What to do with memecoin?

Hey biz, I've probably spent $300 on trumpcoin and lost about half of it. I'm planning to spend another 1000 on it since the price is lower. Do you think it will go up? or is it dead and I'm wasting my money?

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>spending real money on the meme market

the memes are real

I know it's a meme but I just want to build my bitcoin stash quick

Nobody here knows. If they claim to they won't have proof.

I wouldn't put anything more than fun money into meme coins.

holy shit retard buy iconomi

You don't use your money you use other people's money

You're (it's what I do) buy hacked PayPal accounts (with btc) move the money around and invest it in more memecoins, I'll cash out when I'm comfortable with the amount and repeat the process

If I take a loss it's not against me as its just a few btc lost (but since it's a meme market and you make more than you loose it doesn't bother me at all)

50x leverage that shit and all-in trump coin. Do that or bet red in roulette. your choice if you have the balls

serious question, for what purpose would anyone actually use trumpcoin besides making money? does it exist soley to be pumped and dumped?

what sort of methods do you use to move the money around?


Buy BTC, pump is imminent

no you just suck at trading you should stop i made give or take $500 on trump

>buy hacked PayPal accounts
kys desu

Forget about Trump it's a memecoin.
But a coin with potential like Nexus or look into ICO

>speculating on meme coins

Never, EVER, spend any money on coins trading on yobit.
The volume is fake.
When a coin has 400btc volume and the market depth is just 23 btc on buy calls you can tell that it's a scam.

I'll look into this.

Is there any good alternative?

I'm trying to git good, I'm not gonna give up until I'm old and poor.

>"trump coin managed to go 20x in value and i managed to lose half the money i put into it"
>So Should i try it again with 3.33x more money?

Idiot! Buy as much pepecash as you can and even a fool like yourself will make some money.

bitcoin leverage long before the dump, after inauguration there is no way to predict pump and dump regarding trump coin unless you are super genius. i would not buy

yeah look into Nexus. specifically it's creator. here's a great video to show you the "brain" behind this "groundbreaking" coin:

watch as much as you can take. pretty much exposes Nexus as a get rich quick scheme for it's creator.

What is even the point?

I understand the theory behind monero, ethereum, and dash.

But what is the theory behind trumpcoin? That it has trump in the name? That's fucking retarded.