So I want to speculate on some oil futures (or gasoline), broker suggestions...

So I want to speculate on some oil futures (or gasoline), broker suggestions? I want to put ~5k-10k in my margin account.
Anyone trading futures?
Thanks in advance biz,

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Oh yea, USA of course.

Don't risk more than 1-2% of your money on a single trade.

Other than that, it's up to you to find strategies to beat the market.

I'm asking for a broker.

You do know that you don't trade futures on margin, right?

Fx choice offers WTI at 200x leverage for USA

interactive brokers.

yes you do

he wants to trade futures not CFDs via some dodgy bucket shop


interactive brokers is a good call in general

though if he wants to trade actively then there are cheaper options... various introducing brokers out there for the bigger Chicago clearers

No, you don't.
Purchasing contracts comes out of your cash balance, not your buying power (margin).
That''s why they're called "non-marginable", genius.

TD Ameritrade

Fill up jerry cans at your local gas station

When price goes up, sell to motorists

Fucking overnight billionaire

Buying the gas with a credit card would be like buying it on margin

Op here I'm looking at apexfutures now. They sound pretty good. Can get some rediculious leverage here.
The account is a cash account you are buying the contracts on margin.

You see this a lot in the 3rd world.

I think in the 1st world you'd be arrested for not having a permit or someshit.

You do get arrested.
Still doesn't stop me.

Implying I'm going to put some random liquid in my car and burn up the cats or otherwise fuck myself.

>buying the contracts on margin
Difference of terminology.
If you have $2,500, you can buy $5,000 of stock because of 2 to 1 leverage (on margin).
You cannot, however, buy a futures contract where $5,000 is the maintenance requirement (like gasoline futures). You would need the entire $5,000 in cash (no margin allowed).

Except it's initial margin requirement and maintenance margin requirement. Until settlement you never need the full cost of the contract. Cme themselves use the word margin.
a sum deposited with a broker to cover the risk of loss on a transaction or account.

>Until settlement you never need the full cost of the contract
No shit.
You pay the maintenance requirement upfront, and get it back (+/- profit/loss) upon closing.

you keep skipping the word margin.

Good luck with your trading.