Why is wrong to have a sin stocks?

Why is wrong to have a sin stocks?

>MFW my portfolio consists of casinos investments and alcohol, and defense.

Why is frowned upon?

>sin stocks



Those are part of the sin stocks are they not?

Unless you got stocks in some company that burns children as a way to produce energy then its not a """sin stock"""

>frowned upon
by who? who would care about that?

>not Canadian MJ
whew laddy

Does owning stocks in a company which exploits foreign workers with their factories count?

This, is it possible?


shit nigga get in on the cannabis train

Specifically SGBY and CBIS

>expecting to beat the market average in mature industries


>tfw private prisons.

We're going to the moon lads

Hes talking about American pot penny stocks, not Canadian companies that already have a million dollar mkt cap

meant to say billion

>exploits foreign workers
Creating jobs opportunities and hiring people is exploitation?

paying them shit wages is.

>most major companies in the US openly support gay rights and are therefore actively complicit in the left's efforts to destroy the family

Most stocks are sin stocks user. But I want that money.

So why is it a gamble to invest in the green sector if lust ecstasy and other Sodom and Gomorrah stocks are where its at.

I wonder if it sinful to invest on alcohol companies while being in a alcohol-prohibiting religion. I want to hear user comment before I open this up to the minister. I actually invested on 2 of them.

It's not

But many feel a moral aversion to businesses that exploit/harm directly

> mfw I actively avoided investing in Raytheon and NG 3 years ago despite my gut calling for their big rise

Such is the curse of morals

If they were shit wages to them they wouldn't work there. No one is forcing them.

>No one is forcing them.

If you hold a gun to someones head and tell them to work, are you forcing them?

If you tell someone they will never be able to afford food unless they work, are you forcing them?

If you put a gun to there head that's called slavery not employment. If they can't afford food without that job and it's the only job they have the opportunity to have then I guess there better of with that job then.

They are* better off*

In both cases the direct actions of the employer would lead to death of the employee if he/she refused to work

Jesus created wine out of water so had he sinned. Nope he never sinned. So investing on alcohol stocks is fine.

Have you realised that you are literally killing starving Africans right now because you are not giving them enough aid? You may as well go there and shoot them. At least that's a better way to go.