Passive Income - LMAO

Passive Income - LMAO

go to bed, matty

What's funny?

>labor code
>low income support
>tax brackets
>government supported infrastructure
>law enforcement
When will these memes die? When are we going to get a real free market?

its funny because all of those people pictured probably make more money from their assets than anything else. i wonder what you classify asset appreciation income as?

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>law enforcement
you can only live without that in micro communities and maybe not even there.

let's say an amish youth one day decides he kill his father and the rest annoys him by shunning/ignoring him. then he starts killing all of them with an axe. there you go one bad apple just massacred your self regulating community with no law enforcement and now you are all extinct.

If he killed his dad a mob would probably just go deal with him.

Passive income is very possible.
I've started earning 8 dollars per week with little effort. It was 3 dollars 2 weeks ago. (is when I started)
So, if this keeps up, by next year I'll be making
8 thousand dollars in a month.


stay cucked, wagie

also interested, where's the $8 p/w coming from?
guessing its online stuff

>what is the law of diminishing of returns
But i know you're trolling.

Why does the government have to do it? Why can't people pay other people to enforce their own laws?

>Be writer
>Just quit my day job
>Budgeted for three months of unemployment
>Two months til my first royalty check
>Dat highwire tension

Because you wind up with the Blair Witch Trials when people are allowed to police themselves.

A guy I kno is a male model instagram sensation and all he does is sit and take a picture and get ad revenue.

He still gets ad revenue from royalties that use their image too, plus gets money by wearing glasses etc

Life is a scam if you dont get effortless money.

>own rental properties.
>clear $1,800 a month for just owning property
its so fucking easy im not sure why people talk shit on passive income as if it's not a real thing.

just wait for something to go wrong

I make about $100/month from dividends. While $100 isn't a lot, the number is constantly growing and by the end of the year I expect I'll be making $170/month. A couple years from now i forecast I'll be over $1000/month from dividends alone which will be enough to cover rent + food + bills.

"Passive income" is only a meme if you're an idiot.

5 years going strong, all the little things i just fix myself which isn't that much and i have really good insurance.

wait until niggers rent out your property

I had a manager who lost his ass on rental properties. Roof replacement, bad tenants, and lower property value due to failing schools. It can happen.

How much invested and in what

*unzips inflation*

This. Real estate is a tough market. Generally if you buy something for a bargain it's because it'll go down in value. Also new homes are such shitty quality they will deteriorate in value very rapidly, like a car.

Very few good deals, the market is absolutely saturated with realtors that price property so accurately for it's long-term valuation that it makes it impossible to buy property for a good deal.

Basically if someone is selling you property it's because they don't think it'll be worth more in the future. A desperate, bankrupt landowner will sell and it will be immediately bought and offered for sale on the market by auction or directly by a bank acting as arbitrager.

You can only get fucked over on real estate.

Before I say anything else I want to point out that no one in my family is racist towards anyone. However, my uncle last year decided to rent out his upper middle class home due to his wife and family being over seas and not wanting a large home to himself. Value on zillow about 310k. He finds a black nurse who meets the proper qualifications and gives her a 1 year lease. 2 months before her lease is up she starts giving my uncle a problem that I never figured out was but at which she refused to leave. Now remember during this time my uncle hasn't seen the inside of the house. After finally getting a court order to have her leave, my uncle(and cousins who came back to work as truckers)went to go check out the place. The floors were fucked, the walls were fucked, the chandelier broke, the whole house smelled like weed, they found business cards for an escort service, they found piss in a corner the upstairs bedrooms, which had carpet, were ruined. After talking to his neighbors it turns out the stupid bitch's boyfriend used to throw parties there, and on New Years som fuck head was shooting a gun in the back yard, one bullet struck the window and put a hole in the wall. Now my uncle has to repair the place because my aunts coming back and the stupid nigress isn't paying for anything. The one good thing about it is he ran her name through the mud and made sure that no one ever leases to her again

>The one good thing about it is he ran her name through the mud and made sure that no one ever leases to her again

I rented a place for about 3 years, but for the last 6 months I paid late every time... 1-2 weeks...

How fucked am I? How does this shit get checked?

This. It can be done. Most people on Veeky Forums are just too dumb for it.

Investing in any way is better than holding cash.

>what is internet marketing

I set up shit that makes me an average of ~£80 each and every day for doing literally nothing, everything is automated. Of course I had to do shit to get to that position, but could easily set it up from scratch again in a matter of days.

Thx for the rec, user. I'll go check that anime out

>How fucked am I? How does this shit get checked?

You'll be fine. Nobody actually checks anything. Once that deposit check clears, most landlords don't give a shit.

>The one good thing about it is he ran her name through the mud and made sure that no one ever leases to her again

not how the world works

>$100/month from dividends
>Except dividends are paid quarterly not monthly


Really though my Roth IRA is invested entirely in dividend ETFs that pay about $0.30/share per quarter. By the time I have $100/month I will have close to $45K invested. This is fine if you're rich but got damn that's a lot of money for so little monthly return

That's interesting. What kind of shit do you set up?

That's fucking bullshit. Why should the property owner have to pay for that? If the home owner can prove that the house was fine before the tenant moved in then the tenant should pay for that shit and if she can't then go to jail and work off your debt

seems that there are people like this here and there, i wonder how many of them are those in all, probably 1-2% from 100% that try online money making. its always like this, you get fucked by people higher than you.

I've got about 2K/year in passive income
its all dividends but it gets reinvested, so its all good.

I don't ever see that money, but it saves me from having it save it from my regular job to invest it into stocks/etfs

Luck and bonus capital imo?

Do tell?

Because we took cops out of Ferguson and the monkeys immediatly started a war...

Nice. What you right about? Where u sell?

Im retarded as fuck buy my bro has a masters in english and would proofread / add flavor to my autism for dick nothing. He jobless.

Lol, guy i went to high school with is a cuck and a d list actor. Does naked photo shoots and makes 8k month.

Because 1 user has a shitty rental house and doesnt screen his tenants and gets burned. But rather that grow a sac they bitch and complain.

Currently have 1 house losing money. Learning every day.

I will soon be there when i can sell this mistake and buy a medium income property and not rent to niggers of all colors

Like what?

>my hot water heater. $350
>muh faucet leak. $200 fix or of all else
>insurance claim. That's what it's for...

True story. Let alone if u get a job paying more or windfall. Dividends on point.

What insurance please. Se kansas and all insurance is a meme i can find.

CPA - Email/zip submits from people who think they can get something in exchange for completing offers.
But irl I tell people that "I sell peoples information" because that sounds less lame.

Yeah but fuck.

Tin roof cost 3k.

Don't buy in shit neighborhood.

Dont rent to shitheads.
You arent wrong, but he needs more skill. I break even or lose about 50 bucks a month. Not a sucess but its a good buddy deal. Hes lineint with me and i try and fix on improving when i can. So realistically i could fetch 450 a month from my shitty $250 payments. But my buddy moved into a crack den. Told him if he work with me no rent or deposit until its liveable "he was without ac or hot water for 1 month." And i busted ass. Said he makes payments on time i try and better that place for up to 3 years and then probably tripple his rent or he could move or maybe work out a rent to own of my now price doubled house. Plus my neighbore so we get along good.


Those companies should all beat inflation or die

How u figure.

I am buying 2 houses rent to own with 0 interest...

Its a marathon not a sprint. Been hunting 6 months for a third.

Would rather wait a year on a good deal then jump into a shitty one.

Kek. So you're literally "that guy". Thx for answering

I make about $1.50-$2 a day via ad share revenue..its very scaleable at least...

>take her to court for the rest.
>if he doesnt get paid he at least gets garnishments on anybmajer purchase she sells in the future.
It's sad. But he has to chaulk it up to lesson learned.

There are ways get an insoection or get someone you trust to give you an opinion on how thins are going in there.

You can negate a lot of this, insurance and deposit handle the rest.

There is always an exception but thats why you keep an eye on the place.

If the lease is in 1 persons name put a clause in where you cant hve comoany x days a week or they count as a live in and make rwnt go up. They also must pass the screening process.

Most shitlord property damagers will be too lazy to sneak past neighbors.

Tell everyone around if they snitch and u evict someone you will give them 100 cash no questions asked and remain anonymous.

Youd be amazed at how oten your neighbors will rat your tenants out for parties.

And if theybare descent enout people and breat the x amount a days ruke maybe let it slide upon home insoection or whatever.

There are just as many variations of the law as there are laws in every state

Use them to your advantage.

Dont get fucked by them.

>signed contract and pictures.

I got to pay for a small hole in the closet wall we missed.

$250 to slum lord because i didnt see it behind a door until 3 weeks latter and figured oh well.

We even shanpooed the goddamn carpents and i fixed the plumbing twice...

I know you are being purposedly retarded but it still triggers me

>get any from $3000 to $7000 in royalty payments each month
>could be making more if i believed the meme was real when the gravy train was hot

It's like being NEET but you're not sponging of the gobermeant. Not even a high earner and some make 2-3 times more a month.

how do you promote the cpa offer?

Dear Lord... How?

How? Why? When? Which?

Typical Veeky Forums lies:

1) I'm making passive income, but sorry I can't tell you how
2) I'm an amazing stock trader, but sorry I can't tell you my stock picks
3) I just inherited 30 billion dollars, what should I do with it?

Won't say where exactly but it involves video game microtransactions with added gambling elements. Some corporations allow third parties to create products/item that get selected and added to to the game. Any revenue they generate you get a slice of. For now it's mainly for 2D/3D artists, animators and designers but new avenues may open up in the future (programming).

Competition is high which involves a load of luck and perseverance so chance of failure is high. The good news is that this form of outsourcing is becoming more commonplace so new opportunities will arise.

Affiliate marketing and 3d models I sell online. I am a /3/ poster and I have a blog. I basically post 2 or 3 things per day that requires less than an hour research after work. I post tutorials and stuff and on the side I sometimes put affiliate links on the posts and advertise my own 3d models for sale. Soon, I'll basically sticky a few favorite links on the side bar. Once I make decent money, I'll start making actual tutorials. I just want to leave the movie industry with retarded 12 hours shift, so I can make passive money online making tutorials or recommending things.

>diminishing of returns
I know well too well of this but with all things, once you reach to that point, work on something else and leave your own things to automate.

Why don't we just enforce our laws?!

$50000 invested, 70% US equities, 25% international equities, 5% real estate. All ETFs.