ITT books every Veeky Forumsnessman should read

ITT books every Veeky Forumsnessman should read


Rich dad poor dad

For when you be investing in DRYS.

Is pic related overrated?

this. This book literally changed the way I look at life.

Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance


Can't be more underated

read it and you'll get something useful from it.

>Not Berenstein

Really? Even with the 50+ million sales and the instant name recognition? The title is practically part of the English language now.

I just finished reading it. I don't think its particularly well-structured. Certain things could have been rearranged to flow better and make things easier to remember. The entire book probably could have been shortened to 15-20 pages and the anecdotes (which quickly get repetitive) omitted. I'm also a bit skeptical of taking marital advice from a guy who (iirc) got divorced some time after he wrote the book.

That said, the rest of the advice is solid and its surprising how consistently modern psychology studies confirm them.

I'm curious to your guys' story , when did you read this book and how did it help you afterward?

>P & V

This book.
Haven't read it yet but it's supposed to be very guuud !! According to the ratings on amazon LOOOLLL can anyone on here confirm please? That would be lovely. Later alligator!

You appear to be baiting with a broken hook, guy. From one fisherman to another you've gotta reel that line in and get some better bait on a new hook before casting that line out there again. Nice attempt though!

How is this bait? Is it a bad book?


Currently reading. Only half way through but its pretty basic. But for someone like me basic is good. At times reads more like an advertisement for Hargreaves Lansdown.


>its pretty basic.
good because i know nothing about investments. so far I reached page 46 and I just read the part about why I shouldn't use a financial adviser but instead should invest myself. It's directed a lot towards the financial market in the UK but I assume it's somewhat similar where I live in Scandinavia

Fuck off commie


This is required reading.

Communists off my board

Is the digital age issue of this better or worse than the original?

It's fine on being likeable, but it could easily be misconstrued to turn you into a doormat.

T. Basement dweller

>best business book with all entrepreneurial tricks

Could you elaborate?

Explain pls

garbage. worked in the 50's but won't work today.

Why do you say that? Human nature hasn't changed that significantly since the 50's (since ancient times even). The advice about making others feel important (which is basically a 1 sentence summary of the entire book) seems to still hold.

Modern self-help books in this area just seem to regurgitate the ideas that were laid down here.

Why Rules for Radicals?
Is it for political reasons, or as a primer for jewish trickery?

I've got a bunch of lists like this.

Actually I'm from Veeky Forums and this board fell for the business book meme. Figures since most Veeky Forums users don't like reading. Self-help books and proprietary advice are the lazy man's way of doing something. It's enticing to NEETs who don't want to learn multiple social subjects. Self-help is giving enough of a shit about yourself.

The worst offender being this book is the Sun Tzu's "Art of War" of the self-help genre in that the advice it gives is not applicable to anything. It's repackaged psychology. Self-help authors purposefully overlap with psychology although the psychology book has information organized. Don't fall for this dumb genre.

PS. I am still coming from a high so my sentences are incomplete clauses. Ew

I love Dostoyevsky but putting that book on a Veeky Forums list is fucking ridiculous.

>(which is basically a 1 sentence summary of the entire book)

48 Laws of Power is more for the modern man and our current times. If you're not a pussy and don't mind living in the moral grey area.


Art of War
Benjamin Franklins autobiography
The Prince
The Brothers Karamazov
Stress Test
The Man Who Fed The World
Stuff Matters
US army survival manual fm 3-05.70
1001 Arabian Nights
Jack: Strait From The Gut

Yes. Doesn't live up to it's title.
If you're a total asshole, or an autismo who doesn't "get" interacting with people you'll get something out of it. However if you have at least normal social skills, don't bother, read some sales technique literature if you're trying to be some kind of pathological entrepreneur.

I've read the sparknotes, I'd recommend it. As Monty Python said:
> I've told him he's welcome to teach any of the great socialist thinkers, provided he makes it clear that they were wrong.

How good at Math do I have to be to get anything outta this?

>Actually I'm from Veeky Forums

Now THAT'S funny