What major is most likely to make you rich?

I haven't decided my college major yet, but I know I want to have a fuck ton of money.
My parents have always struggled with finances their entire lives. Mom has over 20k in credit card debt, over 50k left on the mortgage and she's already in her 60's, dad doesn't have any debt but he has less than 10k to his name.

I have 28k and plan to go to college but don't know what to major in.
>What's the best major to give me financial freedom?

Something in the medical field I would guess.

That or create a successful business or become a famous celebrity.

Statistically several forms of engineering, accounting, a couple of business sub-disciplines, and international relations if we're just talking bachelors.

What about a master's degree?

A degree in engineering or production management. Architects make good money too

What is with american highschool students being fucking idiots

You don't just get a masters, you get one when you know you have a career guarantees from it

MBA's statistically make the most, but that's skewed by the habit of engineers, lawyers, and medical types getting MBA's to round out a technical degree that pays extremely well.

If a petroleum engineer gets an MBA, is he rich because of the engineering degree or the MBA? Or both? An MBA without the engineering degree isn't going to make much.

Afaik the breakdown is something like this in terms of lifetime earnings.

>High school: 1.2 million
>Bachelors: 2.1 million
>Masters: 2.5 million
>PhD: 3.2 million
>MD or JD: 4 million

I'm probably off on those last two since I'm quoting from memory, I just remember that it was 3 something and 4 something. Regardless the point of the above quote in response to your question is this: if you go for something beyond a bachelor's go long or go home.

The major that teaches you to save and invest.

a MD will objectively, undeniably make you the most money on average. But you actually have to work hard

The medical field is a meme. This is the case in the US anyways. Between potential lawsuits, insurance against these suits, and having to wake up at 3am to look into a butthole, the multiple years of schooling aren't worth it.

if you really want to become wealthy, you need to figure out how to create wealth on your own, not simply being paid to punch a clock

just saying, it's not the 1950s anymore. Being a doctor isn't just sitting around smoking a pipe and drinking a scotch. Go to your local hospital and take a look at the patients. These are your day to day interactions.

What amount of money is worth that?

Errr....if you factor in the cost of the education, it takes several decades to reach parity with a fucking bricklayer assuming they start work immediately after school.

Consider that IBM Watson has superior diagnostic capabilities than any MD and actually you'll find that a lot of MDs will be out of business in a very short time indeed. They cannot keep up with the technological advances, and all they are good for is memorising symptoms, conditions and drug interactions - which machines handle far better.

MD is undoubtedly the best with least risk. Takes a long time and you have to work hard, but you are set for life.

If you don't have the balls to do that, next best would be to study math and computer science and go work on wall street and pray for a few good years.

Lolwut. I hear this on Veeky Forums all of the time, seemingly from people who have never had to personal finance before who don't realize how much over a middle class lifestyle doctors make.

>They cannot keep up with the technological advances, and all they are good for is memorising symptoms, conditions and drug interactions - which machines handle far better.

Nope. You have no idea what doctors actually do and you should not be dispensing career advice regarding the medical field.

this. its a pretty saturated field now and the hours are really shit and you have to deal with some of the worst annoying scum in all of society; your patients. These assholes are complaining 24/7 about being sick, are stuck up about whats wrong with them, do half the things you tell them to do, oh, and they also have the potential of suing your ass for thousands.

But, on the plus side, the field is full of women.

>Nope. You have no idea what doctors actually do

Oh go on, elucidate.

I've been to the doctor and the hospital on several occasions and their job is diagnostic (and fucking useless at that). I saw what they do. They look it up on Google, then refer you to a specialist. The specialist takes samples, has them analysed and gives you a result.

There is no part of this that cannot be automated. Surgeons are the hardest part to automate, but that is already being automated. Look at hair transplants; they just have a machine do the extrusion now completely automatically using machine vision. Next they'll have it stitching it in. And then invasive surgery etc etc.

Pharmacists are totally fucked also.


Nice $5 word.

>They look it up on Google, then refer you to a specialist.

Nope. They are trained to find the answers in ways that you are not based on looking at a collection of your symptoms. If YOU, for instance, tried just googling your symptoms and going to a specialist you have a very high chance of misdiagnosing yourself because you have no functional understanding of anatomy or disease.

>The specialist takes samples, has them analysed and gives you a result.

That is hardly all that a specialist does.

>I've been to the doctor and the hospital on several occasions

We've got a real expert in the house boys.

no major is going to make you rich

you will never "be rich" working for someone else

studying fields like engineering, medicine, law, mathematics, and in some cases construction will allow you to progress quite far in the corporate ladder of those fields

but you'll never make millions unless you branch off and do your own thing.

Exactly. Go to college to acquire skills that you can use on your own and for someone else incase you need too.

Some careers have that built into them.

In Law you're trying to make partner in an PLC or start your own. In Medicine private practice is built into most fields, PLC also. In Architecture or Engineering you can do those things as well. Science is more about squeezing royalties from intellectual property or starting a company from tech you developed, but you can net independent money from that too.

Wagecucking: You can make your first million when you are old, bald and waiting for cancer.

The only way to get rich is by investing in something high risk/high return and having luck.

>Wagecucking: You can make your first million when you are old, bald and waiting for cancer.
>The only way to get rich is by investing in something high risk/high return and having luck.

There are professions where you can expect to have accumulated your first million by 30. Anything where you work for the government and have your food and housing covered usually lets you bank six figures or have part of that in equity annually.

I'm a doctor, although not in the US.
We don't have so many lawsuits here, and there are no outrageous settlements (missed myocardial infarction is about €100 000).
We also have had universal healthcare for a long time.

I have one friend who's a really good lawyer specialising in distribution right, I figure he makes more than me. Apart from that I do well (Neurology) and my colleagues in surgical specialties do even better.

My guess is that the high school kids here have unrealistic expectations of what they will likely get with one major. Of course there are some business or law or whatever graduates that make more than a doctor. But all doctors, at least all that do clinical work in my country, are in the top decile of income. You don't need to be exceptionally smart, there's a lot of specialties so perhaps one is right for you, all you need is persistence and work ethic. It's not a get rich quick scheme.

Also the people that think a doctor's work is easy or can be automatised have no idea whatsoever what a doctor does. The skillset is exceptionally diverse and difficult. Machines can't even read radiographs right. What is a machine supposed to do if there is bleeding during an operation? It's way too complex for a machine to understand, perhaps in the same way it is too complex for you autists to grasp even the amount of complexity.

I'd say the main argument against being a doctor is that by the time you're worth something you're older than 40, and that it is kind of life-sucking in that you get to witness the downfall of a human and see your own future before you again and again, while not having so much time and at some point no longer the personality to cherish the lighter sides of life.

That's not a plus, the nurses and support staff are generally dumb, and the female doctors have huge brass balls, they're not your loving caring sweet submissive little sunshine.

>implying im not into femdom
Im not a house husband guy, but my wife making more than me and controlling is a turn on

Being a cuckold is only slightly more pathetic than what you just said

OP don't listen to these idiots. I'm a MD in the U.S. (doctors make a lot less on average in Europe). Go to the cheapest state school you can with a good reputation. Work hard and get into a good allopathic medical school. Try to graduate from college early if you can and don't take any meme gap years. You don't have to like patients, you just have to be able to fake it. All you have to be able to do is enjoy science, study hard, and not be an autist during interaction. Go into literally any specialty that isn't shit-tier like family medicine and then sub-specialize. Surgery is recommended if you aren't a pussy. Rads, derm, cardio if you are.

You put down ~$150k and some years of working very hard, not making much, but doing something interesting and saving lives n shit. Your income then explodes to ridiculous levels and only goes up each year. Your virtually guaranteed it too, and with unparalleled job security. You'll make more in private practice if you have management and leadership skills. Trump is making an environment positive for both doctors (repealing ACA) and small business. My plastic surgeon friend raked in $1M after taxes last year. I made $600k and I'm in interventional radiology. You also have a ton of social status and pussy comes easy.

muh Watson or any other AI will never supplant ANY job position for a doctor in our lifetimes.

M1 here at a US allopathic school. This guy know's whats up. I'm gunning for derm lol

Business , engineering , and medical field .

Medical field YES
Be an MD NO
Being a doctor not only takes at least a decade to actually be able to practice, you'll also be in debt cause of the ridiculous cost of medical school. you'll also be at risk for malpractice, 24/7 schedule and ridiculous stress

26 yrs old here
I'm an APRN and make close to 100k after taxes.
>only 6 years of school
>work 3x/wk 12 hour shifts 4 days off to get /fit
>dont have to do physical labor (wipe ass, give meds, etc) like RNs on the floor. you're the one that tells them what to do
>in VERY HIGH demand, especially if youre male
>can do 2 more years if I wanna become a CRNA to make doctor money without risk of fucking people up and malpractice
>Physical assessments means you'll never get replaced by a fucking robot
>you'll always be working with qt3.14 nurses and med students will wanna fuck your brains out

>nobody knows what a fucking APRN is and you have to explain it every time

A degree won't make you rich retards. You will never get rich by wageslaving.

The only way to get rich (other than winning the lottery) is to start your own business.