My daddie is giving me 1 million dollars

My daddie is giving me 1 million dollars.

How do I invest it and become a billionaire like Trump?

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Start maid cafes in america and import japanese girls to here.

I'd buy an apartment complex, but that won't make you a billionaire.

you should go to tg or qst for your role playing needs.

no but building one could get you started.

In America, there are millions of millionaires, but billionaires number in the hundreds. So if turning a million into a billion were so easy, why aren't there millions of billionaires around?

In America there are hundred millions of middle class. If becoming a millionaire was that easy, why are their hundred millions of middle class around?

In the world there are 6 billion of people in poverty but only 1.4 billion peoples who are well off. So if turning into middle class were so easy, why aren't there 6 billion people middle class?

That's a fallacious argument. The fallacy lies in the assumption that tribes in Ethiopia have similar freedoms and opportunities that somewhere like america does. The "standard" in America is middle class, and the country sets its populace up to at least adhere to the standard. Ethiopia has a completely different climate. The climate from a millionaire to a billionaire is not so different. X-factors, my dude, you might want to take a course in statistics or sociology or some shit. Would help you learn about the world and make you think twice before making retarded posts like this in the future.

Are you proving my point on purpose or by accident?

Your fallacy is in assuming the Ethiopians can develop our level of culture & technology IF ONLY they more entitlements like us.

I'ved worked in the oil and gas industry in 5 countries throughout that continent.

As soon as we pull out and as soon as the Chinese leave, those savages will destroy everything we've built and go right back to starving in mudhuts.

You assume all cultures will just magically evolve into societies with "middle classes". You forget that natural selection and evolution is a bitch... and most animals aren't meant to survive.

In this day and age, having a million dollars in assets is still upper middle class. A very comfortable home, multiple cars, a 25-year retirement fund, and tuition funds for multiple kids are going to add up to a million.
Once you've gotten to, say, $500 million, what's the incentive to keep going? Getting to a billion is for hobbyists and philanthropists.


That's easy. Put it into Bitcoin file for bankrupsty claim to be suicidal live off the state with NEETbux watch your investment skyrocket to 1 billion by 2020

since when was a dogey assumption a fallacy?

normal distribution

Actually not a bad idea.

hey, that's actually a good idea. Also, find a loophole that would allow love hotels. I'd love to see just how big the market would be (¬‿¬)

if you adjust for inflation, you have far less money to start with than Trump did.

He could've gotten that loan from other places on his own merit. look into this yourself.

t. gary johnsonfag who is still annoyed with the media focusing on the wrong parts of that whole mess, and never the actual issues that were more legitimately wrong with him.

ask r9k

Why do people think bitcoin will skyrocket so quickly?

I don't see it becoming mainstream any time soon.

Dollar will weaken soon. Actually you might see it dropping next week. Watch the Bitcoin course next week. Of course it won't skyrocket, it'll steadily increase

>He could've gotten that loan from other places on his own merit. look into this yourself.
Not really. He is a smart man who has accumulated wealth over years and years. Hr asked me "Boy what if I give you 1 million dollars, what you going to do?" I just responded that I'd invest it diversify on real estate and growth stocks as well as an animation company.

He laughed at me and said "okay, maybe in a few months"

How do I prove to him that I am not a failure?

>Dollar will weaken soon.

start with single family homes first...
more consumer disclosure laws

Bitcoin is too grown to grw even more. People better check other coins like VRC.

buy Monero