Praise be to Monero - god tier user crypto!

Praise be to Monero - god tier user crypto!

Tell me why you don't have Monero yet?

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Because it's a shitcoin for pedophiles

You should buy ethereum


and dem dere drug dealers. buy litecoin

anonymouty does not have to be about crime, just like cash. Fungibility is not a crime despite what they want you to think.

Who the hell gets scared of their own privacy?

you should buy a coin that get's bugged and forked every couple months. A coin that the the developers will modify code if they lose out of investments like DAO. A coin that says they will move to proof of stake, but only the insiders know when. A coin that favors big holders disproportionately.

t. terroist pedophile drug dealer

Do you still need to download the entire blockchain to have a secure monero wallet?


Yes it appears that ethereum has a wise lead developer who is not a zealot and is capable of understanding how the world works.

How is that a bad thing?

I already do

>TSLA stock up 705% in the past 4 years


the icon reminds me too much of the neogaf icon

Never heard of it before.

Fucking kek that's brilliant!


Yes at least ethereum has a roadmap unlike your honeypot pedopennies


i like that

Looks like its pretty gay. Not much going on. Ethereum on the other hand has loads going on.

Doesn't really matter what they're doing with Ethereum since it's fundamentally worthless.