27 year old NEET here

>27 year old NEET here
>Finally ready to start working since Trump has got in
>No real skills other than being above average on a computer and knowing a bit about video editing
>Only work experience is McDonald's and a couple other retail jobs that I was at for 2 weeks each.

Is there even a fighting chance for me at this point or have I wasted too much time?

Also I don't live at home, I live with my girlfriend in a small apartment and sometimes get small handouts from my parents. But it's not much and it's very rare.

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why did you only work there for two weeks?

I also am really good at using camera and equipment but no official work and I purged all of my past YouTube videos.

Anxiety at the time and the other one I just hated it and both I walked out.

You're the scum that Trump's going to kick out as soon as that wall is built. You make me fucking sick.

get a job. go back to school. stop being a lazy shit.

Ok, where has he ever said that?

My point is, am I too old now to have any real sucess?

Heck yeah there is. Stan Lee created marvel when he was 39.
Henry Ford was 43 when he made the model T.
Momofuku Ando was 48 when he created Ramen.
Julia Child was 50 when she created her first cookbook.
Jack Cover invented the Taste gun at 50.
Ray Croc bought into McDonalds at 50 before growing it onto a huge franchise.
Colonel Sander was 62 before he was broke and came out of retirement to make Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Never give up man. You should read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It's not very long. There's also a $100 class called Financial Peace University that will change your life if you put effort into I it.

Get a SQL Server certificate or something.

lots of people change careers in their late 20s and 30s.

Also, taser gun. I'm on my phone...

Thank you guys and that's the second time someone has recommended rich dad, poor dad. I guess I am going to have to give that a read.

> Hard-working immigrants > disgusting NEET leeches
You'll be lucky if the ONLY thing he does is kick you out

How am I a leech I don't get a check or any govermental handouts? For fucks sake I don't even get food stamps.

Damn, 27 and still relying on mummy and daddy. Get a shitty job at a place where you can learn useful skills on top of making minimum. Working a hardware store, for example, pays pretty shitty (like most retail stores) but at least you learn some of the basics about home maintenance you can use to get a better job down the road. Like I graduated high school and went straight into working at a local hardware store as a stockman knowing literally jack shit about hardware and three years later I was working at a roofing company making twice as much.

Friend of mine didn't even go to school and works IT at a hospital making $20/hr and hes 24 because he spends all day on his computer and knows his shit. Another friend of mine got a seasonal job at UPS last fall making $16.50/hr and he had absolutely no experience at all; they just needed help. You just have to not be a lazy shit and look in places other than fast-food. Look for low paying jobs with potential. Third friend of mine worked the help desk at a farmers supply warehouse and knew how to fix their computers. Now they gave him a huge-ass raise to help them with their tech issues and he spends most of his day doing the same shit as before only for a lot more.

You don't need school to make money in this country. You just need experience and the rest will come.

You are 27.
Have you developed any tangible skills since graduating HS? Did you go to college? What have you been doing since 18?

If you are a NEET maybe you should become a programmer / network admin. Master the following:
Java, C#, C
Data Structures, Algorithms, OOP
Linux / UNIX, scripting, git

That's about an associates degree worth of content and should take you 2 years. All of the above are available online as free courses.

Good luck. You have limited time left in your 20s.

You need to go monk mode for 2 years to get your life together.


Sort yourself out.

Forgot to add DMBS / SQL, meme language Python, and basic network principles.

Good luck OP.

Stop saying you have no fucking skills, sit down and you will realize you have many. Even if they are not "job skills" or "job related" skills. You are not even that old btw. Many people way older go back to school. Find a decent job and on the side look to start a business. This can be online (a website about a hobby you enjoy), offline (consulting/freelance), or hybrid. Look into what other anons posted also. If you look for a job the right way, will be able to discover goldmines. (I got hired by local Clinic as sign spinner/marketing assistant. Was only 20 and had no marketing/sales experience. A few weeks after doing simple sign spinning, I started helping out my boss with marketing events around my community. He taught me many skills (inlcuding netowrking) and even wanted me to start helping manage social media/create my own marketing ideas. The clinic closed only a few months after working there (to much competition down the street lol)

>lots of people change careers in their late 20s and 30s.
>change careers
>implying we have ever had careers before

Make a few high quality videos (they can be about anything), post them somewhere, start a video production company, do freelance work for people like Yelp and other marketing entities

>x made y when he was [n] years old
>all these outliers

You realize that for these 7 people that you've mentioned there were hundreds of millions who didn't do shit? You might as well play lottery and expect to win a jackpot.
Not to mention that these 7 people didn't just wake up suddenly in their 30s and decided to do something. They had been active all their lives and only found success after decades of frustrating failures, because of their willpower.
I'm not saying "don't try anything, it's useless", but it's wrong to spread illusions about success stories, which are really just rare outliers.