Hiring managers face when they find your linkedin profile has only 23 connections

>hiring managers face when they find your linkedin profile has only 23 connections

true. sometimes i wish Veeky Forums wasn't anonymous so i could pot my post count on my resume.

>being white collar slave scum

Top 1%er here, part of a massive network that has taken years to build. I would happily help some of you fuckers out but i've been burnt in the past.

I don't have a linkedin, or a facebook, or a twitter.

I have an email address and a phone number.

>he doesnt have 100s of endorsements on each of his skills

I don't even have a single skill on linkedin

>recruiter's face when i reject their phone call request even though i have only 16 linked in connections and work for a tiny no name firm.

hard working poorfag here
have a high gpa, good resume, strong motivations
would appreciate any mentorship

I wouldn't want to work for a company that bases their hiring decisions on that metric. Also, my linkedin profile probably only has about 10 connections and I work for one of the largest corporations on the planet.

>applying for jobs

If you don't get top tier jobs with your shady connections you are officially pleb wageslave tier

Umbrella Corporation?

i only have 12 so far but i only regged a few weeks ago. i know at least a 100 people but linkedin does not offer them up only random folks i don't even know. too lazy to hunt contacts i guess.

>recruitment policy based on glorified Facebook

Does this really happen?

What are the benefits of Linkedin? Feel free to treat me like shit for not knowing as I'm just a mere peasant me lord.

it's facebook for professionals, if you reg you will be swamped by offers for employment which does good to your ego. i got a 33% raise after i regged in just 2 weeks.

In op's dreams.
Also who would want to work for a social network fuccboii?

Do you have a job?

what does reg mean? register?

>security engineer and about 40 connections
>get pestered by at least 2 recruiters per day


In Russia it happens

>hiring manager's face when I don't have a LinkedIn account and the only thing they can find when they search my name is a fake Facebook anime account that used to have my real name

I got a new job through it after being contacted by a random recruiter a couple of months back.

60% pay rise, plus a big contractual bonus.

then post ur dick size inthe description


i got promoted after i added my boss on linkedin

So what's the best way to get a lot of people added to your LinkedIn after making an account? Are there any groups out there who will just add back to anyone who adds them? Or fake companies that people can add and shit like that? Basically I am about to make an account and I have no actual connections, what's the best way to ruse employers and make myself look like a normie rockstar?

just add anybody you dont know, most will accept. once you have reached 100+ you should add the people you know