How do I get into sports betting? Websites? Is it safe? . I live in virginia

How do I get into sports betting? Websites? Is it safe? . I live in virginia.

I just called the cops. Sports betting is illegal in the State of Virginia.

prove it shitrag

Go on Bovada. Sign up. Give them your credit card.

Yes it's perfectly safe thanks to legal loopholes protecting offshore casinos, and classifying online gambling as "entertainment"

good work, user.

All I know is Pro Wrestling. Is betting on wwe matches a thing?

I can really get away with making money off it if its online? No way im taking a road trip to gamble though.
I dont know.

The reason why im asking about this is because when I was 14, some guy on b was talking about how made out doing online sports betting and he rec'd it to me. Im 18 now, and still wondering if this is a potential gold mine, even though i know nothing about it.

Im probably not going to do it because I rather have a college education then get my ass busted by the internet feds. All I want to do is bet on some nba games.

If you don't know anything about sports betting you're going to cleaned out really fast.

You'd probably be better off buying penny stocks instead of dealing with really shady bookies like Bovada, BetOnline, or 5Dimes. At least Robinhood won't turn around and potentially steal your identity.

already do stocks. Is robin hood actually free? I heard there are hidden fees. And I hate the 7 dollar selling fee on the broker i use.

Their site says that you only pay a fee on sell orders but I've never seriously used them.

As for sports betting, it's only legal in four states apparently (Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana). Online gambling in this country is a waste of time right now.

Yes do it
But only if you have a high knowledge of NBA.I've made thousands

Also don't listen to this faggot
Bovada and betonline are trusted sportbooks

>land of the free
Bovada is legit imo, I know some agents that deal with US customers for sites like pinnacle, betfair and SBO if you drop an email i can send you link dont wanna post here.

just recently go into sports betting, and shit is cash if you follow sports. I signed up with bet365, pretty easy process. Already made a few hundred bucks from only a few bets. But you really need to know the teams you are betting on, because you can't get away with betting on the favourite every time

How does a succesful sports bettor find a platform or forum to communicate with other bettors on advice and general conversation. I've made a lot and want to partner up with people and turn this into some sort of business. I've already quit my job since doing this. Anyone else serious about sports betting and want to network?

Depends what angle you are coming at it from? There are paid tipping groups like PGA or Lux that have a few sharp people (though mainly on soft books like 365, whill etc..) then there are people that create sims and models and usually place bets in asia with huge lays.

Whichever angle gets me the most money i guess lol. All I know is I've made thousands just in the past couple weeks and feel like I can make more If I put this on some sort of bigger scale to increase payouts. Elaborate on paid tipping groups and the models in Asia

You wanna be carefull basing success off a couple of weeks. The groups I mentioned are on facebook and desu are kinda lame but they are both profitable, the guys mainly tip prices in what I call softbooks, which mean they mainly make their money off having mug customers rather than the sharpest lines, thus often close succesfull accounts (sometimes even in negative). People that make models are usually backed by big money and place bets on asian bookmakers who usually don't limit accounts and can lay large bets. They often get money down very early, they are pretty secretive though.

This sounds reckless and ill-advised, right up my alley!
And I've made a lot over time, but the big spike has come in the past couple weeks as I've really zero'd in on patterns, especially in the NBA (Which I've noticed is formulaic as fuck). Now I'm really looking to exploit it. The NBA is basically Westworld. If you wanna discuss this more, drop a throwaway email

>The NBA is basically Westworld


I'm not saying it's definitely scripted, but I've been watching my whole life and I can anticipate what's gonna happen with an 80% success rate. Whether its upsets, comebacks, scoring runs, quarter-by-quarter wins, I always seem to time everything perfectly. For example, a few days ago, I waited for the Nets to go up by 10 in the 4th against the Knicks to bet on the Knicks to beat them. I bet 1000 at +425 odds and won 4250(Nets are notorious for keeping it close or leading but blowing it at the end). Also netted a similar amount when I did a moneyline first quarter bet against the Wolves when they took an early lead against the cavs (The Wolves are notorious for hot starts but fading away gradually)
>TL;DR I guess you just have to know a lot about the tendencies of the teams, individual players and the nature of the game really.

wow, that's even more amazing considering teams are made up of completely different players every few years

Yeah I follow all of these player and coaching updates religiously

I hate my country

Moving to australia. More asian girls there anyway.

>I just called the cops.
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I'm just gonna put it out there; chances are he didn't actually call the cops.

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