Aaand coca cola just committed suicide

Aaand coca cola just committed suicide

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why the supes bowl ad? please. cucks are their biggest customers, plus people will probably buy twice as much coca cola products now to show support for this faggotry. tumblr landwhales are always looking for an excuse to guzzzle more of that high fructose corn syrup.

buy pepsi

Kek @ half the ads at the hand egg bowl being liberal propaganda

short it tomorrow

Fuck. What did they do?

Yeah I'm shorting them

It's literally free money

Why tf do they always run the same cuck immigrant ad


don't forget brk.b

buffet owns cocacola

like taking candy from a baby

>when you realize the world isnt as racist as Veeky Forums and lose shekels

KO repots earnings on the 9th of this month. These kids will short and then lose their ass when Coke posts great earnings.

You probably shouldn't watch it. I did and it gave me aids. Now I'll have to be on homo drugs for the rest of my life.

like Starbucks after their refugee stunt?

>future stock patterns follows past stock patterns
enjoy your long term losses

I'll be laughing at you from my yacht

Hope it goes down a bit so I can buy the dip

>Aaand coca cola just committed suicide
By recycling an old spot from 2014? Who cares...



They are just trying to piggyback on the liberal propaganda trend.

Audi tried the same.


It even sounds stupid "Together is beautiful"...WHAT? Together what exactly? What? Finish the fucking sentence properly.

Fucking libtards!

You think that's bad, look at the latest airbnb advertisement.

You can't even tell what the product or service is under all the diversity

thats what happens when you fill the marketing team with women/niggers/milenial cucks

tbqh why would coke do this when their biggest consumers are white trash

I guess Mexicans buy more coke

>outdated pic
>oh, the humanity

That 2.5% dip is bound to kill ya.

>shorting a multi hundred billion market cap
Are you serious? What is even your idea? That Trump supporters will boycott coke? About a fifth of all Americans voted for Trump and 45% of revenue from coke comes from US, expected to decline to 15% in 2020. 73% of coca colas revenue comes from soft drinks. Assuming every Trump supporter stopped drinking coke tomorrow until say ten years, it's revenue would drop 0.2*0.45*0.73=6.3%. In three years it would be negligible.

If you're not already off the sugar jew, you're reading long term health for short term desires. Soda is corn syrup and acid in a can; it ruins your teeth, it wrecks your liver, fucks with your insulin levels, and it makes you fat and unhealthy. The only reason you haven't limited your intake is either you're too stupid to value your health, or you're some liberal poof who thinks his choice of soft drink is making an objective statement about your stance on immigration.

Fuck coke, fuck Budweiser, fuck audi, and fuck super bowl pandering.

Not true. White trash drinks mountain dew. Suburban soccer moms drink diet Coke.

>haven't limited your intake
> too stupid to value their health

Granted, that sounds just like Drumpf's core voters.
So maybe you have a point. Maybe they will start a Coke boycott. If they manage to have one concise belief between them, that is.

Yeah maybe, but coke is not primarily dependent on American market share. Plus, there were a whole bunch of other brands that are better luxury goods and have a more conservative core demographic to bet on (Audi, Budweiser, to name a few).

Nope. Soda does literally nothing for you if you drink a can a day

who cares about the ad, classic coke is tasty and American© as fuck

I'm a Pepsi fag now
Didn't see a commercial of theirs with Mexicans

>anno domini 2017
>still drinking the carbonated jew


Hasnt that ad been already been out for a while though?

I thought Coca Cola had one of the bests marketing team in the world, oh boy was I wrong

>no link to ad
Where is it

>no link to ad
see javascript:quote('1778725');

kek, less and less people are drinking soda. Prepare to lose long term in a dying industry.

This, autist 4channers forget that most Westerners are feelgood liberal normies. They stay far too long in the /pol/ echo chamber.

That liberal shit is pure catnip for normies. Even a decade or two ago, liberals were highly cynical about capitalism and consumerism. However corporate PR efforts to piggyback on liberal causes (eg sponsoring pride parades), has made liberals much more warm towards the corporate world.

Dont get me wrong, I hate liberals too. As a Muslim, I hated liberals because they were pro-gay degenerates. But since liberals are sucking our Muslim cocks real hard post trump, I have learned to tolerate them, since jewing them into supporting us has its uses. Corporate America knows that the best way to deal with liberals is to jew them into supporting you, instead of just sperging out on them.

TLDR: ride the tiger

Protip: the biggest consumers are women and millennial cucks. They are easy to advertise too, because they operate on muh feels.

>fifth of Americans voyed for Trump

Fake news

literally facts.

US population ~320 million
Trump voters ~62 million

How many people are eligible to vote?

Clinton only had 64 million

People who don't or can't vote are irrelevant.

Stop spinning it too make it sound like the majority of the country is against Trump

>People who don't or can't vote are irrelevant.

So by your system with 64 M for Clinton, 62 M for Trump and the rest irrelevant - the majority *is* against Trump. Your post makes no sense.

The dead are voting as well as people's pets. 800,000 illegals on record voted as well go fuck yourself shill

>I have no idea why the electoral college was created

you remind me of a loser who has never lived a day in his life. I'd pity you, but I don't, because your an ignorant cuck.

"everything is a collasal waste of money"

Guy makes valid points about how Coke is terrible for your health and you respond with irrelevant attacks. Not sure I understand these types of posts (if legit and not following a word filter).

Racist has no meaning anymore, you cuck'd Reddit faggots made sure of that

President Trump is "racist" according to shitlibs

>Moving the goal posts this hard, because I know I fucked up.