no clue there was any legal recompense I could seek; but in that same spot there is now a very low speed limit and warning signs for the corner. Is it too late? Would this be realistic to persue?

mine was someone crashed into me

seek legal help as i have no idea

>6k deposits
>only 22k depost when earning combined 66k

pathetic effort at saving.

Wow... only 6k? Those people must be desperate to get raped.

Tax Fag here, you guys may want to consider a lifetime isa being introduced in April. Gov gives you 25% for what ever you deposit up to £4k a year. The cache? you aren't allowed to access it until you're 60 or buy your first property. I plan on using it as a long term investment and invest in a tracker fund.

Do you trust the government not to touch it for the next few decades?

Well there is always a risk, but I plan on using as part of my overall strategy. Maybe just put in £100 per month for the rest of my life and invest elsewhere as well. Also for those of you considering getting buy to let mortgages beware that claiming mortgage interest deductions against rental income will soon be phased out. Also SDLT and all that shit is also set to rise

Legally, they wouldn't be able to (without having more trouble than it's worth) touch it and make you any worse off than you would be without it. Wouldn't worry about it too much. Transferring my maxxed out Help to Buy ISA over once it is possible.

is property even worth it anymore, in the sense that if you are a single male you are better of living with mummy and daddy or either if they are separated

Since I intend to retire early, I prefer to max out my ISA and any funds left over go into a SIPP (withdraw at 55)

I am a bit too old for the LISA, it looks to be a good option for someone in their early 20s, who wants to buy a property in 10 years or so

Very interesting tax allowance landscape in the UK, I wonder if we get it better than the Americans