Loan/inheritance advice

My girlfriend is an only child and her parents earn an (approx.) 1 mil USD / year. Her inheritance will be in the low 8 figure range, much of it invested in real estate. I'm in college full time and work part time. My parents pay for part of my tuition, and I cover the rest as well as rent. My girlfriend's dad is going to give me 20k interest free dollars to pay for the next 2 years of school, with the understanding that I'll pay him back after college. If we get married, the debt will be forgiven. The 20K, combined with my annual earnings of around 10k or more, as well as roughly 13K per year from my parents, and a 5k yearly scholarship, will be more than enough to cover my expenses. Additionally, i can potentially get in-state tuition next year or the year after, which will cut my tuition costs by about 2 thirds. I assume that I will have in the ballpark of 7 to 15 thousand dollars of unused money by the time i graduate. Should I invest it, pay back any unneeded money as soon as possible, spend it, or what? Also, for the long term, if i marry her what would be a wise investment with her inheritance? I figure than keeping it in land is wise, but what do i know...

It wouldn't be a crazy to assume you both are in your 20s and her father is in his 50s. He may live until 75 and you'll both be in your mid 40s. In short, thinking about inheritance now is stupid. You might already be divorced by then.

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her mother is a heavy smoker and her father has had serious heart problems (including a transplant). Unfortunately, but realistically, within 15 years tops both will be dead

I'm not roleplaying. And seeing as it's on the internet and in no way tangible or relevant to your life, couldn't it be argued that real threads have no more authenticity than RP threads? My point is that even if you think I'm RPing, that isn't a good reason to not have a serious discussion about it.

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Two things jump out:

First - it is completely fucked up that the loan will be forgiven if you get married. That is wacked. Tell him you're paying him back not matter what happens. He might have been testing you and you fucked it up.

Second - even if you do get married, it is none of your business what she does with the inheritance. She should keep it in her name only and you'd get none of it in a divorce.

The fact that this is your form of career planning is very troubling user.

The other thing that is fucked up is that he offered to loan you money. That is a boundry neither of you should have crossed.

What part of the country is this - Kentucky?

nice trips.
However, you're assuming some things. This isn't my "career plan", and money has nothing to do with why we're together. We have talked about marriage before and both agree that a prenuptial is a must. Additionally, I haven't talked with him directly about it- rather her discussed it with her and she told me about it. I am planning to pay him / her back (technically the loan would be from her). The reason it would be forgiven is because i would be paying back my wife which is sort of silly. That being said, I fully intend to pay her back before marriage. The loan would essentially be a reward to me for arranging and negotiating the sale of some land for him. And no, not Kentucky lol

Jesus H Christ - you don't borrow money from your college girlfriend. Seriously, is there anyone in your family who has any brains and you could ask them for advice. Arkansas then?

how old are you

college age, dipshit. early 20's

You're making a huge mistake. This is the beginning of this family controlling you. Be a fucking man and keep your financial shit separate until you get married.

She won't respect you kiddo. The family will think you're a punk they can push around.

Don't worry about seriously investing. Spend your time reading as much as you can, learning, and hanging out with your girlfriends rich dad.

eh not nessasarilly. she's an only child, so they'll be happy to see her with somebody more than anything.
whatever you do don't be a scumbag op. and don't marry or stay with her just cos she's rich.

>If we get married, the debt will be forgiven.

So you mean you gfs dad is basically paying you to marry his daughter? WhT kind of tubro cuck is he?

good advice. I try to learn a lot from her dad when I'm with him. He's the smartest and wittiest person I've ever met.

If the family has any common sense, their radar is sky high for dudes trying to get with their daughter for the money. This is either a test, or a pretty fucked up family dynamic. Either way OP is completely fucked, which I suspect he already knew before he posted.

dude, i don't know what kind of shitty experiences you've had, but not everyone is trying to fuck people over. Her dad is very generous, likes me a lot, and basically said "here's the deal, if you can arrange the sale of this land, i'll give you a free loan for college". He gave me a job last summer and wants me to work for him again this summer

All that shit you should not do. They're controlling you dummy.

I'm not saying they are bad people. I'm saying you're in the middle of a complicated situation where none of the players seem to have healthy boundaries.

This isn't a good situation for a guy. You should be in a stronger position and king of your castle. Having a partner who is in so much control of your future is FUCKED!

1. she is not marrying you
2. without prenup at least, their parents know their shit with poor guys like you
3. quit roleplaying

obviously you've never met anybody like her dad.
i can tell this story is real straight away because i've seen this situation (similar) several times. seriously.
>their radar is sky high for dudes trying to get with their daughter for the money
sounds like op has passed the test to me.


Free Loan isn't Free...

If he wants to gift you the money then have that in writing that it's a gift and you're going to have to pay taxes on it. Period.

I think you're pretty delusional.

Woah - what does that mean - he wants you to sell the land? What are your qualfications/experience to do that? He has $10M or more in real estate and wants you to sell something for him???? More info OP, this is way more fucked up than you first stated.

>healthy boundaries
mate, it's 20k.. you think he's going to go broke if op fucks off and doesn't pay him back? also you can't take your money with you, dumbass


this desu.

they know I'm not a scumbag, and I think they would be happy if we got married.

I'm assuming her dad is figuring that if we end up getting married, everything will be fine and he will have helped me with college, and if i dump her and don't pay her back then she'll learn a valuable lesson about loaning money to people, even ones you think you can trust (obviously im not planning to dump her and if i did I would still pay her back). I think he's just making a 20k gamble that either results in me being thankful for his help or his daughter learning a lesson about loans

is it not obvious to you? you don't give something for nothing, and he wants to build a longer term partnership with op.

Shut up kid - you're not adding anything of value in this thread.

>Also, for the long term, if i marry her what would be a wise investment with her inheritance?

so....are her parents going to die soon?

1: you don't know anything about me and fyi she wants to get married very badly.

2: both of us want a prenup, and I'm only temporarily poor because of college. I'm a good student at a good school and my parents are upper middle class with several million dollars worth of lad.
3: not roleplaying

You'll make a great addition to this family - you're as stupid as they are.

Seriously - no one in your family who can talk some sense into you? An uncle or something?

do you have any advice for me if you've seen similar situations?

lol and you have? dumb hick.

>both of us want a prenup
imo not a good foundation for marriage but whatever floats your boat.

ok whatever mr roleplay

lol at that gif. see

so you are planning 15 years ahead investment advices on biz of someone elses inheritance. that's... reasonable

Come on OP, tell us why he wants you to sell the land!

yeah as I said in the first post, don't stay with her or marry her just because she's rich, treat her well, don't be a scumbag. usual shit. you picked up on another good post already ("don't worry about investing, get to know him, read etc..") as much as there's no point being OTT "your own man" because of pride or some bollocks, you do need to show some independent drive... I just worded that really badly: basically don't feel the need to "prove yourself" and go your own way if there's synergy, but don't hang around like a bad smell either

you're just an asshurt poorfag who thinks that 20 grand is enough money to "control and fuck over" someone, and that a dad might want to help out his daughter's boyfriend, whom he is fond of

At least you can't say you were never warned.

I'm out.

>asshurt poorfag
painfully obvious.

Ofcourse he should stay with her because she is RICH. Hell, that's a nice deal.

That's what op is trying, pleasing her rich parents as much as he can, which is rational if 10m awaits as a reward

I was more or less asking for the sake of the discussion. at this point it's very much a hypothetical.

why do you care? he's putting it in his daughter's name as a means of transferring money to her and wants the two of us to arrange meetings with appraisers and realtors/whomever would broker that sort of thing. Obviously because he wants us to gain experience

what's painfully obvious?

the two aren't mutually exlusive though
i'm not saying he shouldn't get cushty with them, i'm just saying that the money shouldn't be his primary motivation. not being a moralfag about golddigging.. just doesn't sound like a very happy life to me. same reason i'm against prenup: by marrying someone imo you're going all in. ymmv

>what's painfully obvious?
that he's a butthurt poorfag.

Of course he is, he's rich.

Save 10k for emergencies and start paying the 20k loan off right away. They know you, they know what you do for fun. It may be a drop in the bucket, but if they see you fucking off and taking vacations and they aren't getting their money then they're going to be pissed.

This was a stupid fucking idea. NEVER take loans from family or friends, and NEVER get involved financial with a girlfriend or girlfriends family. If you weren't so young I would literally think you were retarded.

What happens if you catch her gobbling Chad's cock and have to pay her back?

What happens if all that happens and you can't find a job after you graduate?

What if rich parents get their lawyers involved? (The law is VERY murky regarding unwritten agreements)